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10 DIY Project Ideas That Will Help You De–stress

De–stress with a DIY projects that won't just help you relax, it'll improve your home and let you say goodbye to everyday stressors.

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Recreate a Room

Burn off anxiety and nervous energy by recreating a room to fit your needs. Clutter can make you stressed, so start by clearing clutter and organize that spot in your home that’s always messy. Try bringing in a few items that spark joy, such as favorite family photos or a cheerful piece of art. You can take it a step further and repaint the space a soothing color. Studies show that shades of blue and green can be calming.

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Make Your Own Barn Wood

If you’re into rustic decor, you can de–stress by diverting your attention to making your own barn wood. This simple DIY project is inexpensive and allows you to easily transform pine boards into rustic boards that are nearly indistinguishable from authentic barn wood. And, it’s kinda fun to pound on the boards to create those realistic-looking dings and scrapes.

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Create a Tabletop Zen Garden

Are you stressed from work and everyday obligations? Studies show tending a zen garden can help. For this DIY project, start with a bowl or container of your choice and add items such as sand, small pebbles and even small plants. Not sure where to start? There are plenty of ideas on The Garden Glove.

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Plant Perennials

“Horticulture therapy is a relatively recent field of study that primarily focuses on the effects of the process of gardening on rehabilitation, providing both a sense of control and a distraction from worries, pain and stresses,” says Dr. Leonard P. Perry, an extension professor in the University of Vermont Extension Department of Plant and Soil Science. “Following zen principles, a simple garden is often a peaceful one,” Perry says. “Less is indeed more in this case. Use few plants, or at least few types of plants.”

When it comes to DIY projects to help you de–stress, planting perennials in your yard not only has a calming effect, but it can also up your home’s curb appeal.

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Start Knitting

Studies show knitting not only reduces anxiety and depression, but it can also slow the onset of dementia and even help with chronic pain. Try knitting a throw blanket for your porch, pot holders or a wall hanging as a DIY project to de–stress. Not only will it give you something to focus on, other than those things that stress you out, you’ll end up with a finished project to display or use in your home. Find free patterns at

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Create a Message Board

Keeping up with everyone’s appointments, sports practices and school events can be difficult and stressful. Create a message center for your home so everyone knows where they are supposed to be and when. A message center can also help you keep unsightly clutter, such as mail, permission slips and to-do lists, out of sight.

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Prep for the Holidays Early

You know how crazy holidays can get, so when it comes to DIY projects to de-stress, try doing a bit of indoor gardening to get ready in advance. You can plant flower bulbs at certain times so they’ll be ready in time for holidays such as Christmas and Easter. It will give you a chance to de-stress, while knowing when the holiday rolls around there will be one less thing to worry about.

This is when you should plant flower bulbs indoors so they’ll bloom during the holidays.

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Reorganize the Bookshelf

“Clutter is the number one stressor in most homes. Having too much ‘stuff’ around on the outside tends to create a lot of noise on the inside, and can leave us feeling frayed and scatterbrained,” Tikva Morrow, chief editor of Hometalk, told Bustle. If you have too many books, going through them and getting rid of the ones you no longer want can be an easy way to de-stress while reducing your home’s clutter. When you’ve gone through books, donate them to Goodwill or send them to Books for Africa.

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Hang Artwork

What items make you happy? Maybe it’s a postcard from a favorite vacation, a piece of artwork or a cherished family photo. Take these items and make a gallery wall. “Put up pictures of family members and loved ones to strengthen and de-stress you throughout the day. Seeing familiar faces reminds you not to sweat the smaller things,” Morrow told Bustle.

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Create a Staging Area

Your home’s entryway or mudroom can easily become cluttered and unorganized, so create a staging area near your door. “Make a point of putting down everything you come in the door with—coat, bag, shoes and so on—as soon as you come in,” notes TikKun Construction. “Changing into comfy slippers and leaving your work and mail behind you will help signal a shift from outside worries to the comforts of home.” You can do this by creating a table with bins to stash items and keep them out of sight, putting a bench and a shoe rack to keep the floor clear, along with hooks for items such as jackets, purses and backpacks.

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