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Home Inspector Nightmares: Vol. 1

Our friends at Structure Tech in St. Paul, MN, look at homes all across the Twin Cities. These are just a few of their home inspector nightmares that were too good not to share.

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Follow the ArrowsPhoto: Courtesy of Structure Tech

Follow the Arrows

It never hurts to double check the arrows when you install a new filter. Life's easier if you go with the flow.

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That's Not PEXPhoto: Courtesy of Structure Tech

That's Not PEX

Here's a perfect illustration of just about everything that shouldn't be used for plumbing repair. What do you think? ShooGoo? Regardless, this tops the charts forhome inspector nightmares and plumbing fails.

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Video: Home Inspector Nightmares – Episode 1

Our friends at Structure Tech in St. Paul, MN, look at homes all across the Twin Cities. These are just a few of their home inspection stories that were too good not to share.

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Not a DIY Mini-SplitPhoto: Courtesy of Structure Tech

Not a DIY Mini-Split

Just guessing, but we don't think this is how a mini-split works. But the real question for this home inspector nightmares is, does it actually keep the room cool?

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Brick Work Gone Bad

Brick Work Gone Bad

Some repairs are so neat and well executed that you barely even notice them. Not this one, though.Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech

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You Can Still Use the Garbage Can

You Can Still Use the Garbage Can

I know it's called a "garbage disposal" but I think someone's taking that a bit too literally. Might be due for a replacement.Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech

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Poor Cable Detector?Structure tech

Poor Cable Detector?

Determined to find out if carbon monoxide was at fault for his poor cable reception, uncle Walter devised a planPhoto: Courtesy of Structure Tech

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No Fuse, Big Problem

No Fuse, Big Problem

Just because it fits, doesn't mean it's a fuse. Yes, copper tubing will conduct electricity, but this is VERY dangerous! And I feel an eerie presence of the ghost of Charles Darwindont let it happen to you!Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech

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Plumbing DiverticulosisPhoto: Courtesy of Structure Tech

Plumbing Diverticulosis

Just because pipes come in all kinds of different shapes doesn't mean you need to use them all on one job.Photo: Courtesy ofStructure Tech

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Half-Hidden OutletStructure Tech

Half-Hidden Outlet

To use the bottom outlet, simply snip the plug off your device and stick in the bare wires. These home inspector nightmares are truly mind boggling.Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech

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Just Make It FitStructure Tech

Just Make It Fit

Honey? I'm sure it's a coincidence, but it seems like the kitchen floor has a dip in it ever since you put in the garage door opener. Beware of home inspector nightmares in which the home has structural issues!Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech

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