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12 Brilliant Uses For Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil can do much more than just cover food and ward off aliens (although that's still up for debate). Be sure to keep a roll or two of versatile aluminum foil on hand for these 12 helpful uses and more.

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Protect Your Key Fob

Since thieves can use devices to amplify key fob signals to cars or copy codes to get into a vehicle, aluminum foil can come in handy to keep your car safe. Just wrap your key fob with foil and decrease the fob’s signal.

Learn why foil can stop thieves from copying your key fob code.

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Move Furniture

Have a heavy piece of furniture to move? To help you slide it across a carpeted floor, just place small pieces of aluminum foil under each of the furniture legs, dull side down. The dull slide is more slippery than the shiny side, and will allow you to move furniture with ease. Here’s a smart tip for moving furniture by yourself.

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Traveler Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Protect Your Sleeping Bag

Bring a roll of aluminum foil on your next camping trip to help keep moisture out of your sleeping bag. Heavy-duty aluminum foil works as an insulator and protectant, so place it under your sleeping bag to help keep it warm and dry. You’ll wish you knew these 16 camping hacks sooner.

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Strengthen WiFi Signal

Are you old enough to remember using aluminum foil to boost TV antenna signals? So if that worked, what about WiFi? According to Popular Science, you can use foil to wrap a 3D-printed reflector to amplify your WiFi signal in places where you need it most, such as the home office. “Think of it like a reflector behind a flashlight bulb, concentrating the beam where you want it to go,” the article explains.

Here’s how to make your home’s WiFi faster.

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Scrub Kitchen Pots

Next time you have food residue to scrub off your pots and pans, just crumble up a ball of aluminum foil and scrub away with a little water. Just be sure not to use aluminum foil on nonstick surfaces, as it can scratch the coating. Say goodbye to burned-on stains on the bottom of your pots and pans with this simple trick.

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socks AlexMaster/Shutterstock

Keep the Fireplace Clean

Aluminum foil helps make fireplace cleaning easier! Before you light a fire, just create a tray with heavy-duty aluminum foil and place it across the bottom of the fireplace. Then, when the ashes are cool, just remove the foil along with the ashes and throw it all away.

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dirty grill gratesnuisk17/Shutterstock

Clean Grill Grates

Before your next cookout, use some aluminum foil to clean your grill grates. Just warm up the grill, shape some foil into a ball and scrub the hot grates with the ball. Since the grill is hot, it’s wise to use tongs to hold the foil while brushing the grates. Here’s more on the importance of grill grate cleaning.

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cutwormSharon Feragotti/Shutterstock

Fight Garden Pests

Gardeners can use aluminum foil to keep garden pests away. According to the Virginia Tech Daily, you can wrap aluminum foil around plant stems to help shield plants from cutworms. Many gardeners also say strips of foil mixed in with garden mulch keeps damaging insects away from plants. Here are 10 of the worst garden insects and how to get rid of them.

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heat Zvone/Shutterstock

Keep Your House Warm

Aluminum foil can help you keep your home warm during the winter months. If you have a radiator next to an external wall, place some aluminum foil behind the radiator. The reflective nature of the foil will prevent heat from disappearing through the wall and reflect it back into the room. Here are 20 unexpected ways to keep your house warm in the winter.

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CatSarah McGraw/Shutterstock

Keep the Cat Off the Counter

If you’re tired of your cat getting on the kitchen counter, use some aluminum foil. Cats can’t stand the noise and feel of foil underneath their paws, so just tape a few strips on the edges to keep them from hanging out on top of the counter. Here are nine more tips for keeping your cat off the kitchen counter!

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cat couchFamily Handyman

Keep the Cat Off the Couch

Keep your couch a fur-free zone with some aluminum foil. Just tear off a piece, cover the top of the couch and the cushion and it will prevent your cat from relaxing on the couch when you’re not home. Which one of these 10 super-cool catios will you buy for your kitty?

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