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Make Yard Work Easier with these 12 Tools

Be prepared for upcoming yard work with these 12 innovative, useful tools that make yard work and cleanup easier in any season.

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EZ Leaf HaulerPhoto: courtesy of manufacturer

EZ Leaf Hauler

Two sturdy ground stakes secure the EZ Leaf Hauler in place while you rake leaves onto the 24 sq. ft. surface. When your yard cleanup is done, simply fold up for compact storage. Plus: Garden tool storage ideas
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Stand Up WeederPhoto: courtesy of manufacturer

Stand Up Weeder

Eliminate pesky weeds in your yard and garden beds with Grampa's Weeder. Insert the metal stakes into the ground, press the lever down with your foot and remove weeds without having to bend or kneel. Plus: Natural ways to get rid of weeds
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Fruit Picker

Fruit Picker

Why let perfectly good fruit drop to the ground where it'll rot and attract bugs? Get the Eversprout Fruit Picker so you can save ripe fruit from your apple, orange or pear trees. The rake-like prongs pull the fruit from the tree and it safely lands in the accompanying basket. Plus: Patio plants you can eat. Order this fruit picker on Amazon today.
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Extendable Hedge Trimmer and Tree PrunerPhoto: courtesy of manufacturer

Extendable Hedge Trimmer and Tree Pruner

No need to get up on a shaky ladder to trim your bushes, hedges and branches when you have an extendable hedge trimmer on hand. It is an easy way to handle overgrowth on your property without putting your safety at risk. Many modern models allow you to adjust the position or angle of the trimmer as needed. Plus: Pruning tips
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WORX Robotic Lawn MowerPhoto: courtesy of manufacturer

WORX Robotic Lawn Mower

If you're tired of sweating the afternoon away mowing your lawn, this robotic lawn mower that can help. Just turn on this electronically powered mower and let it tackle your grass while you sit on the sidelines and enjoy a little you time. Plus: How to grow greener grass
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Pop-Up Garden Bags

Pop-Up Garden Bags

Make it easier to clear your yard work of leaves and debris. These pop up garden bags do just as the name suggests—they pop up into a sturdy receptacle that you can easily load with leaves and debris. When done, collapse them back to their original flat shape and hang them up in your garage or shed. Yard work made easier! [embed_shop_button shop_btn_text="Shop Now" shop_btn_url="" shop_btn_tab="true" product_name="GloryTec 3-Pack Collapsible Garden Bag 45 Gallons Each - Heavy-Duty Gardening Container - Comparative-Winner 2018 - Reusable Trash Can for Leaf, Lawn and Yard Waste - Premium Bagster" product_price="69.99" product_category="Lawn & Patio" product_retailer="US GloryTec" content_rating="" /]
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Aerator Shoes

Aerator Shoes

Aerating your lawn manually with coring aerator tool or renting a gas powered aerator are both daunting options for your compacted lawn. But, there's another way to loosen that thatch! Get a pair of aerator shoes instead – they insert small holes in the grass to allow air, water, seeds and fertilizer to get down into the dirt where it's needed.  

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Gorilla HandsPhoto: courtesy of manufacturer

Gorilla Hands

Save your hands with Pure Garden's Gorilla Garden Hands! These jumbo scoops support your wrists and keep your hands away from leaves and other yard debris, like sharp twigs, thorns and bugs. Plus: Deal with leaves like a pro
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Garden Saw

A billhook saw is one of the best gardening tools thanks to its versatility. They are designed for trimming shoots and stems, cutting vines, severing roots and sawing branches. If you've got an overgrown garden, or one filled with coarse ornamental grasses that need to be cut back, try a 13- or 18-in. billhook saw. This Fiskars model feature a rust-resistant curved blade for quick pull cuts, and a coarse saw edge for removing tough branches and grasses.
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The Right Rake for the Job

The Right Rake for the Job

The first step in learning how to get rid of leaves is to have the right tools on hand. Lots of Field Editors told us about their favorite rakes. The most popular rakes are beloved just for their size—a big rake makes the job smaller. Most home centers carry rakes up to 30 in. wide. Other Field Editors swear by “no-clog” rakes—the tines don’t skewer leaves, so you don’t have to stop and unclog the rake. Several manufacturers make them, also in widths up to 30 in. Hate raking? Opt for a lawn sweeper. Find out what a lawn sweeper is here.
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How to Get Rid of Leaves with a Yard Vac

How to Get Rid of Leaves with a Yard Vac

A leaf blower/vacuum sucks up leaves fast, especially around shrubs, in flower beds and in other hard-to-rake areas. You might think that the bag would need to be emptied every five minutes, but the yard work vac minces the leaves and packs a mountain of them into just a few bags.
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Ames Total Control 5 Cuft Garden CartPhoto courtesy Ames

Ames Total Control 5 Cuft Garden Cart

This garden cart is a well-made companion for a variety of gardening activities. Its shallow bin is ideal for storing starter plants, gardening tools, bulbs and anything else you need easy access to. It can also haul bags of soil and fertilizer as needed—a good choice for lighter DIY projects that still require mobile storage that's easy to operate with large tires.