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The Gifts FHM Editors Wish They Were Getting This Year

Don't know what to get the DIYer on your list this season? Take it from Family Handyman editors, your recipient will love these editor-approved gift ideas.

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Read on for a wish list from Family Handyman editors. Your favorite DIYer will love these editor-approved gift ideas.

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Drywall Sander 

Our house was built in 1884, yet someone saw fit to do “popcorn” ceiling texture. I’d love to get rid of that, but it’s a difficult, time-consuming and messy task. The Festool Planex drywall sander makes the job easy (I don’t need to get up on a ladder, either), and virtually mess-free! — Brad Holden, senior editor.

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Ac Booster Fanvia

AC Infinity Airtap Register Booster Fan

We always have one bedroom on the second floor that doesn’t warm as much in the winter. These fans retrofit into existing floor registers and boost the airflow coming to the room. The super quiet fan operates via a programmable LCD thermostat. According to Amazon reviewers the booster fan quickly regulated their room temperature. They work for heating and cooling. — Shay Tilander, senior editor.

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Bike Standvia Park Tools

Park Tools Deluxe Home Mechanic Bike Repair Stand

I maintain a few bicycles in my household, and I would be a far better husband and bike mechanic if I owned this tool. I’ve tried inexpensive alternatives and they just don’t work well. If you’ve ever taken your bicycle into a bike shop for service, the pros there use a stand like this. Don’t I deserve the same tool? — Glenn Hansen, deputy editor.

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Craftsman 8-Piece Kid’s Tool Kit

I bought this tool set for my 8-year-old daughter recently and can’t say enough good things about it. The tools included are durable, sturdy and, best of all, these are real tools of Craftsman quality, so she was able to get used to the weight and maneuverability of actual tools vs. plastic toy tools. These tools empower her to volunteer with “fixing” things around the house (even things that aren’t broken, ha). A bonus with this tool kit is that there is plenty of room to add to her tool collection over time.

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Ice Auger Sidevia

K-Drill Auger

My son and I enjoy fishing together. When the weather starts to cool down, we start prepping our ice fishing equipment. Although we’ve traditionally used a gas powered ice auger, storing and maintaining a small engine can lead to frustrations and tinkering when it’s time to hit the ice.

The K-Drill auger connects directly to my Milwaukee drill, which offers enough power to effectively drill ice fishing holes without the gas and oil. — Nick Grzechowiak, chief content officer.

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Makita Shop Vacvia

Makita Cordless Wet/Dry Vac

My carpenter husband has one of these portable Makita shop vacs for work and shop use, but we constantly steal it for the home, too. It’s great for cleaning out the car or clearing dusty window sills, and light enough for the kids to use, too. A good investment. — Berit Thorkelson, assigning editor.

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Air Filter Levoitvia

Levoit Air Filter

When the maintenance person at my apartment building showed me the filthy filter he removed from my HVAC unit, I felt sick. These filters are replaced twice a year and mine was completely clogged. I live on a busy street with lots of car, bus and truck traffic, and a lot of that exhaust makes its way right into my apartment.

So, what do I want for Christmas? The quiet, true HEPA, Levoit 400S air purifier. This smart device, with 360-degree air intake, easily changes the air in a 403 square foot room five times per hour. The three-stage filtration traps dust, mold, smoke, fumes, pet dander, VOCs, odors and more. And, I like that this purifier has nine worldwide certifications.

If Santa doesn’t bring me this air purifier, I’m going to buy it myself! — Mary Flanagan, associate assigning editor.

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Reusable Shopping Bagsvia

Earthwise Reusable Shopping Bags

These are my favorite reusable bags because they stand up on their own, so they’re easy to fill. (Grocery baggers often comment on how nice they are because of that vs. floppy bags). I like that they fold up easily for storage. They carry a lot more than they look like and have held up well, I have had mine for a few years now. They are also great for organizing your car trunk.

