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11 Best Pizza Oven Tools and Accessories

Make the most of your outdoor pizza oven with the right pizza oven accessories and tools for cooking, serving and clean-up.

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Using Your Pizza Oven

Outdoor pizza ovens are generally easy to use and maintain — with the right gear, that is. You’ll need tools and accessories to protect you from the oven’s intense heat when sliding pizzas in and out; cutting and serving utensils for enjoying your fresh-baked pizzas; and a few simple items for clean-up.

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Pizza Peel

Ever wonder what that long-handled paddle used for sliding pizzas in and out of the oven is called? It’s a pizza peel, and it’s an essential tool for your pizza oven. The large flat paddle surface keeps uncooked pizzas intact when you put them in the oven. We like the extra-long handle on this model to protect hands and forearms from the oven’s high temperatures.

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Heat-Resistant Gloves

When oven temperatures reach 800 F, cute little oven mitts aren’t going to cut it. You’ll need a pair of heavy-duty oven gloves that will protect your hands and forearms when taking pizzas in or out or adding more wood to the fire. The fun Spiderman silicone grips on the palms keep these padded gloves from being too clumsy.

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Ash Rake

As you’re heating your outdoor pizza oven, an ash rake is a useful tool for moving wood around for even heating. When your oven is sufficiently heated and it’s time to start cooking, use it to push wood and cinders out of the way and expose the hot cooking surface. We like the simplicity and one-piece design of this inexpensive model, which can also be used at clean-up time.

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Pizza Bubble Popper

Here’s an item we bet you never imagined you’d need. A pizza bubble popper does just what its name suggests — it pops air bubbles that form in pizza dough as it cooks, which can ruin the pizza’s consistency and appearance. Bubble poppers like this one also double as pizza turners — handy if your oven isn’t heating evenly.

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Cutting Board

An oversized cutting board provides a handy place to set hot-from-the-oven pizzas and slice them for serving. This model is germ- and mold-resistant, holds up in high heat and can stand up to repetitive use with a pizza cutter. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors.

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Pizza Cutter

Now for the fun part — cutting your fresh-baked pizzas into those familiar triangle-shaped slices. A wheel pizza cutter makes cutting through hot pizzas a snap. We like this model for its stay-sharp blade and because it’s all stainless steel, which makes it dishwasher safe and easy to sanitize between uses.

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Grill Grate

Oven Grill

There are all sorts of things you can cook in a pizza oven besides pizza, and an oven grill is perfect place to start the exploration. Use it as a surface for grilling meats or setting a skillet, Dutch oven or any cooking vessel. We like this sturdy cast-iron model because it withstands high heat and delivers a perfect sear on steaks and roasts.

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Oven Brush

Come clean-up time, a long-handled oven brush makes it easy reach into your pizza oven and whisk away ash and crumbs. Look for brushes with copper or brass bristles, which scrape away stuck-on food without scratching the brick, stone or ceramic cooking surface. We like this model for its detachable handle and steel scraper on the back of the brush.

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Ash Can

You need a handy place to dump all that ash you clean out of your wood-burning oven. Chef Rick Moonen, who has a custom-built masonry pizza oven, collects his in a galvanized trash can with a lid. Not only does it make clean-up easier, but the lime- and potassium-rich wood ash is also powdered gold for your garden plants and compost heap.

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Chef’s Apron

If you’re going full-on pizzaiolo — that’s a pizza-maker in Italian — you might as well look the part with a professional chef’s apron. This long, adjustable apron protects clothing from any flying embers and features handy pockets. We also like the dark color — good for hiding tomato sauce stains!

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Pizza Cookbook

Cooking pizzas in an outdoor pizza oven is a whole different ballgame from cooking in an indoor electric or gas oven. A comprehensive pizza cookbook can offer recipes, tips and techniques for perfecting your pizza-making skills. This one’s devoted to wood-fired pizza ovens, but many of the tips will apply even if your outdoor pizza oven is gas- or charcoal-fueled.

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