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Vintage Family Handyman Covers from the ‘50s

To celebrate Family Handyman's 70th anniversary, take a look back at these vintage Family Handyman covers from the 1950's. Which cover is your favorite?

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first family handyman cover winter 1951Family Handyman

The First Family Handyman Cover — Winter 1951

Our debut edition of Family Handyman magazine featured more than 67 easy-to-do money saving projects with step-by-step directions. This is the first issue of what quickly became a DIYers’ best friend.

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family handyman cover 1951 spring summerFamily Handyman

Spring 1951 Cover

In the spring of 1951, we shared DIY ways to cure a wet basement, home remedies for termites, painting tips for exterior and interior, plus many more home owning tips.

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cover 1951 mid summerFamily Handyman

1951 Summer Cover

In the 1951 summer issue of Family Handyman, we promised our readers this magazine would tell you how to DIY in plain, understandable language. With features like how to repair wood-rot damage and how to finish a basement, we delivered on that promise.

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June july 1952 coverFamily Handyman

1952 Summer Cover

In the seventh issue of the magazine, we shared the Handyman Blue-Ribbon Awards. These included the best ideas of the month from our readers — nine prize-winning ways to do things easier, quicker, cheaper and better. All things we still do in our magazine today!

Speaking of ways to do things easier, quicker and cheaper, check out 52 of our all-time favorite Handy Hints.

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1952 fall issueFamily Handyman

Fall 1952 Cover

Readers learned how to prepare a home for winter in this 1952 issue of Family Handyman, as well as how to convert wasted kitchen space. We’ve gathered many more ways to organize your kitchen over the years. Check it out.

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1953 winter coverFamily Handyman

1953 Winter Cover

“If you live in a house you need this magazine!” That’s an assurance we made in this issue. With tips for how to make garden chores easier and how to repair your stairs, we’ve got a lot of your homeowner questions covered.

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1953 summer coverFamily Handyman

1953 Summer Cover

In the summertime, lawn care tips are essential, and so are ways to keep the youngins busy and having fun. We covered all this and more in the 1953 summer issue of the magazine.

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1954 spring coverFamily Handyman

1954 Spring Cover

In this spring 1954 issue we showed you how to build a better terrace, remake an obsolete kitchen, select and service a power mower, install spatter proof walls and make summer furniture out of aluminum. We have some of these projects (but updated) on our website today.

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1954 fall issueFamily Handyman

1954 Fall Cover

Garage storage has always been a staple in our magazine and on our website. Even back in 1954, we were sharing ideas for how to add more storage to your home or garage.

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1955 winter issueFamily Handyman

1955 Winter Cover

Kids grow quickly, and their needs change just as fast. In this 1955 issue of the magazine we shared clever ideas for built-ins for children’s rooms. Check out these 12 awesome ideas for storing toys.

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Spring 1955 coverFamily Handyman

Spring 1955 Cover

Warm weather means more time outside. In this spring 1955 issue of the magazine we taught readers how to create a beautiful patio space.

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Fall 1955 coverFamily Handyman

Fall 1955 Cover

This room divider with space saving built-ins featured on this cover from 1955 looks like it would fit in perfectly today. With everyone spending more time at home, we could all use the extra space and storage.

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summer 1956 issueFamily Handyman

Summer 1956 Cover

The July 1956 issue of the Family Handyman features how to make a new patio and grill area out of light-weight concrete, how to soundproof bathroom doors, how to build a swimming pool on the cheap and much, much more.

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Fall 1956 issueFamily Handyman

Fall 1956 Cover

Kitchen storage has and always will be at a premium. In this fall 1956 issue, we shared tips for how to make your kitchen space more convenient for your needs.

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1957 winter issueFamily Handyman

Winter 1957 Cover

These floors featured on this 1957 cover aren’t exactly in style anymore, but they do look durable. If you’re looking to install new flooring in your basement, choose one of these basement-friendly flooring options.

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summer 1957 issueFamily Handyman

Summer 1957 Cover

Do you like to barbecue in the summertime? In this issue of the Family Handyman, we taught readers how to build a double-duty barbecue bench. While we don’t have this exact project on our site, here’s how to build an all-in-one grilling station.

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Fall 1957Family Handyman

Fall 1957 Cover

This children’s bedroom is super-retro with its Western theme, but this 1957 cover story does share timeless tips for creating play, study and sleeping areas in children’s rooms.

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winter 1958 issueFamily Handyman

Winter 1958 Cover

This 1958 cover feature about making your basement into a fun family center looks as entertaining now as it did then. Plus, here are vintage home trends that will take you way back. 

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Fall 1958 coverFamily Handyman

Fall 1958 Cover

This edition of the magazine featured a complete annual spring repair guide, easy ways to finish furniture like a professional, and many more important ways to improve the appearance of your house and grounds.

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Summer 1959 coverFamily Handyman

Summer 1959 Cover

In this July 1959 issue we covered easy-to-do outdoor improvements. Among them: Building a patio shelter and barbecue, how to repair black-top driveways, growing greener grass and so much more!

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