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10 Best DIY White Elephant Gift Ideas

Have an upcoming holiday party that requires a white elephant gift? Don’t stress, we’ve got you covered with these clever, simple and most importantly cheap DIY best white elephant gifts.

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Have an upcoming holiday party that requires a white elephant gift? Dont stress, weve got you covered with these clever, simple and most importantly cheap DIY best white elephant gifts.

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crazy pills DIY white elephant giftFamily Handyman

Crazy Pills

The holidays can make people crazy and this DIY white elephant gift plays right into that idea. To make this Crazy Pills prescription simply take an old prescription bottle and make a new label. The new label should read, Crazy Pills: Extra Strength. Take one every hour to prevent choking really stupid people. Take two to stay out of jail. WARNING If you see me without these pills. Fill the bottle up with mints.

Check out these perfect gifts for your favorite do-it-yourselfers, whether theyre gadget geeks, tool freaks or they just like to get the job done right!

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roadside emergency kit white elephant giftFamily Handyman

Roadside Emergency Kit

For this hilarious but also useful DIY white elephant gift, all you have to do is get a roll or toilet paper (or a couple rolls) and tape on a piece of paper hat reads, Roadside Emergency Kit. The lucky recipient of this gift will be prepared for all fluid emergencys that happen while on the road. Heres how to makeyour own winter car survival kit.

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used gift cards white elephant giftFamily Handyman

Used Gift Cards

Do you have a bunch of gift cards with remaining balances? Or gift cards to stores you no longer shop at? $5.83 for a home improvement store, $12.34 for Target, and other random gift card balances really add up to make a great white elephant gift. Simply use a marker to cross out the original amounts and write the new balance on each card. Check out these50 awesome gifts for DIYers under $50.

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cold hard cash white elephant giftFamily Handyman

Cold Hard Cash

Give the DIY white elephant gift of cold hard cash. Cash is always something that everyone wishes they had more of this time of year. To make this gift, just drop the amount of money that you want to give(include both change and bills) into a freezer-safe container with a lid and fill it with water. Next, put it in the freezer and wait until its fully frozen, wrap up the container, and it is ready to give. Check out these nifty handy hints for cheapskates.

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snowman poop tic tacs white elephant giftFamily Handyman

Snowman Poop

Our message reads, Heard youve been naughty so heres the scoop all you get for Christmas is snow man poop.Here are 20 great ideas for less than 20 bucks.

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Scratching lottery ticketsIcatnews/Shutterstock

Lottery Tickets

Make a run to the local gas station and buy a bunch of different lottery tickets. Simply wrap this gift up with a note that reads, Thought you could use some luck to help you get through the holidays. Hopefully the ticket winnings are lucky!

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stress relief bubble wrap white elephant giftFamily Handyman

Stress Relief

Shopping for the holidays is stressful, and this gift is anything but! Wrap up some bubble wrap to make a DIY stress relief white elephant gift. Include a note that reads, Stress Relief: Simply pop capsules every 4-6 hours as needed as symptoms are alleviated. Check out theseDIY projects that will help you destress.

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portable decisions making kit rock paper scissors white elephant giftFamily Handyman

Traveling Important Decision Kit

Forget carefully thought out gifts. Everyone has decisions to make, so for this white elephant gift put together a simple portable game of rock, paper, scissors. To make this gift, start with an empty mint tin and then fill it with a small note pad, a small pair of sewing scissors and a rock. To finish, add a label to explain how its used.

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DIY white elephant gift coupon bookFamily Handyman

DIY Coupon Book

A coupon book is one of the best DIY gifts you can give to someone. Its simple to make, the materials are cheap, and its a gift the receiver will love. To make a DIY coupon book, cut paper to equal sizes and write out your coupon ideas on each card. Some ideas include:Some ideas for tasks are: do their laundry, walk their dog, buy them a coffee, etc.

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pet dust bunny white elephant giftFamily Handyman

Pet Dust Bunny

Have you ever wanted a pet? This DIY white elephant gift allows you to give the gift of a pet bunny. Only, not it the way that you think. Gather somedryer lintto make a couple of pet dust bunnies. Place your pet bunnies in a bag with a label that explains what they are. You also might want to include some dust bunny care instructions.