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Home Inspector Nightmares: Vol. 8

In this installment of home inspector nightmares, you’ll be amazed by how much ceiling fan blades can droop. Plus, as usual, more stupid ways to use duct tape!

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Duct Tape WallStructure Tech

Duct Tape Wall

This tile was undoubtedly installed over greenboard instead of cement board and is completely falling apart. Regrouting isn't an option.
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Hubcap Flue CapStructure Tech

Hubcap Flue Cap

Well that's one way to keep the rain away from your furnace. But there are official rain caps that you can buy at the home center. Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech
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Extension Cord-Powered CircuitStructure Tech

Extension Cord-Powered Circuit

We think the idea here is to plug in an extension cord and use it to fire up another circuit. Maybe it’d be a little better to simply add another circuit.
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Flashing in a CanCourtesy of Structure Tech

Flashing in a Can

Spray foam can be used for many things. Flashing is not one of them.
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The More the Merrier!Courtesy of Structure Tech

The More the Merrier!

Stacking more cheap filters doesn't add up to higher efficiency filtration. Best to buy the filter that fits your furnace.
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Find the Fuel Oil Tanks in this PictureStructure Tech

Find the Fuel Oil Tanks in this Picture

If you're painting metal, do the prep work the right way. That way your artwork will stand the test of time.
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Watch Your Head!

Watch Your Head!

Nothing wrong here, really. Go here for some more storage tips. Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech
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Hardhat AreaCourtesy of Structure Tech

Hardhat Area

It's never a good idea to hang a ceiling fan from electrical cable only. They make ceiling fan braces that make the job safe and easy.
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Wayne Gretzky's Boyhood HomeStructure Tech

Wayne Gretzky's Boyhood Home

So you take a hockey puck and hold it in place while you foam it in. Brilliant! There are better ways to repair and replace soffit
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Salvador Dali’s Ceiling FanStructure Tech

Salvador Dali’s Ceiling Fan

We think it got very hot for a very long time here and the plastic blades sagged. There’s no fix'n it. Time to install a new ceiling fan. Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech

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