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2019’s Most and Least Stressed States

April is Stress Awareness Month. Have you been practicing self care? Personal-finance website WalletHub recently released its report on 2019's Most and Least Stressed States. To determine the states with the highest stress levels, all 50 states were compared across 40 key metrics, with data ranging from average hours worked per week to personal bankruptcy rate to share of adults getting adequate sleep. See if your state made the top or bottom of the list.

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First, What is Stress Awareness Month?

Held every April since 1992 in the U.S., Stress Awareness Month is meant to increase public awareness of the dangers of high stress levels, along with the causes and cures. Stress in small doses is normal, but too much of it can lead to extreme health issues including high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

“American stress levels have been rising for many demographics since their low point in 2016. Common stressors include the future of America and money, along with health insurance costs. But not all demographics are affected in the same way,” says the WalletHub study.

Moving consistently lands on the top 10 list of life’s most stressful events. Here’s how to make the process run a little smoother.

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The Most Stressed State is Louisiana

Louisiana comes in as the most stressed state. In fact, southern states make up the top 10 for a second year in a row. The WalletHub study found residents of Louisiana rank high in hours worked in a week, adults in fair or poor health, low credit scores, high divorce rates, high levels of crime and high percentages of people living in poverty. Most people agree that clutter is stressful. So if you want to relax a bit more, then stop buying these items.

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The Least Stressed State is Minnesota

Minnesota is the least stressed state. The state finished in the top 10 with low poverty levels, divorce rates and the average number of hours worked per week. It also has the fewest health issues, at 12.17 percent, which is two times lower than the highest at 24.03 percent, belonging to Mississippi. Reduce your stress level by avoiding the 10 most common moving mistakes (and last-minute uh-ohs).

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Utah Has Great Work-Life Balance

According to the WalletHub study, Utah, the second least stressed state in America, has the lowest number of average hours worked per week. That doesn’t mean people are slacking, however! Job growth is up by 3.9 percent as of January. The unemployment rate was also better than the national average, coming in at 3.1, compared to a national average of 4.0. Want less stress and more happiness? Here are 10 things that will make you happier at home.

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Some of the Least Stressed States Lack Sleep

Some states may lack stress, but they also lack sleep, according to the study. North Dakota, which ranked number four on the list of least stressed states, and Hawaii, ranking ninth, were among the places with the lowest job security, least number of hours slept per week and least affordable housing.

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Hawaii Has the Lowest Unemployment Rate

Hawaii is one of the least stressed states, and it also has the fewest number of people who are unemployed. Its rate is a low of 2.4, which is 2.8 times lower than Alaska, which has the highest unemployment rate at 6.6 percent. Music is a great way to de-stress. Keep things chill in your backyard, too, with these outdoor speakers.

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New Hampshire Has the Fewest People Living in Poverty

The Granite State has the lowest poverty rate in the latest report. The percentage of people living in poverty in New Hampshire is 8.1, which is 2.7 times lower than Mississippi, which has by far the highest poverty rate at 22 percent. Here’s how you can create uplifting DIY artwork in minutes to add more positive vibes to your work space and home.

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Utah Has the Lowest Divorce Rate

Utah is the second-least stressed state and it has the lowest separation and divorce rate, at 15.88 percent. This is 1.6 times lower than the highest divorce rate, which is 26.19 percent, in Nevada. Here’s how to complete a renovation without getting a divorce.

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States With the Most Unaffordable Housing

It should come as no surprise that Hawaii, California and New York topped the list of the least affordable housing options. That doesn’t seem to impact their stress, however, with Hawaii in the top 10 of least stressed, and California and New York not making the list of the highest- or lowest-stressed states. Meanwhile, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas provide the most bang for your real estate buck. Speaking of housing, for a good laugh, check out these 30 ridiculous real estate listing photos.

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Massachusetts Is the Third Least Stressed State

The Bay State is pretty chill. It has the lowest work-related stress, the fourth fewest average hours worked per week and the third highest job security. It also has the 10th lowest money- and family-related stress, which is a bit surprising considering it’s also has the fourth least affordable housing in the nation. Aromatherapy is another de-stressor for some peoples.Check out these beautiful aromatherapy plants you can add to your garden.

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