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10 Ideas for the Best March Madness Party Ever

This spring, host a March Madness party your guests will talk about for years. Whether you host a party during the first round or for the championship game, here are 10 ideas for the best March Madness party ever.

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Set a Date and Time

Since the tournament has 67 games over 19 days, pick a day and time to host your party. If you’re looking to have fun with upsets, the first round may be the perfect time to host. Or, wait until the championship game to have everyone over. Here are 10 ways to prep for a party.

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Have Brackets Ready

This tournament bracket sign allows you to keep track of all the games. It’s durable and waterproof, so if you live where it’s warm enough in March, you can hang it outside. Use a dry-erase marker to fill in the teams and you can use this bracket year after year. Plan the ultimate backyard barbecue with these 12 tips.

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Have Some Fun

At halftime and between games, take a break and play this basketball party game. Kids and adults will have fun trying to score the most points. It comes with an adjustable headband hoop and 20 balls designed to be light and soft for safe play. These 10 sports memorabilia homes should be in the hall of fame.

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Basketball Whistles

Great for a March Madness party favor, give out these basketball whistles. You get 24—just don’t let anyone less than 3 years old play with them.

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Get the Coolers Ready

If you’re hosting a house full of basketball fans, make sure to have coolers ready when they show up. Stock the coolers with appropriate beverages and let everyone serve themselves. You’ll drool over these 10 beer fridges.

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Don’t Forget Dessert

Even if you’re not into baking, you can make this basketball cake—you bake it in an ovenproof bowl!

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Prepare the Viewing Area

Make the viewing area comfortable for guests by clearing anything that may block the view. Make sure there are plenty of places to sit. Add extra seating by adding some large pillows and blankets on the floor. These 12 DIY backyard games and sports courts will bring out the competitive side of all your guests.

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Prepare the Food Table

When it comes to food, keep it simple. Use your slow cooker to keep food warm, and have plenty of easy finger foods on hand. This basketball party pack has supplies for 16 guests, including plates, cups, cutlery and napkins. It also has a basketball table cover for easy clean up. Never microwave these 12 things.

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Have a Halftime Plan

Have a plan for halftime. If the weather is nice, head outside for a friendly game of hoops, or play a game of March Madness trivia. A quick Google search will provide plenty of trivia questions and answers. Learn how to build a sports ball storage rack.

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Crown a Winner

When the party is over, crown the winner. Give the guest with the winning bracket this trophy. There are also trophies available for those with the worst bracket!

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