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Exterior House Paint: 5 Colors That Could Devalue Your Home

The 2021 housing market is hot, hot, hot, but a few exterior colors are not. Here are some insights, tips and tricks to make your home sell.

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Pink House Mint Images/Getty Images

Exterior Paint Color: Pink

Once the darling of historic homes and ’50s ramblers, pink no longer holds that allure. A pink exterior could be a turnoff to someone looking to buy your home.

If you’re not going to repaint, consider your trim color. Chocolate or black adds a bold graphic element that reduces the cotton candy vibe. Dustier pinks may fare just fine, so that’s an option if you want to keep the color, but find a new hue. Realtor Cheryllyne Vaz says you could even consider a deep blue, depending on architecture or surroundings.

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Yellow House Ryan McVay/Getty Images

Exterior Paint Color: Yellow

Yellow can be a polarizing color. Though it can evoke sunshine and happiness, it can also be too off-putting for some. If you’re thinking about re-painting and want to stick to yellow, Vaz suggests considering one a shade or two brighter than the one you have. “Brighter colors reflect the light and make the home look larger,” she says.

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Beige House Perry Mastrovito/Getty Images

Exterior Paint Color: Beige

The beiges and tans of the 1980s and ’90s are really taking a hit. But there are ways to salvage it.

Vaz says your best bet is to paint the front door a warm, inviting color, like a rich maroon. Something that breaks up the beige and invites guests in is a strong step toward a sale. Other considerations? Planters on either side of the door in a complementary color. Or solar-powered exterior lighting that adds drama and highlights, showing potential buyers how good it will feel to come home.

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Cream House Robert Kirk/Getty Images

Exterior Paint Color: Cream

Cream is neutral, yes. But it can be a deterrent, especially if you’re selling in a snowy climate, because it can look dingy. So what to do if you’ve got cream?

Think about a surprising, but not wild, trim color, Vaz suggests. “I had a client who used a deep blue that made the cream pop,” she says. The homeowner also painted the front door to match her garden marigolds, which drew the eye around the yard. Her garden accessories, such as a shepherd’s hook and bench, matched the trim, too. (The house got a LOT of offers.)

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Green housevia benedek/getty images

Exterior Paint Color: Green

Yes, this color is red-hot now, but according to Vaz it’s got to be the right green. “Green can be tricky,” she says. So if you’re keeping your green exterior, make sure the trim looks mega-sharp; she recommends black or bright white. And if it’s a dark green, make sure no cracks show through from the undercoat.