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12 Pieces of Décor to Give Your Home an Eco-Friendly Feel

Add some recycled items to your home for an eco-friendly décor look.

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Container Made From Recycled Material

This container is a handcrafted fair-trade product from Vietnam, made with coiled paper from recycled magazines. It’ll brighten the décor in your home and perhaps even become a conversation piece with guests. Imagine creating your own conversation piece after taking a look at these items that are incredible for repurposing.

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Bamboo is one of the most durable flooring options out there and is one of the most environmentally friendly features for a home. Bamboo doesn’t need pesticides to grow, and it grows quickly enough that bamboo forests can be replanted in a few years.

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Recycled Glass Lamp

This lamp from Lamp Works is made from recycled glass. It features a natural burlap shade to create an eco-friendly décor piece that will fit into nearly every home.

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Houseplants front porch swingBallard Designs

Adopt a Few Houseplants

There’s nothing like a plant to add a peaceful green note to your rooms. As a bonus, they help recycle the carbon dioxide in the air and keep your house smelling better. If you aren’t really a plant person and aren’t sure where to begin, find a leafy plant that’s easy to take care of, such as a rubber tree, ficus, jade plant or another species that works for you. Earth tones will compliment leafy greens well.

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Flour Sifter Flower Pot

If you have an old flour sifter you no longer use, try turning into a planter. If you don’t have one, there’s a good chance you’ll find one at a thrift store or garage sale to use for repurposing ideas.

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Window Shutter

Next time you see old window shutters at the resale shop, pick one up. Screw on some small baskets and use it as a seasonal decoration or to store items such as garlic, onions and potatoes in your pantry.

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Cardboard Carton

Instead of tossing that cardboard milk or orange juice carton in the recycling bin, cut off the top, wrap it with fabric and use it as a planter for herbs or flowers.

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Broken Table Legs

This woodworker took some broken table legs, attached them to a slice of maple and created a small stool. The stool would be a great addition to a kitchen pantry where you may need help with hard-to-reach items, or as an extra side table in a den.

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Sewing Machine Table

This DIYer took an old sewing cabinet, attached a shelf unit, covered the shelves with paper and painted it red. This furniture hack can now be used as a dining room hutch or extra storage in a kitchen.

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Ladder Pot Rack

Storing pots and pans can be a challenge because they are bulky and take up a lot of space. Use an old ladder or even a wheel to hang pots from your kitchen ceiling.

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Window Frame Room Divider

To save money, this DIYer used an old window frame as a room divider in the basement. It helps break up a sitting area and a craft room. As far as repurposing ideas go, this is super creative.

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Shutter Divider

If you come across some old window shutters at a resale shop or garage sale, consider using them as a DIY room divider. Just paint or stain and add some hinges. You can get a similar look with salvaged closet doors, too.