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21 Home Decor Trends on Their Way Out

You got rid of the wood paneling years ago and updated your kitchen cupboards, furniture and even your light fixtures. Here are 21 trends that are on their way out in 2022.

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Gold FixturesJohn Keeble/Getty Images

Gold Metallic Decor

Gold flatware, gold fixtures and gold cabinet hardware have been trending recently, but this style of the moment is soon to be out. More traditional finishes will be back in a big way in the upcoming years. If you’re remodeling a bathroom or kitchen, consider sticking with timeless chrome or nickel fixtures to avoid making your home look dated.
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Industrial Lighting trendsSupermop/Shutterstock

Industrial Everything

Edison bulbs, exposed brick, all that metal — there is such a thing as too much industrial. If you want to go for an industrial look, stick with just a couple of elements such as a pegboard backsplash or some modern pendant lights.

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granite kitchen countertops pics721/Shutterstock

Too Much Granite

Granite is a top choice for kitchen counters, but don’t go overboard. If granite is your countertop of choice, try adding accents such as butcher block countertop for the kitchen island or quartz for your main kitchen workspace.

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Nautical Décor

All those anchors and seashells belong at your seaside retreat, not as part of your suburban living room décor. You can get a more subtle look with a beach-themed paint color combo, such as crisp blue with white and rose accents.

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reclaimed wood decorAlena Ozerova/Shutterstock

Reclaimed Wood Overload

That rustic barn door looks great in your home’s den, but don’t go overboard. When it comes to trendy wood accents such as reclaimed barn wood projects and wood accent walls, one is plenty.

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tufted headboard

Giant Tufted Headboards

Go ahead and make your own headboard, but the giant tufted headboards trend now looks dated. Instead, try making a modern floating headboard for a big statement look.

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glass block bathroom windowsArtazum/Shutterstock

Glass Block Bathroom Windows

You can have privacy and plenty of light in your bathroom without the use of glass block windows, which come off as dated. Instead, try a skylight or a frosted window.

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open kitchen shelvesFusionstudio/Shutterstock

Too Many Open Shelves

Open kitchen shelving can help bring order to your kitchen, but stick to one or two. Keep items that are easy to stack on open shelves and store things like mix-and-match glassware and older pieces on your kitchen cabinets.

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Fake PlantsMaverick76/Shutterstock

Fake Plants

Plants can help improve your indoor air quality, so choose one living plant over several fake plants and flowers. If you’re concerned about your lack of a green thumb, there are plenty of indoor plants you (probably) can’t kill.

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chevron rug living roomJodie Johnson/Shutterstock

Chevron Designs

Whether it’s on an accent wall, a living room rug or on your bedroom curtains, the chevron pattern trend is fading. Instead keep the chevron pattern to a smaller accent, such as in DIY wall art.

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Hollywood-Style Bathroom Lighting

If you still have Hollywood-style marquee lighting above your vanity, it may be time for a minor bathroom remodel. Instead, try sconces on each side of the mirror or an overhead pendant light.

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Too Many Pastels

One pastel in a room is nice. Too many pastels is one of those outdated home trends. Stick with a pastel-colored sofa or a soft rose hue on your living room wall to make the room appear bigger.

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Vertical Blinds Somsak Sarabua/Shutterstock

Vertical Blinds

If you have vertical blinds, you know how they can be a pain to open and close and how easily they can become tangled. Instead, update to some mini blinds or lightweight curtains.

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wicker chairDonald Joski/Shutterstock

Indoor Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture is a great choice for your new screened porch or for a front porch. However, when used indoors, wicker is one of those home trends that can quickly make a home look dated.

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When it comes to plaid, stick to clothing and blankets. It’s time to remove that plaid wallpaper and consider reupholstering old furniture that’s still covered in tartan.

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Tuscan-Inspired KitchenMichelle Marsan/Shutterstock

Tuscan-Inspired Kitchens

A popular kitchen design trend for much of the 2000s, Tuscan kitchens are starting to lose their appeal. Instead of lots of stone and darker colors, today’s kitchens focus on lighting and a crisp color palette for home trends.

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B Brown/Shutterstock

Distressing Wood

Distressing seems to be all the rage at the moment, but even now it’s on its way out as a trend. Unless you truly want a rustic feel in your kitchen, we suggest avoiding the look.

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exterior brass door knobKaren Grigoryan/Shutterstock

Brass Hardware

Metals may be in when it comes to accessories, but avoid shiny brass as it can make a kitchen look dated. Instead, replace cabinet hardware with brushed nickel, glass or stainless steel.

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red retro fridgeThe Magical Lab/Shutterstock

Bold Appliances

Bold kitchen colors are fun, but avoid choosing bright colors for appliances. You wouldn’t put a ’70s avocado green or goldenrod refrigerator in your kitchen now, so just imagine how that bold red or seafoam green appliance will look in a few years.

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hanging pot rackArtazum/Shutterstock

Hanging Pot Racks

Hanging pot racks have hung around long enough. The trend is toward clean, sleek lines, and those hanging racks can make a kitchen look cluttered. Instead of hanging a large pot rack over a kitchen island, try building cabinet rollouts.

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dark wood cabinetsBCFC/Shutterstock

Dark Wood

When updating your kitchen cabinets, think bright. Instead of dark wood finishes that have been a go-to for the last decade, try lighter wood tones.

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