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A Dozen Easter Baskets You Haven’t Seen Before

Easter baskets don't have to be, well, baskets. Here are a dozen alternatives to inspire you to think outside the basket.

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Chinese Takeout Box

Okay, so making an Easter basket out of a used takeout box won’t work, but it’s easy to buy new cartons online. Choose pre-decorated designs for simplicity, or buy blank boxes and decorate them yourself. Kids will love the chance to explore their creative side! And if you opt for boxes with handles, they’re perfect for carrying around on your egg hunt.

Are you saving your used Chinese takeout boxes for recycling? You’d be surprised how many common things actually aren’t recyclable.

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Easter Bunny Pants

The Easter Bunny seems to have lost his pants, but you can use them for an Easter basket with a twist. And, if you don’t fancy chocolate eggs, we’re thinking the pants might hold two bottles of sparkling water or wine instead! Lost your corkscrew? Here are 10 ways to open wine without a corkscrew.

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Personalized Bucket

Not everyone fancies a pretty basket for their eggs. Some prefer something a bit more practical, and this metal Easter bucket fits the bill perfectly. It’s brightly painted and can even be personalized for each egg hunter. A bucket (or several!), is a must-have household item. Check out these ingenious uses for a 5-gallon version.

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Rain Boots

Rain boots help keep your feet dry during those sweet spring showers, but these fun boots also makes a great alternative Easter basket. Go with an Easter theme like chickens, or choose a design that the recipient will love. Superheroes or Disney characters will delight the kids, while adults might prefer a bold color, a floral pattern, or even camouflage. And while you’re thinking about delighting your kids, why not surprise them with these fun-filled Easter inflatables?

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Umbrella or Parasol

No Easter parade is complete without a parasol or umbrella, and they also make a fabulous alternative Easter basket. Again, choose a style that suits the recipient. Invert these lace parasols and fill them with colorful Easter grass, and add the sweet treats. And, the handle also makes it easy to tote the parasol about when you’re hunting for eggs.

Egg rolling is a traditional way to celebrate Easter in several countries. Here are 50 other Easter egg traditions you might not have heard of.

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Dinosaur Eggs

Here’s another twist. Use and type of basket you like, but fill it with dinosaur eggs this year. The young paleontologist in your life will love it! Fashion a small dinosaur nest out of twigs, or use a traditional Easter grass, and then add these dino eggs that will hatch and even grow. But we can’t guarantee your safety after that–you know what happened in Jurassic Park!

Some people take their passion for dinosaurs a step too far, putting dino models in the garden. Take a look at these other tacky lawn ornaments to see what else to avoid.

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Treasure Chest

Where do pirates hide their Easter eggs? In a treasure chest, of course. So instead of a standard Easter basket, use a pirate chest, and fill it with all kinds of goodies including gold-wrapped eggs, gold chocolate coins, and perhaps even a tot of rum for older pirates.

A chest also makes a good storage solution for kids’ toys. Check out our suggestions for clearing the clutter in your kid’s bedroom.

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Tractor & Trailer

There’s no more natural home for eggs than down on the farm, so using a tractor and trailer for an Easter basket is ideal. Use a little straw in the trailer for cushioning, then add the Easter eggs, and you’re good to go. Personalize the tractor or trailer using alphabet stickers, and best of all, your child will have an authentic-looking toy to play with when Easter is over.

Easter baskets aren’t the only way to Easter-up your home. An Easter wreath for your front door or living room really captures the spirit of the season. Here are 10 to inspire you.

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Fabric Basket

If you’re doing your bit for the environment and want to avoid creating waste, a recycled fabric bowl makes a superb alternative for a standard Easter basket. You can buy fabric bowls online, but it’s also easy to weave your own using scrap fabric. This handy video tutorial from shows you how to make a basket using old denim jeans.

And if you’re into DIY decorations, you’ll love these 40 fabulous ideas for your own DIY Easter baskets.

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Hat colobok34/Shutterstock

Easter Hat

A hat also makes a wonderful Easter basket, ready for holding those delicious chocolate eggs. An Easter bonnet is the traditional headwear for the season, but with a little thought, you can tailor your headgear to the recipient. Try a sports cap for the ardent fan, a camouflage cap for the military veteran, or even a hard hat for the construction worker —the possibilities are endless. And themed eggs and candy will simply add to the fun. Hat lovers–check out this seriously easy way to store your hat collection.

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Easter Pillowcase

On Halloween, some kids use a pillowcase to hold all of the candy they collect while trick-or-treating. So, if a pillowcase works for trick-or-treating, why wouldn’t it work for Easter treats at an egg hunt? This personalized Easter pillowcase is a fun Easter basket alternative that you can use year after year.

Find out why you should be cleaning your pillows way more often than you do.

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Bunny Tote Bag

This tote bag will put a smile on the face of all young Easter egg hunters. Ready to hold eggs, treats and toys, this rabbit is ferociously friendly and unmistakably useful. If real rabbits have become a nuisance in your yard, here’s how to keep them away without using traps.

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