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Creating the Best Home Office in a Smallish Space

"The home office isn't what it used to be," says Lamps Plus brand ambassador and interior designer Jennifer Farrell. "What was once a place to write checks and sort paperwork is now the epicenter of small business. The home office is a great way to save hours in traffic commuting, tons of money in office space overhead, and most importantly, in saving time away from home. Many of my clients are small business owners who work from home, so a well-designed home office space is key to their emotional and financial success."

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OfficeAlexa Erickson

A Personal Before-And-After Home Office Journey

Five years ago, I, a young twenty-something freelance writer, needed to find a space in my home for an office. I took a corner of my guest room and plopped in a dark desk, a dark chair and dark artwork, compiled hastily from Craigslist. Nothing actually spoke to me, and as the years went by, I found myself using the desk as storage and never actually sitting down to work.

When a representative of Lamps Plus reached out to me to discuss their 2019-2020 Ambassador Program, involving five renowned interior designers and influencers hand-selected to make product recommendations and share design tips now through early 2020, I asked if one of the ambassadors would be interested in helping me update my home office.

Lamps Plus ultimately paired me up with Lamps Plus brand ambassador and interior designer Jennifer Farrell to provide me home office ideas based on vision boards I’d created. The result is a space that doesn’t feel overwhelming to visitors using the guest room, while at the same time allowing me to indulge in a feminine, bright office corner that feels spacious. The before-and-after photos say it all.

While my opportunity was special, others can take advantage of Lamps Plus in-home consultation program if they live within a 20 mile radius of a Lamps Plus location.

Here are 10 easy DIYs for a home office.

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Audrey White Lacquer and Gold 3-Drawer Luxe Desk

When it comes to home office ideas, it goes without saying that the desk should be a major focal point. It needs to speak to your personality. My rust-red secretary desk didn’t take up much space, but it was bulky enough to overwhelm the guest room. And, it said nothing about me as a person. I love the glamour of white and gold, which is why I chose the Audrey White Lacquer and Gold 3-Drawer Luxe Desk. It provides enough work surface without sticking out too far into the room.

You can currently purchase the desk on in gray, or on in the white that I chose.

This will help your desk surface stay clean and uncluttered.

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Rose Pink Wexler Table Lamp

For your home office ideas, consider functional statement pieces, like a bold lamp. “The Wexler lamp is a great balance of modern lines with delicate tones; and though this glass lamp is customizable in over 100 colors, I chose rose pink because it’s a contemporary yet romantic hue that Alexa loves,” says Farrell.

Here’s how to soundproof a home office.

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Scientist White and Gold Low Back Adjustable Office Chair

While my old office chair was really comfortable, it just didn’t have the femininity I needed to feel inspired. Staying with my gold-and-glam theme, I picked out the Scientist White and Gold Low Back Adjustable Office Chair. Consider a low back office chair as part of your home office ideas if you have a small space. It will keep the chair from overwhelming the room.

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Mongolian Fur Pillow

A supportive lumbar pillow is important when considering home office ideas. It’s also a great way to add some coziness and a punch of color to the space, especially if you’re working with minimal room. “Even the best office chair can still use a bit of flair and comfort,” says Farrell. “This Mongolian fur lumbar pillow is a fabulous on-point shade of Millennial Pink, but the shaggy fur texture adds a touch of glam.” While it’s currently unavailable on, you can find a similar one on Amazon.

Buy it now on Amazon.

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Tropical Pineapple White and Gold Bookends

When it comes to home office ideas, creating a theme is important. Things don’t have to be matchy-matchy per se, but having an idea of the materials, colors and textures you want to use will narrow things down and make sure your office space for a small room isn’t too busy. And remember to keep it fun! Have a small space? We’ve got you covered with these amazing small home office ideas.

“It’s easy to take a work space a little too seriously, so the best remedy is to find an accent piece that’s both quirky and functional. These pineapple bookends help keep everything in its place, while keeping a smile on Alexa’s face while she works,” says Farrell.

We’ve got the best home office storage ideas to keep everything close at hand when you need it most.

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Acrylic Storage Box

Consider storage when it comes to your home office ideas. To avoid clutter, which is a no-no when utilizing a small room, put as many things in drawers as possible. Important documents that need your attention, like bills, can go in a storage box on your desk while also serving as decor. “This storage box is both chic and functional – it’s a stylish way to store envelopes, pens, and other small desk items with a touch of class,” says Farrell. While this one from Lamps Plus isn’t currently available, you can find a similar one on Amazon.

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Seashell Iron Frame Wall Art

Another important thing to consider in terms of home office designs is artwork. The dark piece I originally had above my desk was picked out because of its relation to the sea. Living across the street from the beach, I have sprinkled complementary decor throughout my home. To switch things up in my home office, I went with this simple and light seashell piece.

With these four techniques, you can hang just about anything on your walls, and keep it there.

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Possini Euro Hemingson Gold 15-Light LED Ceiling Light

For my own home office ideas, it was important for me to make sure the pieces I picked didn’t contrast with the parts that made it a guest room. To bring things together, I wanted overhead statement lighting that had the same colors of the bedroom while respecting the modernism and glamour of my new office space.

“Ceilings are a great place to add a bit of unexpected excitement,” says Farrell. “This sputnik is dramatic, yet still airy and whimsical. And it provides great ambient light to cast a soft glow across Alexa’s work space.” Don’t forget to check out these home office lighting ideas.

Here’s how to create a compact home office center.

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White 3-Tier Shelf

An addition I made on my own was to scrap the dark metal shelf that stood alongside my old, dark desk and use the space for something more fun. I use the top shelf as a bar cart, the second as a more functional space for a speaker to play music while I work, and the bottom to store important files. This one on Amazon has a similar vibe.

If the room has a closet, consider moving your desk there.

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