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Are Llamas Taking Over for Unicorns and Hedgehogs?

Move aside unicorns and hedgehogs... llamas are now the adorable animal of the moment! From duvet covers to nightlights, llama-just-say that there are some very fun products out there for adults and kids alike. Check out some of our favorites.

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Llama Duvet

Ready to update your bedroom? This sophisticated yet fun duvet cover is perfect for adults or kids. Just pop this cover over your comforter for an up-to-date, fresh look. The set includes the duvet cover and pillow sham, in classic black and white.

Build one of these 11 bed frames to go with your new llama-themed bedroom.

Or, upgrade your bedding with the best of what 2019 has to offer.

Keep your linens fresh and chemical free with these 7 tips.

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Star Light, Star Bright

These may be the most adorable of all tiny lights out there. The llama lights are attached by copper wire so you can string them above a window or wrap them around a table leg… wherever you want to get creative with them, you can!

(To settle any potential debates as you go through this slideshow, there is a difference between llamas and alpacas.)

Unsure about LED string lights? Read about the pros and cons.

Here are15 ways to use string lights to enhance your yard garden and patio.

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No Drama Llama Mug

No kitchen is complete without fun, quirky mugs and this one is particularly enjoyable. How can your day not start out right when you grab a llama handle and sip your morning coffee? At work, you know it’d be a great conversation starter and coveted by all. Interested in making your own coffee maker?! Here’s how to make your own pour over.

Don’t make these 10 mistakes when you brew coffee!

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Wall Decal

Why paint a mural of a llama when you can hang this wall decal? This smiling llama friend would be a great addition to a kid’s room, craft room or play room. If you’re going for bright colored accents, then this is the perfect on-trend decor addition.

Make more walls in your home trendy with these paint pattern ideas.

Are you a fan of all things peel-and-stick? Then maybe peel-and-stick tile is what you need for your next bathroom, floor or backsplash tiling project.

Have some fun decorating your kid’s room with these 12 ideas.

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Hanging Organizer

Use this animal print organizer to store diapers and such in the nursery, colored pencils and paper in the craft room, or magazines and notebooks in your home office. Wherever you choose to hang this gem, it’ll bring a smile to your face. Become a master organizer with these 44 handy hints.

Create a nursery on a budget using these ideas.

Use these storage solutions for small spaces.

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Ceramic Planter

Replant your succulents in this cute ‘lil llama planter. Or add a plant and give it as an adorable gift for a birthday, Mother’s Day or a baby shower. Choose one of these 10 seriously cool succulents for your planter.

Planting succulents outdoors? Not before you check out these 14 tips.

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Sew Your Own Pillow

Why buy a llama pillow (though, we do have a favorite) when you can sew your own? This is a perfect project to do with your kiddo on a Sunday afternoon.

Check out this collection of 12 gifts for the kid who likes to DIY.

Here’s our best advice for getting kids started on developing their DIY skills.

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Llama Duster

Cleaning is (usually) not fun but using this duster would make it a whole lot better! Who needs an old dusting rag when you’ve got this fuzzy cutie?

Follow these tips to reduce household dust.

Try one of these 11 tricks to make your household a lot less dusty.

Get rid of all that dust by following this how-to guide!

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Llama Night Light

Scared of the dark? Never fear for the llama night light is here! It illuminates when it senses movement so it’s perfect for bathrooms and hallways, and not only does it emit a light but it does so with a friendly face. Keep your home up to today’s tech standards by purchasing one of these products.

Install a motion light sensor by following these tips.

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Chip Clips

Keep your chips tasty and fresh with these llama clips. If you’re not on board for a full on llama takeover, dip your toe in the trend with these fun low-commitment chip clips.

Keep all your food fresh with these storage containers.

Make all your stuff last longer by following these hints.

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Every product is independently selected by our editors. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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