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15 Dollar Store Impulse Buys You Won’t Regret

From toys and games to decorative candleholders and craft supplies, these impulse buys are well worth the price.

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Harvest Leaf Glass Tealight Candleholders

As you gear up for fall, one solid impulse buy could be decor that matches the season. It’s actually a great idea to get items from the dollar store, since they only make an appearance once a year, for a few weeks. But, just because they’re seasonal doesn’t mean they have to be cheesy! These adorable tealight candleholders come in a set of 24 (they cost $1 apiece), perfect for a large Thanksgiving tablescape. Then, have each guest take one home as a party favor. Here are some tips for how to fit everyone around the table.

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Gold Metal Basket

Gold decor accents are an easy way to glam up your home. Inexpensive and functional, this basket is a dollar store item you won’t regret. You can store things like pantry goods, toiletries, office supplies and much more. Are you sure you don’t want to buy a few more? Here’s the real difference between Dollar Tree and Dollar General.

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Sink-It Fresh! Scented Plastic Sink Strainers

A must-have for busy kitchens, you can avoid clogged drains and funky sink scents with this dollar store item. While it looks pretty in your sink, it also does the dirty work of keeping large particles of food from entering the drain. It comes in a case of 36, so save some for yourself and give the rest to family and friends as a fun stocking stuffer. If your sink gets clogged, here’s how to unclog it.

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Gold Plasticware

You’re so used to seeing the boring white plasticware that your eyes lock on something swankier, like this dark gold set. While it may be a dollar store impulse buy, the truth is, these utensils could really come in handy! They’re great for any party, especially holiday gatherings. Check out these 12 things dollar store employees won’t tell you.

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Rain Poncho

Sure, it’s not fashionable, but after all those times you’ve been unexpectedly caught in the rain, these ponchos are a purchase you’ll be happy you made! Easily fold it up and keep it in your bag or your car or store it in your game day folding chair for your next sporting event or parade. While you have to buy a case of 36, they will come in handy when the fans on the sidelines of your kid’s soccer game are getting soaked! Plus: These are the workshop supplies you should always buy at the dollar store.

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Clear, Dimpled Drinking Goblets

If you’re looking for an alternative to standard plastic disposable cups, opt for something special, like these clear, dimpled 13-oz. glasses. Dollar Tree offers them as tumblers and goblets. Bring them to the pool or a classy cookout. These 12 tips will help you plan the ultimate backyard barbecue.

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Colorful Book Bins

These bins will prove one of the most useful impulse buys you’ve ever made! Use them to help your kids keep their books in order in their room. When they begin to downsize, keep the bins to stand up other things neatly in cupboards, closets or even on top of a desk, like important folders or inspirational magazines. While you have to buy as a case of 24, this is the perfect opportunity for you to go through closets, the playroom, the attic, the pantry and the basement and organize it all for optimum efficiency. Here are 17 rip-offs to steer clear of at the dollar store.

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Game Dice

Dice go a long way on a rainy day. There are plenty of games you can play with them, and it’s great to have backup for missing dice from board and card games. Here are 10 DIY games your entire family will love.

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Rustic Twine and Clothespin Photo Hangers

These photo hanging lines can be used for much more than your kids’ photos of the moment. You can use them to hang Christmas cards, display instant-pics at a party and more. Plus, here are the best ways to store old print photos.

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Paintable, Clear-Plastic Christmas Balls

Every year, Christmas rolls around, with the whole month of December is dedicated to crafting, decorating and preparing gifts. These paintable Christmas balls are great for the whole family to get in the holiday spirit. Buy them by the case and host a annual crafting party! You should also check out these 100 incredible Christmas tree decorating ideas.

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Portable Sewing Kit

A mini sewing kit may just look cute enough to impulsively buy, but they also make a great emergency tool to have on hand. Keep one in your car, in your bag and give one to friends and family. It comes with a tape measure, safety pins, straight pins, thimble, 6 spools of thread, assorted buttons, needle threader and needle compact. Plus, check out these 12 gifts for kids that like to DIY.

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Assorted Paper Mache Boxes

These adorable, small boxes are actually very purposeful even if you bought them on a whim! Perfect for crafts, you can decorate them for birthdays, holidays and more, giving them away with small gifts inside, or using them to decoratively store tiny items in your home. Available in a case of 27, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get crafty. The boxes measure 4- x 4-inches and come assorted among heart, circle and square shapes. Check out these 13 things to get at the dollar store for the holidays.

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Round Mirrors with Suction Cup Mounts

This might prove one of your most useful impulse buys! A compact mirror is one thing, but to have it be able to suction cup to the wall will allow you to put on your makeup or shave with both hands. These mirrors great for use on locker doors, shower walls, metal cabinets and when traveling. They come in a case of 24, so be sure to use as many as you need at home, keep one in the car, provide your family members with them and use the rest as stocking stuffers or a bonus in a gift bag! Plus, check out this simple hack to get fog-free mirrors.

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2-in-1 LED Laser Pointer Key Chain

Pet toys are almost always impulse buys. But, this toy is also laser pointer (or vice versa!). It’s perfect for entertaining your cat and giving them some exercise, while also serving as a handy tool to provide a precise point of reference at meetings, in classrooms and at training seminars. Here are 40 perfect pet projects to show your pet some love.

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Essentials Pom-Pom Collapsible Storage Bins

While they’re sure to look cute on your shelves, the fact that this box is collapsible is what makes it more than just an impulse buy. From the closet to the car, save space and keep things organized. Sold in a pack of 13, you can store the unused ones without taking up space, thanks to the fold-flat design. Whether you’re on a budget or not, you’ll be amazed at what you can make with these items from your local dollar store!

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