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Let Judson Beaumont’s Furniture Designs Wow You

Canadian furniture designer Judson Beaumont's unique take on functional furniture makes his work a real treat. Check out some of his whimsical furniture designs here:

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Canadian furniture designer Judson Beaumont has made his mark by creating furniture that extends beyond geometry. This television piece showcases Beaumont’s nod to old technology and curved design.

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Photo: Courtesy of Straight Line Designs

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TV Miniatures

These miniature TVs were on display at the Eastside Culture Crawl this past November in Vancouver. In addition to his furniture work, Beaumont has worked in miniatures lately.

Get in front of a full-size TV and experience a man cave that comes with stadium seating.

Photo: Courtesy of Straight Line Designs

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Sullivan Clock

Beaumont created this anthropomorphic grandfather clock that comes wearing a wrist watch well before the character Cogsworth appeared in The Beauty and the Beast though he still hears the comparisons.

See time stand still with this one-of-a-kind end table.

Photo: Courtesy of Straight Line Designs

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Beaumont arrives to his studio each morning at 5 a.m. to begin work on sketches for his next project. He creates prototypes with insulation foam and begins determining if he can make a design functional.

Create you own one-of-a-kind furniture piece by knowing how to stain creatively.

Photo: Courtesy of Straight Line Designs

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Playroom Project

The armoire serves as the entry to a playroom Beaumont created as part of a special project. The playroom was inspired by The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Like the look of an armoire? See this luxurious-looking armoire that you’ll never guess where it came from.

Photo: Courtesy of Straight Line Designs

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Pet Campers

The trailers come with a personalized license plate, stainless steel cups and a battery operated LED light inside.

While these RVs for dogs are great on the go, check out the only place fit for a hotel magnate heiress’ favorite pet.

Photo: Courtesy of Straight Line Designs

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Tear Away Bench

Beaumont got the the bottom of what really is inside a bench with this piece. Much of his work seeks to reveal parts of furniture we don’t normally get to see.

See how to remove some of the blemishes you don’t want people to see on your wood furniture.

Photo: Courtesy of Straight Line Designs

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Hungry Bench

Beaumont recently expanded his ventures to writing. He wrote the children’s book Chester Gets a Pet. Chester is one of his dresser creations and the book is about his furniture family.

Don’t have books eat up space in your home, put them in their place with these incredible bookcase ideas.

Photo: Courtesy of Straight Line Designs

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Hollow Chair

Beaumont’s Hollow Chair design garners attention for what’s missing but perhaps what’s more interesting is how it works. The chair needs 607 interlocking pieces of wood to allow it to hold weight and still stand.

Hollow out a pool noodle and create a drawer organizer with one for a crazy comfy fit.

Photo: Courtesy of Straight Line Designs

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Hollow Chair 2

This hollowed chair from Beaumont creates a little more storage space for all those books without being too hard to reach on a bookcase.

Learn what your reading nook is missing to make it your go-to spot in the house.

Photo: Courtesy of Straight Line Designs

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Hockey Night in Canada

There’s nothing quite like listening to Grapes go on about his latest gripe but this Beaumont creation doesn’t come with any sound. Instead drawers roll out and you can watch the game on your wall-mounted TV.

Photo: Courtesy of Straight Line Designs

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Granddaughter Clocks

The Sullivan clock Beaumont built when back when for a family got revived a few years back when the family asked for granddaughter clocks.

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Photo: Courtesy of Straight Line Designs

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Camping Dogs

Beaumont’s dog campers came in several varieties, including this one that comes with martini glasses for a water dish and a food dish.

See how you can keep ants out of your dog’s dish at home.

Photo: Courtesy of Straight Line Designs

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Crayola Cabinets

Crayola Canada commissioned the custom pieces for its head office in Toronto. Check out what you can make from old crayons around the house or how to get rid of those crayon stains once and for all.

Photo: Courtesy of Straight Line Designs

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Canuck Place Playhouse

Built 23 years ago, Beaumont and his team helped renovate the Canuck Place Pediatric Hospice play house. It’s an interactive play area at the hospice center.

Playhouses don’t have to cost much to build, see the one built for $5.

Photo: Courtesy of Straight Line Designs

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Beaver Cabinet

For anyone ever curious what a beaver might do to a cabinet is real life, Beaumont provides the answer with this piece. You don’t have to worry about a beaver coming into the house but you should know the best way to keep pests out of the house.

Photo: Courtesy of Straight Line Designs

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Bad Table

Bad Table really plays to Beaumont’s whimsical side with a clever twist on a bench. Get yourself a cool-looking bench in time for summer patio season with our plans. 

Photo: Courtesy of Straight Line Designs

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Accordion Table

Beaumont stretched out this design idea to create a fantastic table that every polka enthusiast can appreciate. Think twice about throwing out old accordion-style closet door. It might become a featured piece of furniture in the home. 

Photo: Courtesy of Straight Line Designs