How Does Santa Get Into a House Without a Chimney? His Secret Key, of Course!

Just over 40 percent of the homes in America have fireplaces, according to the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association. So how does Santa get into all those other homes on Christmas Eve to drop off presents? A magic key of course!

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The Santa’s Secret Key Poem

Dear Santa, we have no chimney

as you can plainly see,

And I was terribly worried

that you would pass over me.

We hung this very special key

right by the door.

Then Mom told me to jump into bed;

and not to worry anymore.

Your magic will make this key fit,

to open our door.

So you can come in tonight

and tip-toe across the floor.

You can certainly make Santa’s key and there are plenty of options available for purchase. Here’s a look at some available on Amazon that will help Santa get in and out of your home to deliver all those gifts.

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Santa Key Ornament

No chimney? No problem! This Santa key will help Santa get in your home safely on Christmas Eve. And when the kids get older, it can become a cherished Christmas ornament on the tree.

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Santa Key with Note

This Santa key comes with a note welcoming Santa to your home. “Santa, this key works just for you. Please open the door and walk on through,” it reads.

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Santa’s Special Key

This Santa key will let jolly old St. Nick enter any home to deliver gifts. It has a satin ribbon attached so it can be hung outside the door where Santa can easily find it and let himself inside.

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Santa Key Door Hanger

Hang Santa’s key on the door to your home with this door hanger. It comes with a special pouch to keep the key safe in its designated spot.

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Santa Key with Box

This magic Santa skeleton key comes in a red gift box for safe keeping throughout the year. The key is made of metal and is 4 inches long.

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Santa Key with Plaque

“Our house has no chimney but we do have a door and that’s what this magic Santa key is for,” reads the plaque that comes with this key. The set is perfect for hanging on a door on Christmas Eve or throughout the holiday season.

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Santa Key with Sleeve

This magic key comes in a colorful sleeve for safe keeping. The key is made of unleaded pewter and measures 4 inches long.

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Simple Santa Key

This simple skeleton key design will help Santa gain access to deliver all those gifts. It has a snowflake design on the top and would also make a great Christmas tree ornament.

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Hand Crafted Santa Key

This hand-crafted Santa key features a classic Santa Claus design. It also comes with a poem welcoming Santa to your home.

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Santa Key With Tag

Santa will always find a way to deliver the toys with this key. It comes with an attached card on which your kids can sign their names to welcome Santa to their home.

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Hanging Magic Key

This Santa key comes attached to a wooden ornament that reads, “This key is very special you see … it won’t work for you or me. Hang it just outside your door, go to bed and worry no more. Close your eyes and close them tight, cause Santa Claus is coming tonight.” On the other side it says, “Santa’s Magic Key” in a vintage typography style.

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Santa Key Ornament

This ornament has an attached key to help Santa get into your home to deliver gifts. Hang it on your door on Christmas Eve and keep it on the tree the rest of the season.

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