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Must-Know Garage Storage Tips for Weekend Mechanics

Whether your garage could be confused with a Nascar trailer or you just like to change your brakes, these tips are for you.

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Rolling tool cartFamily Handyman

Keep your tools handy with a rolling cart

In the old days you laid out the tools you needed on a fender pad. Try that on a late model vehicle with a sloped fender and you’ll find your tools on the floor. So buy a rolling cart (the one pictured is U.S. General No. 5107 at and keep all your tools right at your fingertips.

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Jack stand holderFamily Handyman

Jack and jack-stand holder

Haven’t you tripped over your jack stands long enough? Build this simple storage rack and get them off the floor. If you have a lightweight floor jack, add mounting hooks under the holder. Screw a 2-in. PVC coupler to the side of the rack and a 2-in. cap on the wall near the floor for the handle.

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Air tools hangerFamily Handyman

Hang ’em high

Air tools don’t come with hooks, they don’t nest well in drawers, and on a workbench top they just add to the clutter. So plunk down 20 bucks for this locking air tool holder and your life will be complete. Your tools will be neatly organized on the wall, and you can snap on a padlock to keep them securely in place. The Lisle locking air tool holder (No. 49960) is available at auto parts stores and online.

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PVC drawer organizersFamily Handyman

PVC drawer organizers

When you’re right in the middle of a project, you don’t need to waste time pawing through drawers looking for tools. So use this handy setup to keep your tools neatly arranged in your workbench drawer.
Cut 1- or 2-in. PVC pipe to length. Glue on end caps and slice each pipe in half on a band saw. Screw them to the drawer bottoms and load them up!

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Glove storageFamily Handyman

Grab one glove at a time

To keep your box of nitrile gloves handy and make it easier to grab just one glove instead of a handful, add this magnetic glove box holder to your shop. It costs about $20 at auto parts stores. You could even put it on your toolbox or rolling cart and yank out new gloves wherever you need them. You can also find many styles of glove dispensers online.

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Grease gun holsterFamily Handyman

Grease gun holster

A grease gun is big and, uh, greasy. But you don’t have to get it on your drawers or cabinets. Cut a few sections of 1-in. and 3-in. PVC pipe and screw them to a plywood backer to make this slick grease gun holder. Then attach a 2-in. coupler and cap to hold a backup tube of grease.

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Sheet metal drawer linersFamily Handyman

Sheet metal drawer liners

If you use old kitchen cabinets in your workshop, it’s a bad idea to throw oily, greasy tools into those drawers, where the wood soaks up everything. So here’s a tip for you:
Instead, take careful measurements of the width, depth and height to any HVAC shop. For about $20 per drawer, you can get a custom liner for each one. The interiors will look like new, and you’ll be able to clean them as needed.

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