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20 Last-Minute Gifts Under $20 Found at Walmart

It’s not too late (or too expensive!) to find great gifts for everyone on your list at Walmart. Snatch up these eleventh hour ideas ASAP.

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last minute gifts at walmart

It’s not too late (or too expensive!) to find great gifts for everyone on your list at Walmart. Snatch up these eleventh hour ideas ASAP.

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Go-To Hammer

You can’t really go wrong with this Stanley 16-ounce fiberglass rip-claw hammer. This everyday tool will come in handy for a myriad of projects around the houseand it’s less than 20 bucks! Next, learn some smart hammer hacks.

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Clips via

Stay-Put Grill Clips

Grilling veggies can be a finicky process since they sometimes fall through the grates. These stainless grill clips keep vegetables just above the grill surface, so they cook through yet don’t stick. They also allow you to flip your vegetables at once rather than turning each small piece one by one.

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Tape via

Heavy-Duty Duct Tape

If you’re already a fan of the classic Gorilla Glue, then it’s time you try the brand’s Tough and Wide Duct Tape. It features double-thick adhesive that grips smooth, rough and uneven surfaces and has a weather-resistant shell. Learn about the many different uses for duct tape.

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Folding Knife

A pocket knife is a great gift for anyone who likes to be the resident DIYer. A pocket knife is handy when someone needs help opening a package, sharpening a pencil, making kindling for a fire, etc. This product features a steel blade, wood handle, a back clip that makes it easy to carry, and a lock that holds the blade in place for safety.

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Ninja Express Chopper

Not only does this Ninja help you chop, mince, puree, etc., easier, it’s also BPA-free, dishwasher-safe and includes a storage lid for convenience. Next, check out 10 more smart kitchen products we love.

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Grilling Apron and Utensil Set

Grill up some burgers with this affordable and fun BBQ apron and utensil set.

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Rubbermaid Food Storage Containers

It’s time to toss out your old food storage containers and upgrade to thisRubbermaid 24-piece setfrom Walmart. You’ll love the Easy-Find Lids that snap together to reduce clutter and built-in top vents for splatter-resistant microwaving.Check out our favorite no-hassle food storage containers.

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Funny Bathroom Wall Art

Mr. T can make a guest appearance in your bathroom with this hilarious print. Give it to the men in your life as a not-so-subtle reminder regarding bathroom etiquette, or give it to friends as an unusual housewarming gift. Those new homeowners probably wont be getting duplicates of this!

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Strips via

Picture Hanging Strips

Enjoy damage-free decorating with these iconic picture hanging strips. They’re great for hanging pictures without nails or tools and when it’s time to redecorate, these hangers leave no marks behind. The inexpensive and well-reviewed hangers can also be used to mount individual wooden letters on the wall, for creating a gallery wall and hanging acoustic foam boards.Before you start hanging things on your walls, check out these 13 picture hanging hacks.

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stuff we love spare oneFamily Handyman

Emergency Phone

When the power goes out and your cell phone battery eventually dies, what then? Heres another important item to add to your emergency preparedness kit: a SpareOne Emergency Phone.

This cell phone is built to last for 15 years on a single AA battery (included). It can place emergency calls even without a SIM card and has 10 hours of talk time and a built-in flashlight. It doesnt have a display, you cant e-mail or surf the Web, and the call quality is just so-so. But in an emergency, youre looking for fast help, not a long chat with your best friend.

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Heat Resistant Barbecue Gloves

Gloves are overlooked grilling tools, but if you’re the type of person who likes to play with fire, it’s time to slip on the right pair. These genius gloves feature an advanced material that swears to protect you from wrist burns, singed forearm hair, etc. up to 932 Fahrenheit.Learn all about grill fuels with this handy guide.

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Long-Lasting Lantern

A battery-powered lantern is your best friend in the aftermath of a power outage. Most of them put out lots of light, but some suck your batteries dry faster than others. Of all the battery-powered lanterns on the market, the Rayovac Sportsman LED Lantern gets excellent marks. The 4-watt LED light pumps out 240 lumens.

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mitten windshield scrapervia

Scraper with Hand Protection

Anyone who doesn’t have a garage and lives in a colder climate needs something to scrape their car windows. This ice scraper with glove will do the trick and keep their fingers warm as they scrape!

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Magnetic Knife Strip

A magnetic knife strip allows you to get that heavy, bulky knife block off the counter so you have more work space. This 16-inch magnetic knife bar can also be used to hang some kitchen utensils.These are the 45 kitchen mistakes you need to stop making.

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garden tool setWalmart

Garden Tool Set

For those who like to spend Saturday in the garden, this handy garden tool set and storage tote is the perfect gift.

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Year-Round Windshield Cover

Your garage-less friend may not want to completely cover their car every night, but this windshield cover will be a welcome gift. It’s designed to protect the windshield from snow and ice and from damaging UV rays from the sun. And, the elastic straps fit inside the closed car doors to help prevent theft.Here’s how to protect your windshield with a glass treatment.

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Stainless Steel Grilling Rings

When Steven Raichlen, host of the popular cooking series Barbecue University and author of the best-selling Barbecue Bible cookbook series, creates a line of innovative and versatile grilling tools, you better believe they’re worth it. With this set of three grilling rings, you can barbecue apples, pears, onions and even whole cabbages by simply stuffing them with your favorite seasoning and placing them on the spike. The ring ensures they never come in direct contact with the grill. You can also build this portable grilling table.

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Off-the-Counter Fruit Basket

Get fruit off the counter with this wall-mounted fruit basket. Use one or several for storing everything from fruit to onions and even utensils. The basket can be hung from a screw, nail or hook.You can build this DIY off-the-counter produce storage system.

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Creamvia Amazon

Hardworking Hand Cream

For the DIYer who needs to practice self-care a bit more, this hand cream is the perfect gift under $20. It creates a protective layer on the skin’s surface that instantly boosts moisture levels and prevents further moisture loss, so a DIYer can get back to doing what they love without the discomfort.

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Trunk Shovel

In the winter months, a snow shovel is a must especially if you don’t have a garage. This collapsible snow shovel is a thoughtful gift because it stows easily in a trunk.Read more snow and ice removal hacks.

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