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Fairy Doors Are the Latest Trend Enchanting Kids of All Ages

Fairy doors are an enchanting way to spark imagination. From tree trunks to your child's bedroom wall, there are plenty of ways to DIY a fairy door. These miniature doors can be crafted from a wide variety of materials, and in various architectural styles. Some even have working parts such as key holes with working locks and doors with working lights!

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Simple Tree Trunk Fairy Door

Fairy doors are adorably tiny doors typically found in the base of a tree. Small spaces can exist behind them, allowing people to leave notes, wishes or gifts for the fairies. The most traditional fairy doors are attached to a tree. DIY your own door to your liking, like this arched one that has drawn-on vertical lines to mimic wood paneling and wrought-iron looking hinges. Here are 15 DIY fairy gardens you have to see.

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Tree Trunk Fairy Door With Steps

Take it up a notch with your by building itsy-bitsy steps for the fairies to walk up to reach their door. Add a door that opens with real metal hinges, and make a sign for above the door. It’s obvious that behind this quaint red door fairies are sweetly slumbering! Here are 13 parent-child DIY-friendly projects you’ll enjoy doing together.

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Tree Trunk Fairy Door With Curb Appeal

This fairy door is sure to turn heads with its intricate front yard. It’s complete with an arbor, sidewalk, table and chair all in front of the enchanting door. You can also try these 12 perfect projects to do with kids.

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Fairy Door in the Shrubs

You don’t need a tree trunk to make an outdoor fairy door! This one is gently tucked into greenery and comes complete with a miniature brass lion knocker. These 50 treehouses will knock you out.

Photo: Courtesy of NothinButWood

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Fairy Door With Pot of Flowers, Mailbox and Fairy Dust

This stand-alone fairy door is perfect for the child who wants to move the enchantment around the yard, into the house and on trips. The little light-blue door opens to a painted design featuring a world of fairies. This is a great DIY project for the lover of intricate touches. The door is adorned with flowers and a bird, while additions like a mailbox and fairy dust make for even more magic. Another fun DIY project is building a LEGO table.

Photo: Courtesy of Allthingsfairynice

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Fence Fairy Door with Window and Flower Box

Attach your fairy door to a wooden fence if you don’t have an appropriate tree. You can even create a window next to your fairy door. Paint the window trim a dark color and the panes a bright yellow to mimic light coming from within the home. You can add a tiny flower box beneath the window, too! Get kids started in DIY with these simple tips.

Photo: Courtesy of NothinButWood

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Baseboard Fairy Door With Ladder

Not sure you want the fairy door to be a permanent fixture inside your home? You can simply attach it with mounting putty or removable tape. If you have baseboards, you can also just install it above the baseboard. This fairy door is extra adorable because it includes a ladder to help your fairy get in and out of their door easily. Pros offer their top tips for getting kids working with tools.

Photo: Courtesy of 15Monkeys

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Fairy Door With Tiny Key

Have a nook in your home that could use a little magic? Create a freestanding fairy door that offers intricate touches like a tiny key. Give the door a distressed look, and glue pieces of real tree bark around the door to create an earthy frame. This DIY toy storage bin is perfect for families on the go.

Photo: Courtesy of OliveNatureFolklore

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Fairy Door With Chimney

To give your tree trunk fairy door a little more allure, consider adding features around it to make it look even more like an entrance to a home. You can make an adorable little chimney and attach it to the side of the tree trunk with a screw. Surely there is such a thing as going too far. Here are some truly tacky lawn ornaments you should avoid.

Photo: Courtesy of NothinButWood

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Fairy Door With Storage

If you want to be able to put something behind your fairy door, consider building your door out of a thick piece of wood or attach sides so it’s like a little vestibule. You can build out the door enough to allow for fairy trinkets to rest inside like a storage chest. Give your child a chance to make projects on their own DIY workbench—a smaller-scale version of a classic design that’s been in use for over a century.

Photo: Courtesy of WoodenBLING

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Book Shelf Fairy Door

Fairies like to frolic in the great outdoors, but their lore isn’t lost once inside. A fairy door is the perfect decor for your bookshelf, and can be transported elsewhere when your little one wants to play. You can make this simple bookcase in a day.

Photo: Courtesy of GardenFairyDoors

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Outlet Cover Fairy Door

Fairy doors can be useful for adults too! If you want to quaintly cover up an outlet, simply install a fairy door over it. Paint the door to accent the color of your wall, and add intricate touches like a lion’s head door knocker and a tiny door knob. Check out this genius tip for noting the electrical box breaker number on your outlet and switch cover plates.

Photo: Courtesy of NothinButWood

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