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10 Best Gifts for Cat Lovers

People love to spoil their pets, but who’s spoiling the people? These gifts for cat lovers let the pet parent in your life know you care.

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Cat Cactus Via

Cactus Cat Scratching Post

Cat parents and plant parents alike will adore this cute cactus scratching post. And their cats will love it too. It’s a pretty, muted green color with multiple textures cats love — a mop fabric top for nuzzling and a wrapped base for scratching. It also has a ball on a string to encourage play. It’s really a gift for the cat, but cat lovers will get years of entertainment from it.

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Cat Window Seatvia

Cat Window Seat

Let indoor cats enjoy the view from their own window seat. This suction cup cat window perch is the perfect spot for bird watching and sunny afternoon naps. This luxurious piece of cat furniture can hold 40 pounds and comes with a cozy flannel pad. This cat window perch is one of the best gifts for cat lovers with multiple pets, since the elevated seat lets cats get some alone time.

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Cat Feeder Toyvia

Cat Feeder Toy

A feeder ball keeps cats entertained throughout the day with treats, exercise and a puzzle. It’s an inexpensive gift for cat lovers and the perfect size for a stocking stuffer.

The cat toy is simple: A hollow ball with adjustable holes. Fill it with dry food and watch as the cat spends hours pretending to hunt.

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Cat Backpackvia

Cat Backpack

Dog owners hog all the fun of taking their pets on a walk. With a cat backpack, feline fans can enjoy walks too.

Cats tend to prefer carriers that give them a place to hide, so this mesh cat backpack is better than the kind with a transparent front. It’s also useful for traveling and trips to the vet since backpacks are easier to carry than traditional handheld carriers.

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Smart Pet Feedervia

Smart Pet Feeder

Do you know someone whose cat wakes them at the crack of dawn? My cat’s breakfast tantrums began earlier and earlier until I purchased a smart pet feeder. Now she leaves me alone in the morning, and I can keep tabs on her when I’m gone with the built-in voice and video feature.

A smart feeder is a great gift idea for cat lovers since many people don’t splurge on themselves.

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Self-Cleaning Litter Boxvia

Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Nobody likes to do it, but it has to be done. This is another area of cat ownership that smart technology can help. Some of the best cat litter boxes can clean themselves. A self-cleaning litter box gives cats a fresh box every time, while saving time and effort for everyone involved. This type of litter box costs a little more, but it makes up for that with convenience.

This self-cleaning litter box even tracks usage, offering useful information about a cat’s health.

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Custom Pet Socksvia AlphaCreativeStudio/

Custom Pet Socks

Want a gift for cat lovers that’s truly just for the person, not the pet? These custom pet socks are an easy yet thoughtful choice.

No one will complain about getting socks for Christmas when they’re this special. You can send up to four cat photos for no additional charge. If you need fast shipping, generic cat socks are almost as cute.

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Cat Magnetsvia

Cat Magnets

Looking for a laugh? These cheeky cat magnets are, well, cheeky. They make grocery lists a lot more fun and are a sure-fire conversation piece at holidays and dinner parties.

Cat butts aren’t the only option, either. Dogs, farm and safari animals and whales are also available.

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Wine Glass Markers for Cat Loversvia

Wine Glass Markers for Cat Lovers

It’s easy to forget which wine glass is yours, especially if everyone is drinking the same kind of wine.

These cat glass markers are a much better solution than tape or twist ties. The pack of six little cats are funny and functional, preventing unnecessary dish washing. It’s a top-notch gift for cat lovers who always host.

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Music for Catsvia

Music for Cats

Cats like music but their tastes are different from ours. David Teie’s Music for Cats is composed specifically for felines.

With chirping birds, purring cats and other familiar sounds, the songs on this album help cats relax, play and more. It’s worth a listen, and the science behind the music is worth a read.

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Mikayla Borchert
Mikayla is an assistant editor for Family Handyman, specializing in indoor and outdoor gardening, organization and décor. She has one cat and holds a B.A. in English from the University of Minnesota. Outside of work, she likes running, skiing, hiking and tending her balcony garden.