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Most Popular Cleaning and Organizing Products in 2022

These cleaning and storage products won't disappoint

Our editors and experts handpick every product we feature. We may earn a commission from your purchases.

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Dyson V11 Torque Drive Vacuum

This brand new beauty comes from a company that needs no introduction. Dyson continues to lead the pack in the vacuum cleaner industry and the V11 will definitely be a boon to your spring cleaning. Better than its predecessors, this vacuum offers suction power that automatically adjusts based on floor type, so you no longer have to switch back and forth manually. This also means that battery life is extended. The new LCD screen faces the user and indicates the remaining battery life, not just in bars as with previous models, but down to the second. Your floors and area rugs are about to be cleaner than they’ve ever been before.

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Window Cleaner Robotvia

Robot Window Cleaner

This free-moving window cleaner cleans your glass using a four-stage process that squeegees and wipes in every direction. It easily identifies your window’s size and shape to create the proper path for optimal cleaning. Choose the automatic cleaning pattern or the deep cleaning mode, which goes back over the same areas more than once.

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Branch Basics Concentrate

There are a lot of chemical-based cleaning products out there, and thankfully many manufacturers have taken steps to become more eco-friendly. The newest kid on the block is Branch Basics. The brand uses a plant-based, non-toxic and clinically tested concentrate that can be diluted for various uses in one of their easy-to-refill bottles (laundry, foam hand wash, glass cleaner, all-purpose cleaner and bathroom cleaner). The more than 500 five-star online reviews prove the concept works! The best part? One bottle of the concentrate ($49) can be used to make 20+ formulas for upwards of $100 in savings. Talk about a spring cleaning steal! The Starter Kit + Oxygen Boost package will get you off to a great start.

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Microfiber Duster

An allergen-free home should be one of your goals when spring cleaning, especially if you have asthma sufferers in the house. Reach for the stars (or at least for the top shelf of your closet) with this nifty microfiber duster. It features the latest split fiber technology to quickly grab dirt and the head is bendable up to 90 degrees.

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electric spin scrubbervia

Electric Spin Scrubber

Tacking that stubborn grout grime is sure to be on your spring cleaning list. Let the Eletalker Electric Spin Scrubber take the need for elbow grease out of cleaning grout and many other deep-cleaning chores. The unique cordless design allows you to tackle bathroom and kitchen cleaning projects, including tubs, tile, toilets and sinks, with ease. And, this scrubber can run continuously up to 1.5 hours after only 3 1/2 hours of charging. This scrubber comes with a 25-inch extendable handle, allowing you to scrub and clean hard to reach corners without bending or climbing.

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Bamboo Fiber Cleaning Cloths

This 12-pack of cleaning cloths uses bamboo fiber to creplace messy feather dusters, disposable dusting sheets and plastic-derived microfiber towels. From cleaning mirrors to cleaning out cabinets, drying, wiping and drying dishes, these 12 -inch x 12-inch bamboo cloths will pick up all the water, dust, hair and more without leaving behind lint or streaks.

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3-N-1 Cordless Stick Vacuum

“Cleaning up just got easier” according to Black + Decker. Their brand new 3-in-1 cordless stick vacuum has 65 percent more suction than before, and offers more than 30 minutes of run time. Along with the utter convenience of a cordless stick vacuum, this spring cleaning must-have features 180-degree swivel steering and a compact head that provides easy maneuverability in tight spaces. You can easily detach the hand vacuum to tackle smaller messes, or use it in combination with the pole to reach up high.

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Mopjatupron vongta/Shutterstock

Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop

The original Shark Steam Pocket Mop made a breeze of steam cleaning. Now Shark has introduced their smartest innovation yet. The 2-in-1 steam pocket mop features a removable hand-held steamer that’s ideal for spring cleaning your curtains and other above-floor cleaning tasks. The “intelli-mop” head features a touch-free pad with attach-and-release technology, so you never have to touch a dirty cleaning pad again! The steam blaster feature attacks tough, greasy stuck-on messes. The three levels of intelligent steam control work to easily dust, mop and scrub.