I love their mesh produce bags as well, I’ve given both as gifts many times. The mesh bags are lightweight, so they don’t add a lot of bulk if you’re paying per pound. I hate how many plastic produce bags I used so gave these a try.

They have held up nicely to washing and I have never had issues with the cashier scanning through the bags. I keep a few of these tucked inside my collapsible bags so they are always on hand at the store. — Jenny Mahoney, art director.

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Garden Tool Setvia

Garden Tool Set

My hand trowel broke at the end of the summer, so I’ll need a replacement before spring. This seven-piece garden tool set has everything I need to tend my balcony garden, plus a convenient place to sit.

It includes five hand tools: weeding fork, cultivator, weeder, transplanter and trowel. The folding stool will take up next to no space in my storage closet, and the detachable bag corrals the tools in one easy-access spot. — Mikayla Borchert, assistant editor.

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Garage Organizer Wall Mountedvia

Wall-Mounted Tool Organizer

Our garage is a mess. We’ve got rakes, shovels, brooms, etc. creating a huge clutter, so we’re in desperate need of an organizer. This wall-mounted organizer will fit all our outdoor tools and more, and comes in at an affordable price. It’s even strong enough to hold our bikes or other heavy equipment. — Alex Shoemaker, newsletter editor.

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Car Detailer Sprayvia

Meguiar’s Quick Spray Detailer

I own a vintage British sports car with a ragtop that cannot be run through a car wash; it’s got to be washed by hand. Although it sits in the garage collecting dust most of the summer, when I do find time to drive it, I want it to shine.

I simply mist on Meguiar’s Quick Detailer and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth. It’s quick and easy no messing with hoses buckets or sponges. I have to say I was skeptical at first, but this stuff is amazing! — Joe Cruz, editor.

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Delta Glass Rinservia Delta

Delta Glass Rinser

My daughter is an interior designer and her clients like the new Delta Glass Rinse accessory.  You can install it yourself if you have an air hole in your countertop.  A nice feature from Delta, all to make our lives easier! — Peggy McDermott, editorial services.

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Duluth Jeansvia Duluth Trading Company

Men’s Ballroom Double Flex Slim Fit Jeans

I bought these jeans from Duluth Trading Company because I was sick of wearing my nice jeans and blowing out the knees while shooting all of our videos. So these are my work jeans, the ones I am okay rolling around in the workshop with and getting sawdust all over them.

I’ve only worn them for a couple of weeks, but they seem like they’ll work just fine. They have that stretchy material and they’re a slim fit so I don’t have to worry about them looking like parachute pants. — Kellen Berg, video producer.

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Trigger Torchvia

I’ve done lots of BBQ-ing this summer, and each time I rolled out the grill or smoker I dreamed of a faster and easier way to ignite the charcoal. When fall came around, I had a similar dream of lighting our weekend campfires on the patio.

No more striking matches or holding a tiny flickering flame from a lighter under crumpled paper in your fireplace. Just screw on a propane or MAPP gas tank and start the Bernzomatic trigger start torch with a push of a button.  I don’t do much sweating of copper, but if this lands in my Christmas stocking I’ll have a smile on my face. — Mike Berner, associate editor.

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Tapo Smart Plugsvia

Tapo Smart Plug Mini

Smart plugs take ordinary devices and appliances and let you control them as if they were smart devices. These Tapo smart plugs can be used to create schedules for your small appliances, like setting up your coffee pot to turn on when you wake up.

You can also connect the plugs to devices like an Amazon Echo Dot or a Google Nest hub and control them through voice commands. If you want to give a gift that will be remembered and used every day, give the gift of smart plugs. — Harrison Kral, editor.

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1200 Fh21ono 614 18 048via Work Sharp

Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

A dull knife—whether in your pocket or in the kitchen—is next to useless. But putting a truly keen edge on a knife takes a measure of skill and know-how, and it can be a chore. The Work Sharp Mk.2 makes the process a whole lot easier.

