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15 Easy Home Office Organization Ideas

Whether you work from home full time or just check your email, a home office can be a place of productivity, storage, and a central command center. Designate a space in your home for an office and try these organizational ideas to keep the clutter low and the productivity high!

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Office Organization Ideas: Use Wall Space

If you’re looking for office organization ideas, make your walls functional by mounting a corkboard, whiteboard, chalkboard or magnetic surface to the whole wall. Use this to pin current projects, inspiration, calendars, to-do lists, memos and more! Don’t have a full room to devote to an office? Check out how to turn a closet into an office here.

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Office Organization Ideas: Add Useful Personality

Use spray adhesive to cover a cork or magnetic board with a decorative pattern. High-quality wrapping paper, wallpaper or fabric work to create a functional, unique piece of art for your office space where you can keep important information or inspiration on the wall.

Check out this clever way to keep your wrapping paper sorted.

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Office Organization Ideas: Organize Paperwork with a Pot Lid Holder

Borrow from the kitchen! Use a kitchen pot lid stand to organize your desktop’s most current paperwork. A simple wooden dowel style like this can easily be painted to match your décor. No desk space? Check out these inspiring built-in storage solutions.

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Reuse and Recycle Food Tins pen organizerFamily Handyman

Office Organization Ideas: Reuse and Recycle Food Tins

Before you throw out empty tea, coffee and cookie tins, give them a quick rinse. Reuse them to uniquely store office supplies, photos and junk drawer items. The square shape is harder to tip than a round pencil cup. Don’t stop there in your repurposing efforts, try repurposing any of these 80 items.

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Office Organization Ideas: Go Vintage for the Perfect Fit

Repurpose otherwise decorative antiques and flea markets finds like this vintage train case for office storage that looks good sitting on a shelf. This works great for items that aren’t used everyday, but can’t fit behind closed doors or drawers. And these are the best home office paint colors.

These are the things you should and shouldn’t buy at a thrift store.

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Office Organization Ideas: Digitize Your Business Cards

Store all your contact information digitally for easy organization and access, but don’t throw away that eye-catching business card! Put the business cards in a glass jar as decoration and inspiration (and a paper backup). These are 50 things you should throw out at home to declutter.

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Office Organization Ideas: Put a Tag On It

Label bins, drawers and containers with gift tags for an attractive, yet functional way to stay organized. After-Christmas sales are a great time to get gift tags cheap, or you can find inexpensive yard sale tags year-round.

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Office Organization Ideas: Wrap Up Your Wrapping Paper

Use an over the door shoe hanger to keep wrapping paper and supplies in one place and out of the way. Measure the length of your rolls and cut the bottom seams on pockets that need to allow the roll to pass through, leaving the bottom pocket intact. Leave single pockets to sort and store scissors, tape and ribbon. Better yet, you might want to try one of these alternatives to wrapping paper.

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Office Organization Ideas: No Shoes in These Shoeboxes

Fill clear plastic shoebox containers with craft or office supplies, and label the front for easy view. Stack them on top closet shelves. Try these awesome closet storage hacks to make sure you’ve got room for everything.

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Office Organization Ideas: Repurpose a Dresser

Repurpose an old dresser as a printing station. Keep wire baskets near for printer discards and store ink and paper supplies in the drawers for easy access. Drawers also make for a sturdy storage solution for extra notebooks, binders and books. Getting rid of your file cabinets? Use them in the shop! Check out this great, repurposed file-to-tool cabinet.

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Office Organization Ideas: Hide Electronic Eyesores

Keep electronic eyesores like modems, hard drives, cords and surge protectors together in a dresser drawer where they are out of sight. Drill a hole in the back of the top dresser drawer and back of dresser to allow cords to run through the dresser and to the nearest outlet. Keep your electronics protected, too. Make sure you use a surge protector, and better yet, install a whole-house surge protection system.

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Office Organization Ideas: Color-Code Cord Ends

Use different colored Washi Tape for a non-permanent way to match cords end to end. No more unplugging the wrong cord when you run out of the room! You can try this hack with bread tabs as well to keep track of your cords.

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Office Organization Ideas: Makeover Old File Cabinets

Old but sturdy filing cabinets are a dime a dozen these days. Buy some second-hand and make imperfections disappear by spray painting them with a couple coats of metal-friendly spray paint for a clean updated look. Using the same color on two different cabinets can make a mix-matched pair look unified. Check out an incredible use for an old file cabinet in the shop.

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Office Organization Ideas: Sort Receipts and Manuals for Easy Reference

Use a dollar store coupon file to sort receipts by month for organized budgeting and easy access in case you need to make a return. Buy a second file and organize product manuals with each divider corresponding to a different room in the home and the products in that room. These dollar store creations will floor you!

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Office Organization Ideas: Keep Things Mobile

Try a kitchen cart on caster wheels to toss loose paperwork and current projects. When the office needs tidying, toss desktop clutter into the cart and wheel it under the desk or into a closet where it can hide until you need to use it again.