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Molekule Air Purifier

When it comes to spring cleaning, you’ll need more than all-purpose cleaning sprays and a vacuum cleaner. To get the air in your home really clean, consider this new high-tech air purifier that will help get rid of the dust and bacteria that may have built up during the winter. Molekule uses a new process called PECO that rids the air of pollutants at the molecular level. This means allergens, mold, bacteria, viruses and chemicals aren’t just trapped in a filter, but totally removed from your household air. It can trap VOCs and viruses that are 1000x smaller than anything a HEPA filter can trap. How cool is that?! Want to shop around for an air purifier? Try other options like the Dyson air purifier.

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Window Blind Cleaner/Duster Brush

Spring cleaning means tackling projects you leave behind on a regular basis. One of those is the daunting task of cleaning your blinds! This blinds duster, made of high-quality polyethylene, is sturdy and is sure to cut down on your dusting time. The cleaner includes five microfiber cloths that pick up dust swiftly and easily. The design can clean tops and bottoms of two blinds at the same time.

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Spring cleaning season is also a great time to get organized and reevaluate your home’s storage situation. Don’t know where to start? Check out these helpful online classes for building a drop zone for your entryway, a wall-to-wall garage storage system and much more.

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magic eraser cleaningdigitalreflections/Shutterstock

Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser’s are great at getting into tiny cracks and crevices and nooks and crannies and all those hard to reach places like around the blade of a can opener. Since this product is basically super fine sand paper, it can delve into those areas or clean built-up grime in a jiffy. But because it’s basically sandpaper, it can easily cut through finishes on wood surfaces and trim—so be mindful while you’re erasing!

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Angry Mama Microwave Oven Steam Cleanervia

Angry Mama Microwave Oven Cleaner

If this little lady looks steaming mad, that’s not such a bad thing for your microwave. This clever device will steam clean a microwave with a little, vinegar and lemon. Pick one up on Amazon. You can also try the microwave cleaning solution found among these 50 unusual cleaning ideas that work.

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O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

Mopping is a tough chore but this microfiber mop gets to difficult places better than other mops because of its triangular head. This little tool is quite the cleaning secret and we’ve got others.

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Furniture Repair Kit

It might not appear like a cleaning product but these furniture markers will clean up scuffs and scratches without a problem.

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Clorox Ultra Clean Toilet Tabletsvia

Clorox Toilet Cleaner Tablets

Cleaning the toilet gets pretty easy with one of these tablets. You won’t have to reach for the toilet brush as frequently.

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We naturally love this idea. We’ve shown a similar device before so it’s kind of neat to see there’s something out there for everyone (minus the drill, of course.)

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Bissel Pet Stain & Odor Remover

Removing pet stains isn’t always a pleasant task but Bissel’s Pet Stain & Odor remover makes it easier.

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Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaning Wipes

These are a best seller on Amazon because of the job they do on stainless steel appliances, which can become gross-looking with fingerprints all over.

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Microfiber Mop

We’ve praised microfiber cloths in the past and so it goes without saying that this microfiber mop is dynamite. It’s a best seller on Amazon and can make mopping a lot smoother.

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Bounty Quick Size Family Pack

You probably go through more paper towels than you can count so why not get 16 rolls at once? The Quicker Picker Upper is known to take on tough messes and is an Amazon best seller.

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Pulleys Ease the Pain

If you own a heavy bike, or lack the strength to lift it over your head, try a ceiling mounted pulley system and let physics ease the effort. This bike lift by Racor is easy to install and use.

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Amazing Sock Clip Sock Holdervia

Use the Buddy System

Keep pairs of socks with their mate, pajama sets or matched outfits together by using a small sock clip after laundry. This will help pairs stick together, even if they’re discarded on the ground.

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Check the Pockets

Slip an accessory pocket over the hanger of an outfit to match socks, underwear, barrettes, hats and more ahead of time. You can purchase accessory pockets at Amazon.

Similar to an accessory pocket, see why a shoe organizer is one of the best storage solutions around.

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Silverware Tray

We’ve shown you different ways to use a silverware tray to organize things in your home so this best seller on Amazon would be a great addition.

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Carhartt Tool Roll

This Carhartt tool roll is light weight and pretty versatile as an organization tool. It’s perfect for keeping smaller tools organized.