The Mk.2 has three abrasive belts: one for honing, one for general sharpening and a coarse-grit belt for reviving a knife edge that’s been butchered. Using the coarse or medium belt will create a lot of metal dust, so do that work in the garage (and remember to wear eye protection). Just install the abrasive belt you need, flip a lever for the proper angle (25 degrees for pocketknives, 20 for kitchen knives), pull the trigger and drag your blade through the guide. Once my knives are sharp, I mainly use the honing belt for quick touch-ups. — Nick Grzechowiak.

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1200 Fh22djf 615 18 M02

Electronic Bidet Seat

I didn’t think I needed a bidet, but a serious injury changed my mind. While I was recovering, I enlisted a friend to install the Fluidmaster Soft Spa, which took about 30 minutes. This bidet works on my one-piece toilet, but because of a curve where the tank meets the bowl, the seat would fit better on a traditional two-piece model. If you do install a bidet requiring power, you may want to add an outlet in a convenient spot to keep the cord out of sight.

It’s easy to adjust the temperature, direction and pressure controls to whatever suits you. The cleaning is thorough and comfortable, and the seat warmer is a nice touch. The unit also features a night-light, an effective deodorizing function and a drying fan. The dryer takes longer than I’d like, so I still use some toilet tissue, but my TP use is down about 75%. This bidet made me a believer, and using a typical toilet now feels a bit barbaric! — Vern Johnson, creative director.

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1200 Fh22djf 615 18 029via

Peet Boot Dryer

After a day of yard work or hiking, boots can be wet from rain and perspiration. And wet boots are smelly! Not only that, moisture shortens the life of leather and other boot materials. My Peet boot dryer uses thermal convection to quietly and safely dry my boots in three to eight hours. The dryer works on all types of materials. — Mike Berner.

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1200 Fh22djf 615 18 008Vermont Gloves

Leather Gloves

As a farm kid, during haying season I’d go through several pairs of leather gloves. The twine on the hay bales was merciless. I wish I’d had a pair of Vermont gloves to put to the test then. As a big kid, I’ve had the opportunity to use a pair called The Vermonter for landscaping, cutting logs, splitting and stacking logs, concrete work and working with rough stone. So far, they have laughed it all off and are breaking in nicely. They’re made from goat leather, which the manufacturer says stays soft and supple through wet/dry cycles because of its natural oils. These gloves are hand-stitched, with double-stitched fingertip seams, and all the seams are on the outside to take it easy on your fingers. You can beat the tar out of them day in and day out, but at $100 a pair, you’ll want to treat them to a bit of Neatsfoot oil from time to time to add a few years of service. — Brad Holden.

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1200 Fh22djf 615 18 M01Darn Tough Vermont

Wool Socks

Darn Tough Vermont is a family-owned business with nearly 40 years of experience knitting socks in Northfield, Vermont. As a nod to their quality, the socks are guaranteed for life. If a pair ever fails, send it back and they’ll send a new pair. An employee inspects each returned pair to see how they can improve.

Darn Tough socks come in many activity-specific styles and three padding levels. My favorite is the midweight hiker with full cushion. Additionally, Darn Tough socks are made from naturally antibacterial merino wool to help keep your socks and shoes stink-free. Since trying out a pair about 10 years ago, I’ll never wear any other socks. They’re that comfortable! — Nick Grzechowiak.

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Ryan Van Bibber
Ryan Van Bibber is a deputy editor at Family Handyman. He's been DIY'ing since he was a kid. A resident of Santa Fe, New Mexico, he is especially proud of his aptitude with a swamp cooler, repairing stucco and engineering makeshift shade. As a career journalist, Ryan covered the NFL for more than a decade, worked as a senior editor at Outside as well as writing and editing buying guides and product reviews for several national publications. When he’s not working, you can find him on the trails with his family and two very good dogs.