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The 14 Looks to Take From Crate and Barrel

Fall is an ideal time to refresh your rooms. Get inspired by these on-trend ideas from Crate and Barrel.

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Circuit Metal Wall Candle Holder

This wall art piece from Crate and Barrel is pretty subtle but it can have a big impact on a room. The circuit metal wall candle holder fits eight tall and six short glass votives to create a candle mural. It’s available for $169 at Crate and Barrel. Get some more ideas for wall art or wall accents with these 15 stunning designs you can create.

Photo: Via Crate and Barrel

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Rochelle Mid-Century Living Room

This sleek living room setup features a midcentury modern sofa and Cavett leather wood frame chairs situated around a ceres desert beige rug and a walnut bookcase. Find the classic elements of midcentury modern decor.

Photo: Via Crate and Barrel

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Axis II Three-Seat Sofa

The Axis II three-seat sofa just looks like comfort and it provides a casual look for a family room or a living room. Add a sofa arm tray table for even more comfort and add a sofa stop to prevent any damage to your walls.

Photo: Via Crate and Barrel

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Parsons Contemporary Dining Room

For a upscale contemporary look, the Parson dining room set appears classy without being pretentious. The Lowe ivory dining room chairs add a unique look that match the Parsons white marble stainless steel table. Take a look at a reader created Viking table that we showcased in an earlier edition.

Photo: Via Crate and Barrel

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Winnetka Classic Dining Room

If a more classic look catches your eye, then this Winnetka classic dining room from Crate and Barrel should tickle your fancy. The dark mahogany look gives it a classic feel and the stainless steel taper candle holders add to that feel. If you’re preparing for a big gathering, you’ll want to know these tips on how to fit everyone at the table.

Photo: Via Crate and Barrel

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Dryden Elegant Living Room

If elegance is what you’re after, then check out this living room arrangement. The Dryden three-piece corner sectional sets up the space and the Elke round glass table with a brass base helps complete it. If you prefer to go the DIY route, then check out these 14 coffee tables that are homemade.

Photo: Via Crate and Barrel

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Montclair Classic Neutral

The Montclair classic neutral living room design is short on flash but it has a certain timelessness to it with a gorgeous Ventana display cabinet and a Parsons travertine coffee table. Get your living organized with these incredible ideas.

Photo: Via Crate and Barrel

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Avalon Classic White Kitchen

The Avalon classic white kitchen has the feel of farmhouse charm but minus the rustic barnyard look. Glass jars and the fruit basket make it feel like a cozy kitchen. If your kitchen is in need of updating, check out these incredible kitchen remodeling ideas. 

Photo: Via Crate and Barrel

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Cole Contemporary Bedroom

This Crate and Barrel bedroom will make you want to curl up under the Linley charcoal damask print duvet and turn off the Crest silver table lamp. The Cole queen upholstered bed look plenty comfy. You’ll want to add these super convenient items to the bedroom, too. 

Photo: Via Crate and Barrel

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Reed Blue and White Bedroom

This bedroom isn’t extravagant but it has an understated charm to it. The Reed bed and Medina duvet complement each other while the Reed nightstand ties everything together. Check out the amazing colors you can add to your bedroom.

Photo: Via Crate and Barrel

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Dune Contemporary Patio Furniture

Choose how you want to furnish your patio with Crate and Barrel’s Dune stylings. The classic navy blue color fits in perfectly outside and charcoal painted glass tables make it an inviting space. Need some more ideas for patio furniture? Check out the 2018 patio furniture trends.

Photo: Via Crate and Barrel

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Lounge Slipcovered Patio Furniture

These slipcovered patio furniture pieces from Crate and Barrel fit in perfectly on any patio. The furniture can come in several colors but this white version stands out. Check out 12 other incredible pieces of outdoor furniture.

Photo: Via Crate and Barrel

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Ventura Grey Outdoor Furniture

This patio set has a Mediterranean look with its color scheme and can make you feel like you’re sea-side. Throw in an umbrella and you’re set to sip cocktails or iced tea on a nice summer day. Make sure you know these 30 grill tips for your next cookout.

Photo: Via Crate and Barrel

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Explorer Themed Playroom

Your little one will feel worlds away with this playroom setup. The Explorer tent is available at a reasonable price and the additional wildlife can be had for a similarly reasonable price. You have to see these 15 awesome toy rooms that kids will love.

Photo: Via Crate and Barrel