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12 Kitchen Items Under $25 We’re Buying From The Home Depot’s Huge Fall Sale

The Home Depot is having a huge sale. Here's what we're buying for our kitchens.

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The Home Depot is a one-stop shop for all things kitchen organization and decorating. If you want to get your kitchen in order and score the best deals while doing it, The Home Depot’s fall sale runs from Oct. 8-21. Upgrade your kitchen and save money. Win-win.

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Cuisinart Electric Wine Opener

Tired of broken corks and jammed wine screws? Upgrade to an electric wine opener and say goodbye forever to tiny pieces of cork floating in your chardonnay. This Cuisinart model is 43 percent off, and it’s a fan favorite for ease of use. Simply press “Remove” to uncork the wine and “Eject” to release the cork from the screw. The long-lasting battery charge should last through 50 bottles of wine.

Hint: This is the perfect holiday gift for a wine-lover — just add their favorite vintage.

Sale price: $19.99

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Adjustable Cutlery Drawer Divider

Customization is king when it comes to organizing your kitchen. This bamboo cutlery organizer has three static compartments and two sliding sections you can widen to fit your needs. The extra-long compartments are ideal for storing unwieldily kitchen tools. We’re looking at you, whisks.

Sale price: $16.79

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Fall-Themed Placemats

These “Happy Fall, Y’All” placemats are the perfect combination of rustic, vintage-inspired and just plain cute on your fall table. The burlap material is substantial enough to protect your table from even the hottest bowl of butternut squash soup.

Sale price: $16.91

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Cutting Board Organizer

Raise your hand if you own more than three cutting boards. Okay, now put your hand down and order this handy organizer. It neatly separates cutting boards, muffin tins and sheet pans, and it can be tucked in a cupboard or placed on the counter. The sturdy metal construction means it’s heavyweight and won’t tip over. No more digging through piles of stacked cooking gear to find what you need.

Sale price: $12.59

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Cotton Tablecloth with Fringe

When was the last time you replaced your tablecloth? If you’re looking at years of stains every time you set the table, now’s the time to score 50 percent off a clean slate. The checked pattern and fringed edges add serious style to your table without stealing the spotlight from your floral centerpieces and perfectly cooked turkey. P.S.: The table cloth is machine washable, so you can serve red wine and relax.

Sale price: $24.99

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Vinyl Table Pad

Did you know fine dining restaurants place pads between the tablecloth and the table? It’s true! Restauranteurs do it to lessen the noise of clanging dishes set in front of well-heeled diners. You should do it to protect your table from scratches, stains and chips.

Polyester felt backing and heavy gauge 100 percent low phthalate vinyl are easy to clean and long lasting. Plus, you can cut this so it perfectly fits your table.

Sale price: $24.99

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Glass Growler

If you love beer and prefer less waste, it’s time to invest in a refillable glass growler. Simply bring this 64-ounce beauty to your favorite local brewery and get it filled with your favorite IPA or lager. Drink, wash and repeat. A glass growler is also ideal for home brewers, if that’s your thing.

Sale price: $19.75

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Melamine Orange Dinnerware Set

This dinnerware set is one of the best deals around: 12 pieces of dishwasher-safe dinner plates, salad plates and bowls for $12. That’s an 80 percent savings.

The plates feature an organic shape that has the look of handcrafted ceramics but the lightweight feel of melamine. And the harvest hue is perfect for fall. Pair the set with autumnal foliage from your backyard, some gingham napkins and mini-pumpkins and you’ve got the perfect seasonal table look.

Sale price: $12

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Cotton Fabric Dishcloths

One can never have enough high-quality dishcloths in the kitchen. Whether the dishcloths in your drawer need to be replaced, or you just want extra towels for cleaning and drying, throw this discounted eight-pack of dishcloths in your cart.

The cotton fabric has an enhanced texture for absorbent drying, and the durable dobby weave pattern will hold up to repeated uses and washing machine cycles. Buy now, and your future self will thank you later.

Sale price: $22.03

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Gingham-Checkered Napkins

These yarn-dyed cloth napkins check all the boxes: stain and wrinkle resistant, machine washable and super stylish. The timeless black-and-white checked pattern works wonderfully for fall and Thanksgiving tables. They come in a pack of 10 and are 17 percent off.

Sale price: $37.44

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Brocade Metallic Placemats

Looking for a more understated placemat for your fall table? Check out these metallic vinyl placemats, which are more subtle and elegant than the word “metallic” might make you think.

The circular shape provides the perfect frame for your plates, and the placemats are available in multiple colors to match whatever’s already in your cupboard. Did we mention the mats wipe clean with a damp cloth? Genius.

Sale price: $17.24

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Bottle Brush, Ice Cube Tray and Straw Cleaner Kit

If you have a water bottle, you have water bottle problems. How do I clean it properly? Why don’t regular ice cubes fit in the opening?

This handy kit comes to the rescue with a bottle brush and straw cleaner for getting all those hard-to-reach places. The slim ice cube tray makes ice that easily slides in smaller openings. Voilà, problem solved and money saved.

Sale price: $11.99

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