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Foldable Storage Cubes

Foldable Storage Cubes like these are super trendy and for good reason. They can provide excellent storage while blending into whatever room you place them, thus clearing some clutter.

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Valet Tray Storage Trayvia

Clutter corralling trays

Everyone needs a place to drop stuff—even professional organizers. Place everyday things, like car keys, on a tray to keep them from getting misplaced. Opt for trays with sides like this one from Jack Cube, so items won’t roll off and get lost.

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Pop Up Slim Spiral Laundry Hamper Bagvia

Ongoing donation bin

Organizers always have a donation bin set up and ready to fill with items to give away. A container like this tall and narrow pop-up tucks easily into a convenient spot like a hall closet. When the bin is full, you know it is time to schedule a pick-up or plan a drop-off.

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Trash canvia

Oversized trash can

Professional organizers don’t let rubbish build up; they’re always tossing out the trash. Therefore, an oversized trash can like this Umbra Pewter Venti is a must. The swing top lid lets you drop waste in without ever touching the can. And a secure garbage bag fastener means no more bags slipping to the bottom and making a mess.

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Mini digital timervia

A basic timer

Instead of leaving tasks open-ended, professional organizers set time limits to help motivate themselves to begin and finish projects. A portable timer, with a large display, like this Polder Mini Digital Timer, is just the thing to help you get through a long to-do list. Set the timer for a short window, like 10 minutes, then see how far you can get before the buzzer sounds.

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weekly task padvia

To-do lists

Everyone, including professional organizers, gets a deep sense of satisfaction from crossing completed tasks off their to-do list. Grouping tasks on this Weekly Task Pad lets you see your week at a glance, so you know what needs to get done.

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White frame dry erase boardvia

A place for thoughts

Try to avoid scribbling on random scraps of paper. For quick notes, do what professional organizers do: Use a dry erase board like this U-Brands Contempo White Frame Dry Erase Board. Hung in a convenient location, this board is the best place to list the menu for the week, write a phone number, or jot down a reminder.

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Zenna Home Expandable Over-The-Shower Caddyvia

Neaten up the shower

Bottles and bars of soap resting in shower corners are a no-no for professional organizers. We prefer things up and out-of-the-way in easy to reach shower storage, so this Zenna Shower Caddy fits the bill. The two shelf caddy hangs from the shower head with enough space to store shower essentials.

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cleaning caddyvia

Cleaning caddies

Caddies are a Professional Organizer’s best friend! Toting everything you need to get the job done means fewer wasted steps backtracking to grab something you forgot. This cleaning caddy include all the space to store essentials like sanitizing sprays, a broom and dustpan set, and more to get you started.

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CleverMade 45L Collapsible Storage Binsvia

A tidy trunk

Things don’t roll around loose in the trunk of the car when a professional organizer is at the wheel. Everything, from umbrellas to bags of groceries, has a home in these collapsible crates with handles. To make space for larger cargo, you can easily fold the crates down. And they have comfortable handles, so you can to carry them.

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Under Sink 2 Tier Expandable Shelf Organizer Rackvia

Under sink storage

Always make the most of that awkward space under the kitchen or bathroom sink by inserting an adjustable organizer like this Expandable Under-Sink Organizer. Professionals use one with shelves and pull-out bins, so stuff isn’t shoved into a cavernous hole. Plus, it’s adjustable to fit around plumbing; the best part is the no-tools assembly.

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Double Closet Rod Organizer Clothing Hanging Barvia

Double the hanging space

Don’t settle for the basic closet configuration of a single rod: The quickest and easiest way to double space in your closet is to simply hook a Lynk Double Hang Closet Rod over the existing closet rod, and in seconds, you have more hanging room.

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Screen Shot 2022 03 21 At 3.32.47 Pmvia

Versatile cubes

Storage is key in every room of the house. Professional organizers prefer flexible storage that can change as your needs change. These White 4-Cube Cubby Shelving work in almost every room of your home and can store everything imaginable. Use the cubes in the entryway for shoes, the hall closet for seasonal items, the clothes closet for stacked sweaters, the pantry for bulk goods, the garage for car-care items, the craft room for tools, the office for paper storage, the dining room as a sideboard, or the living room for blankets and television remotes.

