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Home Inspector Nightmares: Vol. 18

Whether it’s socks to stop leaks or lumber to hold up sinks, here’s more evidence that there’s no end to a DIYer’s ingenuity.

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Roughing in for a centrally located sink

Can't even come up with a theory on what's going on here. Perhaps some instructions on how to connect a sink drain would be helpful.
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Blue light special

Sale on extra long bolts on aisle 4. Guess there’s nothing wrong with that. But judging from the corrosion at the nuts, these fasteners aren’t rated for treated lumber or maybe not even galvanized.
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Kilts and skirts not recommended

Oh, how you laughed as I collected all those free tile samples. Well who’s laughing now?! Another three months and we’ll have new carpet in the living room.
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P-trap Nirvana

Now all I have to do is put in a flex pipe at the wall. To make the drain work, you just lift the sink out and tilt it every which way. There are better ways to connect a sink drain.
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Sock purgatory

Well, at least we've solved the problem of where those lost socks go. Duct tape alone just wasn't stopping the leaks.
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Redneck awnings

If only there were a pool in the driveway, these would make great diving platforms as well. Through-the-wall AC units would have solved this problem and looked a little tidier.
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Getting set up for a green roof?

More likely this is to keep the roof from burning in a wildfire. Guess it would be better than nothing. This is one way to prevent house fires.
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Until that junction box completely disintegrates, this is up to code, right? Judging from the rust, I’m thinking there might be a water problem here as well, and that crowded box should probably be replaced.
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Sink stilts

Now I'll just prop up the bottom of the cabinet, then the bathroom floor, and then a jack post in the basement and we're all set. What on earth is the countertop made of? Cardboard? Or maybe the kitchen counter sink cut out is too big.
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Vertical skylights are great

I’d love to see how they solve the issue of flashing this roof. Flashing against brick is possible but there’s no instruction manual for flashing through the middle of a window.

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