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15 Home Décor Ideas to Upgrade Your Space with Minimal Effort

Simple ways to make your home look like you spent a lot more time and money than you actually did.

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Updating your home’s décor doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

“Layer pieces and fabrics in rich colors with beautiful patterns for an updated look,” says interior designer Amy Studebaker of Amy Studebaker Design. “This can provide the update you’ve been looking for, and helps move past the neutral color palette we’ve seen over and over again.

“You can even start small and focus on using one color throughout your space, like a soft blue or green, to give your space new life.”

Studebaker also suggests adding affordable textural elements like cabinet knobs, area rugs, throw blankets, indoor lounge chairs, and bedding.

Try the following easy home décor ideas to instantly upgrade any room in your home.

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Brass Storage Binsvia

Brass is Back

Add brass hardware elements to give it a current, modern feel. Studebaker suggests matte or low-shine brass finishes for a current take on the classic style.

One of the easiest ways to achieve the look: Place inexpensive brass storage bins from Target in visible areas. Check out some of these other top home décor pieces from Target while you’re at it.

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Chenille Throw Pillowsvia

Chenille Throw Pillows

Updating your living room or bedroom couldn’t be easier with throw pillows. They’re an inexpensive swap you can afford to rotate seasonally. Try this soft, cozy chenille material in a safe neutral tone or a bright bold shade of citrus — either will refresh a tired sofa. Plus, these are under $15 for a set of two.

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Oversized Soft Green Blanketvia

Oversized Throw Blankets in On-Trend Colors

One of this year’s biggest easy home décor ideas is the oversized soft green blanket. Muted green tones are on the rise the way gray was a few years ago, only green is much cozier. Toss this plush throw blanket over your favorite neutral-colored sofa.

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Grooved Ceramic Lampvia

Ceramic Table Lamps

Choose a ceramic lamp in white, black or other basic shades for an updated look that won’t break the bank. You can keep it simple or up the ante by opting for patterned bases, like this grooved ceramic lamp.

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Live Edge Coffee Tablevia

Nature-Inspired Tables

Place a live edge coffee table or side table in any room for an instant nature-inspired upgrade. These sturdy pieces hold up for years add cozy cabin-style warmth to any room.

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Lush Houseplantsvia

Lush Houseplants

We already know nature-inspired furniture and the color green are about to be trending in a major way, so lush houseplants are the easiest way to add on-trend color and depth to a room. Try one of these invincible houseplants or an arrangement of the coolest succulents on a bookshelf.

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French Linen Duvet Covervia

Linen Bedding

To spruce up your bedroom in a jiffy, swap your current bedding for pieces with natural linen. You don’t have to invest in a full set — a French linen duvet cover like this one from Sijo is enough to update your bedroom and add a dose of luxury.

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Matte Black Dinnerware Setvia

Matte Black Accents

Break up an all-white kitchen with a matte black dinnerware set to add texture and flair. Matte black knobs, bowls, vases and tabletop items also do the trick. Layer with neutral shades of tan or your existing collection of white and gray items for a more current look.

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Rattan Mirrorvia

Rattan and Caning

This blast from the past style is one of the hottest design elements to look for. Choose subtle rattan detailing on items like shelves and mirrors, or go full steam ahead with caned chairs and tables. This rattan mirror from Target offers both at an affordable price.

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Scalloped Edges

Invest in scalloped edges on your table runners, place mats, window treatments and bed linens. Rounded edges offer an easy way to update any existing color or textural palette and can be found at any price point. This jute rug starts at just $30.

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Flush Mount Lightingvia

Flush Mount Lighting

Swap out the half-dome light in your kitchen immediately — it’s dating the whole room. Opt for flush mount lighting, which comes in lots of sizes and finishes, to bring the room into the 21st century. This quick fix is easy for DIYers and offers an instant ride in a time machine to the future.

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Ruggable Jonathan Adler Rugvia

High-Pile Rugs

High-pile and shaggy-looking rugs in neutral colors are one of the easy home décor ideas anyone can try. The best part? High-pile doesn’t have to be high-maintenance. Try a washable high-pile rug like those from the Ruggable and Jonathan Adler collection for an affordable and easy-to-care-for option.

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Faux Fur Throw Blanketvia

Faux Fur Accessories

There’s something simply luxurious about a throw blanket effortlessly draped across a sofa, on an accent chair or neatly tucked onto a leaning ladder. When you add the glamour of faux fur, you kick it up another notch.

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Rope Storage Basketsvia

Rope Storage Baskets

Typical storage boxes are unsightly, which is why they’re tucked into closets and under beds. But rope baskets create a warm, sophisticated look. They’re the perfect “open concept” design for storing easy-to-access things like throw blankets and more.

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Gold Hexagonal Knobsvia

Hexagonal Knobs

Give your kitchen cabinets, bedroom dresser or bathroom vanity new life with a set of hexagonal knobs. They’ll spice up a boring piece of furniture without costing a lot and can easily be changed out in just a few minutes.

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