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Pro Grade Power Tools You Can Buy on Amazon

Sometimes quality tools are available where you may not expect. Amazon, for example, sells a wide variety of pro–grade power tools at a range of price points. Here are some quality tools to help you get your jobs done on time and under budget.

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Bosch Driver/Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit

Cordless drills and drivers are the most widely used power tool in any DIYer’s toolbox. A drill lets you make holes in everything from wood to drywall and everything in between. Drivers give you more torque so you can drive screws securely. This 12V driver/drill and impact driver pairing provides plenty of power in a compact package. The small, lightweight drill is great for narrow spaces, and the LED lights on the driver eliminate mistakes. These tools are powerful and most importantly light on the tool belt and your wallet!

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Metabo Job Site Table Saw With Stand

Table saws are an essential piece of equipment for everyone from amateur woodworkers to pro contractors. Although the Hitachi tool line has been renamed, the quality construction and warranty remain unchanged. And nothing proves that point more than this portable table saw. A 15 amp, 4,500 rpm motor can tackle just about any job you need to get done. It comes with a mitre gauge assembly for angled crosscuts. The wheeled stand will take some strain off your back, and the knee-level emergency shut-off is a key safety feature.

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Makita 14-Inch 4-Stroke Engine Power Cutter

If you’ve ever cut masonry on a job site, then you know that working with subpar tools can turn a difficult job and into a complete headache. Make your life easier with a pro-grade tool like this 14-inch power cutter from Makita.

Fill up your tool belts and boxes with these incredible tools for pros across all industries.

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Bosch 36V SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer

Cordless power tools revolutionized the job site, but heavy-duty tools like rotary hammers need more power to deliver the kind of performance that a professional expects. This Bosch model’s 36V battery pack means you can free yourself from the cord without sacrificing the torque and impact required to get the job done.

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Makita Recip Sawvia

Makita 15-Amp Reciprocating Saw

There are plenty of reciprocating saws on the market, but when you need something with pro-level cutting power along with quality and reliability, look no further than this 15-amp reciprocating saw from Makita. Anti-vibration technology makes cutting way more efficient, and six speeds along with orbital cutting help get the job done faster. Cordless models may be fine for occasional use, but when you’re doing some serious sawing, the constant juice will keep you going without interruption.

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Fox Belt Sandervia

Shop Fox Belt Sander With 6-Inch Disc

Not all of the power tools on Amazon are designed for job site use. The Shop Fox line provides quality shop equipment at reasonable prices. While this bench-mounted belt and disk sander can be taken to a job site, it’s more at home in your shop, where it will quickly become a favorite for material removal and finish sanding.

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Makita 18V Cordless Planer

A favorite of door and window installers, as well as deck crews, this portable planer is the perfect tool to keep tucked in your truck. It can make quick work out of material that’s out of square or oversized.

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Makita Nine-Piece Combo Kit

Sometimes it’s just easier to buy everything in one go! If that’s your situation, check out this Makita nine-piece combo kit. These are solid power tools to get you up and running quickly, or to serve as backups, in case of emergency.

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Powermate Gas-Powered Portable Generator

Lastly, don’t forget to consider how you’re going to power all these corded tools, and charge all these batteries when many job sites don’t have power! Keep an eye open for one, like this model from Powermate, with a wheeled support carriage to make things easy on your back as well as your budget.

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Makita 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw with Stand

You can’t afford to cut joints that don’t fit together perfectly. To avoid a serious mistake like that, you need a good mitre saw. This sliding compound saw from Makita delivers quality, portability and affordability all in one package.

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Dan Stout
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