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Will You Adopt These Fairy Garden Fairies?

Your fairy garden can never have too many fairies. Take a look at these unique fairy garden fairies and see if you can give one—or more!—a nice home.

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Kai Family Handyman


Kai makes a beautiful and elegant addition to any fairy garden. Hailing from the Asian Fairy Kingdom of Zen, she is clad in a regal purple and magenta dress, with a delicate fan near her face.

A copper trellis can be an elegant addition to your garden.

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Ebony Fairy Baby Sleeping on Mushroom

Every fairy garden needs a baby, especially one this cute. The tot is clad in pink petals, a tiny leaf cap on their head, as they snooze on top of a mushroom.

Make it easy to create a fairy garden with one of these kits.

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Agnes the Mermaid

For a splash of whimsy in your miniature fairy garden, Agnes is the perfect garden accessory. Agnes has wavy red hair and a bright green mermaid body. Since she’s perched on a rock, she insists that you place her near some water.

Build a birdhouse as a complement to your fairy garden.

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Learning to Fly

Yes, even fairies have to learn how to fly. This adorable boy-girl duo comes packaged in a gift box with a poem. Says one reviewer, “… there were sweet little quotes and care instructions. It was all really sweet and made the fairy’s [sic] even more magical.”

Here’s how to build self-watering garden planters.

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Gone Fishin’

Who can resist an adorable child out fishing, their loyal dog laying patiently alongside? Set this fairy at the edge of your pond and check out that plump fish dangling at the end of the line. Plus: Here are 10 fairy garden houses we love.

Take a look at these really cool fairy gardens.

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Lulu will always be easy to find among your fairy garden fairies. The blonde-haired girl is clad in an emerald dress and bright-red stockings, pointed shoes and a wide-brimmed hat. She sits on a red-capped mushroom with white spots. The mushroom stand is detachable.

Don’t put these tacky lawn ornaments anywhere near your fairy garden!

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Arabella will add some drama and flair to your fairy garden. The Moroccan fairy garden fairy figurine with long, dark hair stuns in a pink-and-purple outfit with large wings in matching jewel tones.

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Learn how tole painting a birdhouse can increase its charm.

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Autumn Baby

Come fall, this too-cute infant will be the hit of your fairy garden. The tot perches on top of an orange pumpkin set on its side, snoozing with ease.

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Create a decorative path leading to your fairy garden.

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Fairies like to play ball, too! Jenna is a red-headed fairy who is running after a ball painted with colorful butterflies. She’ll add motion and joy to any fairy garden.

Build a people-sized Adirondack chair and love seat for your garden.

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