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10 Pine Cone Crafts to Do This Fall

This fall, take a trip into the woods or your backyard and collect some pine cones. Pine cones can be used in a variety of creative projects—perfect for rainy days. Here's a look at 10 pine cone crafts to try this fall.

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Pine Cone Owls

Create some pine cone owls with colorful felt cut into shapes for horns, feathers and noses and glued to the cones. You can use googly eyes for a funny look. Try these 14 fun DIY projects on a rainy day.

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HedgehogSelma ARSLAN/Shutterstock

Pine Cone Hedgehog

How about a hedgehog for a pine cone craft project? You could mold clay into a cone shape and paint it when it’s dry. Then glue it to the bottom of the pine cone. These would make adorable place card holders! Get kids started in DIY with these helpful tips.

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Painted Pine Cones

When it comes to pine cone crafts, here’s a project you can do with the little ones. Just get out some paint and small brushes and let them decorate the cones in the colors of their choice. When you’re done, you can hang a string from the pine cone and use as a decoration or Christmas tree ornament. Here are 12 perfect projects to do with kids.

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Pine Cone Baskets

Try wrapping some twine around a section of paper towel or toilet paper tube. Add a bow or other decorations and glue this basket to the bottom of a pine cone. Leave the pine cones as they are or add little bead ornaments. These make sweet little party favors. Here are 14 ways to decorate your home with cactus.

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festive Kolidzei/Shutterstock

Pine Cone Tree

Create festive little trees with pine cones and modeling clay. Make little clay ornaments and glue them to the ends of the pine cone scales. Stick to Christmas colors or use orange and black for Halloween or pastels for Easter. Decorate a Christmas tree with one of these 100 ideas.

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Aromatic Pine Cone and Orange Centerpiece

Take a trip to the backyard to gather cones and small evergreen branches for a rustic centerpiece. Place the pine cones and evergreen branches, along with cinnamon sticks and oranges studded with cloves in a shallow bowl. Replace the oranges when they dry out and this centerpiece will continue to smell great throughout the fall. Check out these 14 fall wreaths you haven’t already seen.

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Glittery Pine Cones

Bring some sparkle to your holiday decorations with some glitter. For this simple pine cone craft, spray or brush glue on the pine cone and sprinkle on different shades of glitter. Hang these cones from the tree or display them in a clear glass bowl. Try these nine handy holiday decorating tips.

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Pine Cone Gift Embellishment

This season, use pine cones to decorate wrapped gifts. Use them tied on the package with a string, or paint them and roll the wet pine cones on plain wrapping paper to create a fun design. Spread some cheer with these DIY gift wrap ideas.

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Tabletop ESB Essentials/Shutterstock

Pine Cone Tabletop Tree

Gather a bunch of pine cones and use them to create a tabletop tree. First, make a cardboard cone slightly smaller than you want the tree to be. Use hot glue to attach the pine cones to the cardboard cone and add berries and twine for decoration. Try an alternative Christmas tree this season. Here are 12 cool ideas.

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birdSteve Byland/Shutterstock

Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Make a pine cone bird feeder. Just roll the pine cone in peanut butter and then roll in bird seed. Hang it from a branch outside your kitchen window and watch the birds enjoy a lovely meal! Check out these 14 easy DIY winter bird feeders.

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