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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Outdoor Cook

This year, give your grilling-obsessed Dad something you know he'll love with one of these outdoor cooking inspired Father's Day gift ideas.

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Toh Ecomm Fathers Day Grillers Serve Bbq Skewers Silver Stainless Steel Skewers Via Acehardware.comvia merchant

Proud Grill Slide & Serve Skewer

The Proud Grill Slide & Serve Skewers will be the highlight of your next neighborhood cookout. These reusable, dual-sided, stainless-steel skewers feature barbed points to keep your grillables in place.

Each skewer features a fish or steer head and a tail, but these aren’t just for laughs — they’re tabs, so you can grab and flip them with your trusty tongs. They’re also dishwasher-safe. The best part? No more having to remember to soak your bamboo skewers!

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Fhm Ecomm Thermapen One Via Thermoworks.comvia merchant

Thermapen One Thermometer

If your dad’s famous smoked brisket demands pinpoint temperature accuracy, the Thermapen One is the meat thermometer for him. It’s buttonless and automatic, powering on instantly when you open the probe.

In one second or less, the unit reads temperatures up to 572 F, accurate to the half-degree. That information then appears on the tool’s motion-activated, brightly backlit, auto-rotating digital readout screen. The four-inch-long inch probe ensures accurate readings from deep within whatever you’re grilling.

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Fhm Ecomm Meathead The Science Of Great Barbecue And Grilling Via Barnsandnoble.comvia merchant

Meathead Cookbook

In this 400-page cookbook, Craig “Meathead” Goldwyn, a pitmaster and founder of the wildly popular website, dives into the science behind perfectly grilled and smoked meats. At the same time, he exposes widespread myths about barbecuing.

Along with 118 recipes, Goldwyn offers incredible insight and understanding behind the interaction of food, fire, heat and smoke. Meathead is must read for anyone looking to improve not only their grilling, but cooking as a whole.

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Fhm Ecomm Rapicca Bbq Grill Oven Gloves Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Rapicca BBQ Oven Gloves

These 14-inch high Rapicca BBQ Oven Gloves are waterproof, oil-proof, stain-proof and fire and heat resistant up 932 F.  They feature a durable food-grade neoprene rubber exterior, and soft double layer cotton interior to keep your hands and forearms safe and comfortable.

The grippy textured palm helps you hang on to sauce-coated utensils and slippery meats. They’re available in multiple sizes, so you’ll need to do some digging to figure out the best one for Dad.

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Toh Ecomm Fathers Day Grillers Rapidfire Chimney Charcoal Starter Via Homedeopt.comvia merchant

Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter

Chimney starters are a game-changer for charcoal grill enthusiasts, and nothing gets coals burning faster and more evenly than the Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter.

It’s basically a hollow metal cylinder with holes circling both ends. Inside, a small cone-shaped wire grate and a set of handles allow you to dump the lit coals safely.

The affordable and easy to use Rapidfire features a generous six-quart capacity that can handle between 60 and 100 charcoal briquettes per use. That’s enough to grill a half-dozen burgers and a pack of brats with plenty of heat to spare!

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Toh Ecomm Fathers Day Grillers Lodge 12' Dual Handle Grill Basket Via Walmart.comvia merchant

Lodge Dual Handle Grill Basket

The round, cast-iron Lodge Dual Handle Grill Basket is perfect for cooking seafood or vegetables on the grill without the worry of losing them through the slots. The teardrop-shaped holes circling the bottom allow the ideal amount of direct heat and airflow for perfectly grilled results. And the two heavy-duty handles make carrying in dinner safe and easy.

When finished, hand wash the pre-seasoned grill basket, then dry it and rub with cooking oil. Don’t forget to check out this Weber Deluxe grilling basket approved by our experts.

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Fhm Ecomm Kona 360 Degree Clean Grill Brush Via Bedbathandbeyond.comvia merchant

Kona 360 Degree Brush

With three brushes in one, the Kona 360 Degree Brush sits on top of the grates while simultaneously flexing between them, cleaning the top and sides all in one swipe.

This 18-inch-long brush keeps your hands away from the hot grilling surface, and the weather-resistant plastic handle is comfortable for scrubbing with one hand or two. The Kona 360 is safe for all types of grills and grates. If Dad isn’t completely sold on it, the brush comes with a five-year money back guarantee.

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Fhm Ecomm Grill All Natural Grill Cleaner Via Homedepot.comvia merchant

Traeger All-Natural Grill Cleaner

Help your dad keep his grill glistening with the Traeger All-Natural Grill Cleaner. This biodegradable formula cuts grease and tackles big messes without harmful detergents or chemicals.

This food-safe, American-made product breaks down grease and grime on grill grates, cooking accessories and external grilling surfaces. Its speedy spray-wait-wipe method works for anyone who would rather socialize than clean as the weekend gathering winds down.

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Fhm Ecomm Freshjax Grilling Spice Gift Set Via Amazon.comvia merchant

FreshJax Organic Grilling Spices

FreshJax Organic Spices, a certified organic and kosher spice company based in Jacksonville, Florida, has released a grilling gift set for spice-loving dads out there. The manufacturer markets the wildly popular Grilling Spices Gift set as gluten, MSG and GMO-Free, and it earned more than 9,500 five-star reviews on

This set comes with five 8-ounce proprietary spice blends, with names like “Citrus Pepper” and “Grill Master” — something for every taste bud. Best of all, for every Organic Spice Gift Set sold, FreshJax donates a meal to a child in need. This makes for a great housewarming gift, too.

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Fhm Ecomm Grill Z Grills 7002b2e Via Zgrills.comvia merchant

Z-Grills7002E Pellet Grill

If your dad is a DIY jack of all trades, this grill is for him.

The Z-Grills7002E is an eight-in-one wood pellet grill, meaning you can grill, roast, smoke, sear, braise, bake, barbecue and char on it. It features an automated electric pellet feed system which maintains the heat while giving exceptional wood fire flavor.

Its electronic auto-start ignition and modern LED temperature display offers convenient fire-up and operation, transforming the traditional smoking process into something simple and user-friendly.

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