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The Best Patio Hammocks for Your Backyard

A patio hammock can transform your outdoor space, turning it into a relaxing oasis.

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Buying a Patio Hammock

As you’re shopping for a patio hammock, here are a few things to consider. First, determine whether your yard has space to hang a hammock between two trees, from posts, or from a custom structure. If not, you need a model that comes with a freestanding base.

Further, decide whether you want a one- or two-person hammock, and which material you prefer. Rope hammocks offer a traditional look but can be uncomfortable. If you’re seeking maximum comfort, select a cotton or padded option instead.

Finally, keep an open mind. There are hammock styles to suit every space, from hammock chairs to hanging beds and more.

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Vivere Double Cotton Hammock

People love the Vivere Double Cotton Hammock, and it’s easy to see why. This two-person hammock comes in various bright colors and patterns, and it includes a sturdy metal stand that lets you set it up anywhere — no trees necessary. It’s the perfect option for your backyard. And with its compact carrying bag, you could bring it camping or on other adventures.

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Classic TiiPii Bed

This TiiPii Bed is a fun twist on a traditional hammock. Its uncommon design can support up to four adults, making it a cozy spot for the whole family to relax. You can hang the teepee-style floating bed from a tree or support beam, and don’t forget to decorate it with a pile of throw pillows and blankets for maximum comfort.

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Outdoor Hanging Bed

This isn’t what you typically think of when you imagine a hammock, but you can’t beat the versatility of this Outdoor Hanging Bed. The wooden platform is suspended by four heavy-duty ropes. You can outfit it with a twin-size mattress for a prime nap spot, or decorate it with cushions to offer outdoor seating while entertaining. (If the price tag is a little high for your liking, you could also easily create a DIY version of this.)

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Y-STOP Hammock Chair

If you want a comfortable spot to swing as you read a book or chat with friends, the Y-STOP Hammock Chair will prop you up in a seated position. This hanging hammock chair features a comfy cotton seat with two cushions, and it’s the perfect size to mount on small porches or patios. You might find yourself going back to buy more than one.

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Vivere Levitat Aerial Mat Hammock

For a durable, portable hammock you can mount anywhere, the Vivere Levitat Aerial Mat Hammock is one of your best options. This triangular mesh hammock mounts to any three points using the included straps and ratchets, and reviewers say it can comfortably hold three or four adults on its strong fabric.

“It turned our backyard into a fun hangout!,” writes one verified reviewer. “Adults and kids all enjoy it. Very sturdy and comfortable! Also nice and cool in the summer.”

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OUTREE Kids Pod Swing Seat

Kids will love hanging out in OUTREE Pod Swing Seats, which come in fun colors and can be set up indoors or outside. The pod-like seats wrap around you like a cocoon. They include a comfy pillow, making it an ideal spot for kids to read, do homework or just relax.

“We will be purchasing two more for our other children because they all fight over it,” said one reviewer who gave the product the maximum five stars.

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Richardson Outdoor Modern Hammock

For those without trees to mount a hammock, the Richardson Outdoor Hammock includes a sturdy freestanding wooden frame. The hammock itself is made from canvas and comes in cream and several other color options. The whole setup would be ideal for relaxing on a patio or beside a pool on hot summer days.

“It is very comfortable with the addition of a few of your own pillows,” writes one happy reviewer. “Love the safety cables on this model, as it makes it much easier to get into and less likely to tip.”

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Patio Watcher Quick-Dry Hammock

If you’re planning to put your hammock where it will be exposed to the elements, it’s important to find one that dries quickly — otherwise, it may end up covered with mold or mildew. The Patio Watcher Hammock is made from vinyl-coated fabric that dries in a flash and is UV-resistant to minimize fading. This hammock is wide enough for two.

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