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13 Basic Home Improvement Skills DIYers Must Know

Save yourself from numerous problems at home by memorizing these hacks.

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Patching a hole in the wall

Patching a hole in the wall

Is there anything more sad than having to look at a nice big hole in the wall of your beautiful home? Probably not, but don't worry, it's really easy to fix. Learn how to fix all of your damaged walls with our easy guide on how to fix drywall.

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Painting a roomAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Painting a room

Thats rightpainting a room is not a simple as dipping a brush in a bucket and going to town. There are particular steps you should probably take before giving your space a new color. Dont worry; taking these extra steps wont take up a ton of time either. Heres how to paint a room fast when youre in a bit of a time crunch.

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Fixing your toiletFamily Handyman

Fixing your toilet

If you have no one running to your rescue, its time to start learning how to fix the toilet yourself. Its actually a lot easier than you think! So if you are witnessing a leaky flapper, bad fill valve, or overflow pipe a the wrong height, heres how to fix a running toilet.

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Replace your furnace filterFamily Handyman

Replace your furnace filter

You may not think of it that often, but your furnace filter should actually be checked monthly, and changed immediately if its dirty. By replacing that filter, youll get better heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. Save your utility bills by learning how to change a furnace filter.

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Set up liquid ant bait stationsFamily Handyman

Set up liquid ant bait stations

Yes, it is very tempting to squish an ant as soon as you see one. But if you want to get rid of ants for good, you actually have to be a bit crafty with it. The best thing you can do is set up liquid ant bait stations. These toxic materials will help to wipe out ant colonies living within the walls of your house. So before immediately sending that ant to its death, follow our simple guide on how to get rid of ants once and for all.

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Hanging shelves on drywallAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Hanging shelves on drywall

If youre a new homeowner, you may be a bit skeptical to start drilling holes in your wall. But with the right tools and guidelines, you can easily set up shelves free of worry. Looking to get organized or creative with your decorating? Heres a few tips and tricks on how to hang shelves.

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Learn how to use pocket screwsFamily Handyman

Learn how to use pocket screws

Creating a tight joint for your wood doesnt have to be a difficult project, and is actually essential if you plan on doing anymore DIY for your home. Tight joints help with simple cabinet building and require the pocket screw system. Its very simple and very quick to do, no clamps or dowels necessary. Heres how to use pocket screws when youre in need of creating a wood joint.

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Replacing moldly caulkFamily Handyman

Replacing moldly caulk

If you have moldy caulk that needs serious replacing, youre in luck. The project is incredibly easy when it comes to how to remove caulk from a tub and how to caulk a bathtub.

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Using ladder bumpersFamily Handyman

Using ladder bumpers

Why scratch up the siding of your walls with the edge of a ladder when you can create bumpers instead? Find an old pair of sneakers with duct tape to the edges of your ladder, saving your walls when working on your latest DIY project.

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Organize your homeMyvisuals/Shutterstock

Organize your home

There are tons of simple projects that can help your organize all of your stuff in your home. From your garage to your kitchen and even your mudroom, here are 12 simple life hacks for organizing your home.

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Eliminate drain odorFamily Handyman

Eliminate drain odor

If you have a drain that isn't used often, it's likely that the drain will dry out. This can be harmful thanks to sewer gas from the septic tank or the city sewer system, causing a smell that can be quite unbearable. Fix the odor by adding a quart of fresh water followed by a tablespoon of cooking oil. This will seal it and hold drain water in a trap, eliminating the smell.

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Fix or replace a doorClaude Huot/Shutterstock

Fix or replace a door

Have a door that is sticking or sagging? It's actually pretty easy to fix, you just have to know how to tighten or fix the hinges and jambs. Or, simply replace it altogether. Here's how to repair your door or even how to fix a loose door handle.

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Unclogging a sinkFamily Handyman

Unclogging a sink

Smelly, clogged up sinks are certainly not something you want to deal with in your bathroom or kitchen. Grease and garbage buildup can be easily removed in minutes with this simple guide of how to unclog a kitchen sink.