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9 Luxury Living Room Items to Consider

Here are 10 ways to make the most sink-in-able, most welcoming, most luxurious living room in your home.

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Luxury Living Room Sofa

For a truly show stopping, generation-spanning piece of forever furniture you’ll never regret, consider a leather Chesterfield. There are plenty of style options, but you can’t go wrong with the Fleming & Howland William Blake three-seater sofabed.

These certified authentic, hand-sewn, –filled, –covered, –nailed and –waxed sofas have been made since the late 1700s. Foam filling is standard, but you can upgrade to feathers or fiber.

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Luxury Living Room Rug

Fluffy, cushiony, soft. Some rugs will last a lifetime, but they don’t necessarily check all of those boxes. But this six-pelt sheepskin rug from Overland will. It will also add soft texture, which is a key tenet of luxury design.

Not ready to put it on the floor? Curly versions, which add terrific texture to your room as well, can be draped over chair backs or used to soften harder seating surfaces. If you tire of using it as a rug, consider it as a wall hanging or even a bedspread if you decide to move it out of the living room.

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Luxury Living Room Artwork TV

One of the most difficult things to do with living room design is hide the television. Big black boxes usually provide the clunk in an otherwise chic room. (You can try hiding it away in a sleek armoire.)

Samsung has taken the TV to a new level with The Frame TV, which starts at $600 for 32-inch TV. It effectively presto-changoes your TV into an art gallery. It mounts flush to the wall, offers four frame finish options and displays actual art (with virtual mats!) when your TV is not in use. Choose from various art pieces with the option to purchase more, or add your favorite family memories or snaps. It even adjusts to ambient light.

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Luxury Living Room Side Chair

This side chair could easily take on a starring role in your living room. Trending now is the clean-lined Safari chair. Often featuring slung leather or tufted upholstery, the Nomad from cb2 is sort of a hybrid of the two. It features acacia wood and leather with antiqued brass hardware. The buckles allow for tightening of the leather straps as they naturally give over time.

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Luxury Living Room Wallpaper

Wallpaper is back in a big way. Make a splash with a stylish classic and you’ll never be sorry you spent the extra dough. Go maximalist with luxury wallpaper house Schumacher’s Chiang Mai chinoiserie, which features a fantastical melange of flowers and dragons.

This made-by-hand wallpaper comes in 12 colorways so there’s one that will fit your interior palette. (Opt for fabric if wallpaper isn’t your thing.) Schumacher wallpaper is only available “to the trade,” so contact an interior designer for pricing and ordering details.

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Luxury Living Room Art Display

Want something to seem important? Put it on a pedestal — yes, an actual pedestal. It’s a great way to feature artwork, pottery or any family artifact you deem important and display-worthy.

Some pedestals can actually be attached to walls, like shelving. But if you don’t have an overzealous dog or toddler who could knock over a priceless piece, a standalone pedestal can really deliver the drama. Want to go the extra mile? Consider a pedestal in neon acrylic.

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Luxury Living Room Coffee Table

The Noguchi coffee table, composed of just two interlocking wood base pieces and a glass top, was designed in 1944. It’s been hailed ever since as a minimalist mid-mod masterpiece. Made by Herman Miller, the original manufacturer, it’s a design classic that still maintains an ethereal, materials-balanced air. This coffee table would absolutely float on top of the sheepskin rug.

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Luxury Living Room Sconces

Conserve surface space and provide another flattering lighting option with wall sconces. The Nodes sconces by Kelly Wearstler are super-stylish as they marry minimalism with the maximalism she’s known for. A little bit bubbly and a little bit geometric, these fixtures offer a swing arm (rare!) and are dimmable to help set the mood.

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Paint Brushes And Color Samples Gettyimages 947902932seksan Mongkhonkhamsao/Getty Images

Luxury Living Room Paint

Sure, hardware stores carry all kinds of absolutely acceptable paint options. But to go the extra mile with the just-right hue in the just-right finish, consider a high-end paint such as Farrow & Ball or Clare.

It seems paint trends are on opposite ends of the spectrum as far as finish goes: all-matte or high-gloss. All-matte walls sort of fade away with a subtle sophistication, and high-gloss walls create jewel boxes from basic rooms (fabulous with the Schumacher chinoiserie wallpaper). Know that high-gloss is a little harder to get just right, but the extra effort results in an off-the-charts wow factor.

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