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Garage Sports Equipment Organizervia

Outdoor activity storage

Your outdoor and sporting equipment comes with some of the most awkward and oddly shaped items—bike helmets, tennis rackets, soccer balls—that need to be stored. Professionals love divided sections like this a heavy-duty triple storage bin. Plus, these metal grids allow damp equipment like bike helmets to dry.

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Heavy-Duty 3-Bag Laundry Sorter Cartvia

Loads of laundry

Wasting time sorting dirty laundry is something professional organizers try to avoid. Put dirty items in the right bin the first time using a 3-bin rolling laundry sorter to separate types of laundry. The lift out bags can easily be taken to the dry cleaners or the laundromat. And the fact that the sorter is on wheels makes it easy to roll it up to the washing machine and keep your laundry room organized.

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Hanging File Foldersvia

Paperwork system

Paperwork is always an issue, even for the most diligent professional organizer. Solving paperwork organization problems has never been easier than with these open-top file boxes. Add a few hanging file folders, and you have the perfect place to file bills-to-be-paid, receipts, and so much more. The open-box feature means the file labels are easily readable, so you won’t forget where you put that paper.

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Post-it Labeling & Cover-Up Tapevia

Labels are a must

Professional organizers will label anything that will stand still. Labels serve a double purpose: You know where to find things and you know where to put them back. But no one wants a gummy mess left over after the label is removed—this Post-it Label Roll solves that issue. The labels attach securely and remove cleanly from surfaces like plastic storage bins.

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simplehuman Wall Mount Grocery Bag Dispenservia

Contain plastic bags

Plastic grocery store bags are handy, although storing a bunch of plastic bags inside another bag can get messy. Professional organizers corral their bags in a dispenser like this Simplehuman stainless steel grocery bag holder. Insert bags through the large opening on top and pull them out, as needed, from the slot on the bottom.

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Battery Storage Organizer and Casevia

Replacement battery storage

Finding the correct size replacement battery has never been easier than with the this battery organizer. This storage container lets you neatly store all size batteries in a box with a hinged lid. No more searching for a spare battery they will all be sorted and stored safely upright.

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Adjustable Bamboo Drawer Dividersvia

Drawer dividers

Finding a place for everything and everything in its place is a breeze with these adjustable bamboo drawer dividers. Forget about jumbled drawers; these customizable dividers let you create a spot for all the stuff you want to store in your drawers. Organize your kitchen, bedroom or anywhere.

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small parts storage binsvia

Small stuff storage

Small parts storage bins are the best way professional organizers know how to contain all the little pieces and parts that would otherwise get misplaced. From picture hanging hooks and screws to craft pieces and jewelry, these little bins let you keep all the little stuff from getting lost.

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adjustable storage rackvia

Divided storage

Efficient storage, like this adjustable divider, is an organizer’s dream. No more un-stacking then re-stacking a tower of trays. This divider creates multiple vertical slots in your kitchen cabinet to store cake pans, baking sheets, muffin tins, cutting boards, serving trays, and more.

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microfiber clothFamily Handyman

Polish with a Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloths excel at putting the finishing touches on mirrors, countertops, and even tile and fixtures. After cleaning surfaces with your favorite cleaning solution and drying them off with a terry cloth rag or a separate microfiber cloth, polish them to a mirror finish with a dry microfiber cloth.

Microfiber cloths are perfect for this because they pick up dust, wipe off smudges and don’t shed any fibers. You’ll find microfiber cloths wherever cleaning supplies are sold and they’ll help you know how to clean your bathroom better. You can also buy them in bulk at wholesale clubs and use them throughout your house for all kinds of other cleaning chores. They’re one of the best home cleaning products you can get.

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Door Organizer

Perfect to keep all those permission slips, homework packets and school folders organized, this over-the-door hanging organizer is the perfect organization tool for busy families. The organizer is easy to attach to the door and is the perfect complement to any home message center.

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Kitchen Sink Caddy Organizervia

Kitchen Sink Organizer

This sink organization tool will help keep all your dishwashing supplies in one space while freeing up valuable kitchen counter space. The organizer has two drain holes and uses suction to fit perfectly in the corner of the sink.

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