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New Landscape Path Lighting That’s Easy to Install

Light up your outdoor space with some landscape path lighting. Both functional and DIY friendly, here are 10 path lighting ideas to light the way.

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Stainless Steel Solar Path Lights

These stainless steel solar path lights come in a set of six and will add light to your pathways, garden beds and any other outdoor space with a modern, sophisticated look. With no wires, these lights can be assembled in just five minutes—no tools required! “These lights are awesome and very attractive, the finish is very bright and it looks very rich. They are a great option for walkways, pathway and to line your driveway,” said one buyer. New to outdoor lighting? Follow these DIY beginner tips.

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Solar Lantern Path Lights

Buyers of these solar path lights noted they were easy to install and added a nice, decorative glow to their pathways. “They are bright enough to illuminate a path with a soft yellow glow that doesn’t glare in your windows at night. I’ve checked them in the morning and they still show a light charge,” said one buyer. Need inspiration? These outdoor lighting options are on-trend.

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Twinkle Star Path Lights

This four-pack of Twinkle Star path lights will provide a warm light to your landscaping and walkways. The solar-powered lights automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn. “These solar lights are super bright compared to electric lights. A friend remarked that they remind her of the fancy lights outside a hotel,” said one buyer, adding, “The lights are super easy to assemble with no tools needed. You just need to make sure to turn the switch to on inside the globe cover. My lights charged in about six hours and stayed lit all night. I am so happy with these lights that I am going to order more.” Check out these 10 breathtaking outdoor lighting tips for your yard.

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Solar Flower Lights

Add some color to your landscape path lighting with these solar flower lights. There’s no wiring required—just place them in the ground and they automatically light up in the dark to illuminate your garden or pathway. The lights come in a pack of two, and include a purple and white lily. Before you add some landscaping lighting, check out these dos and don’ts.

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Flickering Flame Lights

Designed to look like flickering flames, these pathway lights give off a warm yellow light to help guide you along your path. One buyer noted, “Absolutely spectacular! I have never had anything solar that actually worked before. These are even better than represented.” Another buyer noted how easy they were to install. “Assembly is a no-brainer: shove the three plastic sections together, spike ’em into the ground and press the single on/off switch.” These 15 outdoor string light ideas will make you want to live outside.

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Decorative Pathway Lights

Stylish and functional, these decorative solar pathway lights will illuminate your landscape path for up to eight hours. With no cord and no electricity use, these are an eco-friendly choice. “I like the small size and ease of installation. All you do is screw the base in, then pull the shipping insulator tab for the battery, flip the switch and put it in the ground,” said one buyer, adding “Very nice light pattern, enough to help you see the path but without being overly bright.” Here are 12 solar landscape lights you haven’t seen before.

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Moon Path Lights

Add a celestial vibe to your landscape path with these moon lights. Available in a pack of two, these lights have a moon shape with a decorative pattern. “These lights are easy to assemble and install. The lights have an on and off switch. Best of all they look great and improve the way my garden looks,” said one buyer.

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Mason Jar Lights

These Mason Jar lights will give your garden path a whimsical look. The solar-powered lights can be hung on fences, on tree limbs or hang from a small shepherd’s hook or short post alongside a path. The pack of four includes jar hangers, and each has an on/off switch—there is no installation necessary. “I used a black chain to hang them up and you can’t even tell it’s there at night,” said one buyer. “The glow they emit evokes an incredibly cozy, inviting feeling, and it’s really just peaceful to look at.”

Learn how to install a remote motion detector for lighting.

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Color-Changing Lights

Change up the look of your outdoor space with these color-changing landscape lights. The lights shine upward, which can create a spotlight on any focal points in your landscaping. The kit includes nine LED puck lights that you can control with your mobile device, or through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. “Installing was a joke it was so easy, you drop them and turn them on,” said one buyer. Others buyers noted the remote range was impressive. Create the ultimate backyard outdoor space with these DIY ideas.

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Paw Print Light

Animal lovers will appreciate these paw print solar lights to add some supplemental light to your landscaping paths from dusk to dawn. There’s no outlet required—just place them and switch them on. “These are so cute and the light lasts for a long time. I have them in my memory garden and they add just the right touch,” said one buyer. These lights would be a good option to use in combination with other outdoor path lighting. Learn how to choose and install the right motion sensor light.

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