9 Luxury Bedding Products Worth Buying

You made your bed, now lie in it: These 10 luxury bedding picks make that a pleasure.

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Luxurious Bedroom
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The Benefits of Luxury Bedding

Think about how great it feels to snuggle into a luxury hotel bed. Why not give yourself the benefit of a luxurious, relaxing place to lay your head every night?

We spend a huge amount of our time in our bed, whether we remember it or not, and relaxation and sleep is beneficial to our health and well being. Consider luxury bedding an investment in you. Besides creating a beautiful sanctuary to recharge, you may create better sleep habits, too. Better bedding can:

  • Help regulate your body temperature while asleep;
  • Improve your sleep, which begets better health — mental, immune system and memory;
  • Protect and preserve your skin and hair from wrinkles, acne and frizz, among other things;
  • Last longer and stand up to washing better — remember, you should be changing your sheets once a week!
  • Turn making your bed into something fun.
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Best Silk Pillowcase

Silk is well known as a luxurious fiber for sleeping, with its smooth feel and ability to help you regulate temperature at night. But there’s another reason you should choose silk, particularly for pillowcases: Dermatologists and hair stylists recommend them.

Because silk is less porous than cotton, it allows the moisture from your skin and hair to stay where it belongs. This means silk bedding actually helps prevent wrinkles and frizzy hair. (It also repels pet hair and dander.) These pillowcases from Celestial Silk contain about 30 percent more silk than their competitors, owing to their denser weave. And they come in a range of colors and prints to match your bedroom décor.

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Best Linen Sheets

Washed linen is enjoying a moment as consumers turn to more neutral palettes and bohemian trends. But it also provides a comfortable night’s sleep, says Alex Savy, a certified sleep coach and founder of Sleeping Ocean. Savy recommends Brooklinen’s Linen Core Set for its smooth, sturdy feel, and because natural linen is gentle on skin and super breathable. Here are a few tips for storing your bedding.

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Best Down Duvet

Nothing beats the comfort, luxury and feel of down, but not all down or down products are made alike. Allana Wass, a certified sleep science coach and co-founder and editor-in-chief of Comfybeddy, recommends the Coyuchi three-season down duvet. “This duvet insert feels incredible: soft and squishy, but robust and well-made,” she says.

The cotton shell is sturdy, so down doesn’t poke through the fabric, and it’s box-stitched so the down stays evenly distributed throughout the duvet. In addition, Wass says the down is double-washed during manufacturing to make sure that each duvet insert is allergen-free.

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Cotton Voile Quilt

Perhaps a cotton quilt is more what you’re looking for. A natural fabric that’s light and airy, a cotton quilt can lend soft warmth without overwhelming.

Wass recommends this voile quilt from Parachute. “It’s heavenly soft to the touch but does have some weight to it, which might make you feel like being hugged gently during the night,” she says. And because cotton is naturally breathable, you won’t be likely to “sleep hot” underneath.

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Best American-Made Cotton Sheets

American Blossom Linens creates the only 100 percent organic cotton linens sourced and made in the U.S. — West Texas, to be exact. According to the manufacturer, American Blossom’s organic percale cotton sheets are chemical-free and sustainably made; they’ll keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. With a century’s worth of experience, we believe them when they say these sheets are made to last a lifetime. If you’re looking for more options, we also recommend the Boll and Branch sheets.

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Best Down Pillow

Considered one of the standard bearers, these pillows from Down & Feather Co. feature 750-fill Hungarian goose down. That means no pokey feather bits will come through these pillows, because none exist inside the unbleached Egyptian cotton case.

They’re guaranteed hypoallergenic and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified. And they can be ordered in different densities to accommodate the kind of sleeper you are.

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Best Down Alternative Pillow

Saatva’s down-alternative pillow incorporates a silky, lofty fill that mimics the feel of down with memory foam clusters, which helps provide spring and airy comfort, all wrapped inside an organic cotton shell. The U.S.-made pillows come with a 45-day tryout period, so it’s a risk-free investment if you’re looking for down-like feel without the down.

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Best Hotel-Style Sheets

Ask nearly any interior designer, celebrity or hotelier about the best name in sheets, and you’ll hear Frette.

Frette’s Hotel Sheet set delivers the archetypal classic: Crisp, clean cotton percale sheets edged in a double row of traditional stitching. These Italian-made sheets will transport you to a tony vacation every time you slide in. (And naturally, they sell a matching duvet.) Now that’s bedroom luxury.

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Best Mattress Pad

If it’s good enough for NASA, it’s good enough for anyone traveling to dreamland, right? The Core Mattress Pad features Outlast technology, originally created for NASA spacesuits. The technology absorbs heat when you’re too hot at night, and releases it if you get too cold.

Outlast is woven together with cotton for the exterior, keeping everything soft, smooth, and comfortable. It takes your mattress to the next level. Pillow covers are also available.

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