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Pro Stuff We Love: Our Best-Selling Construction Gifts of 2019

Find the perfect present for any construction enthusiast with this list of our most popular tools and gear from the last year of SWL.

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Find the perfect present for any construction enthusiast with this list of our most popular tools and gear from the last year of SWL.


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10. Milwaukee Large Capacity Chalk Reel

Calling this chalk line “large capacity” doesn’t really seem to do it justice. It’s got 150 feet of line and can hold up to 24 ounces of chalk at once, so refills are much rarer. In order to handle that much line, Milwaukee put a 4:1 gear retraction ratio into this tool that retracts the line quickly and efficiently.

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9. Bench Dog Trim Installation Tool

Bench Dog’s Trim-Loc Casement Trim Installation Tool is something that anyone who regularly trims windows (or anything, really) should always have in their tool bag.  The Trim-Loc is both a square and a set-up tool with built-in tape measure hooks and 45-degree and 90-degree guides for quick marking.

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8. Klein Tools Cap Visor Clip Light

Your hands should be holding tools while you work, not a flashlight. This Cap Visor Clip from Klein Tools snaps onto the brim of any hat and can run off of two AAA batteries on its highest setting for up to 4 hours, freeing up your hands for the job at hand. This light uses five LEDs to provide illumination and has a pivoting head for a wider variety of lighting angles.

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7. Worx Hedge Trimmer

This hedge trimmer from Worx is a beast. It runs off of two compact 20V batteries, giving the tool impressive power without making it too bulky or cumbersome. With great safety features and an impressive cutting capacity that can trim hedges up to 3/4″ thick, the Worx Cordless Hedge Trimmer is definitely a tool every landscaper should check out.

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6. Stryder Ratcheting Straps

People put a lot of trust in tie-down straps- and not just the people hauling stuff around in trucks, but everyone else driving nearby. Stryder’s Retractable Tie Down Straps are a reliable way to keep things strapped and steady in a trailer and they roll up into a neat, convenient and easy to store package.

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Painting Door Stands

5. A Hinge Stand

Door Stands from HingeStand are the ultimate door painting system. The stands use the hinges and pins from the doors to hold them in place and then small plastic separators to keep them up away from the floor, making it easy for every inch to be quickly and efficiently painted with a sprayer.

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4. Roamwild Pull Saw

The Roamwild Multi Pull Saw Pro is made for cutting through laminate, melamine, contiboard, PVC pipe, plywood, pine, oak, and other hardwoods- so pretty much everything. This pull saw is technically two saws in one, with a 12-inch edge for general cuts and a 6.5-inch edge for finer cuts. There’s even a tack puller and hammer built into the base of the handle for convenient pounding and pulling. Next, check out some of our favorite small tools that do really big things.

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3. Bungee Flag

Driving with materials jutting out past the end of your truck bed isn’t just a safety concern. It’s also potentially illegal, especially if the materials aren’t marked by a flag. Keep a few of these bungee flags in your truck at all times so you can haul extended loads without getting in trouble with the law.

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2. Klein Wrist Band

Keep small metal objects like screws and nails on hand at all times with Klein’s magnetic wristband. The wristband contains rare earth magnets for a strong magnetic hold and is made from a combination of durable material and breathable mesh so that it holds up to abuse without making your wrist too sweaty. It can also be attached to things like belts, bucket handles and tool bags.

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Construction Pro Tips

1. Lufkin Tape Measure

When Crescent Lufkin was designing their new Shockforce tape measures they knew they didn’t have to “reinvent the wheel”- they just had to make the standard tape measure a little better in a few key ways. Shockforce tapes are packed full of smart design decisions, with a durable, rugged casing, a nylon coated, double-sided blade, and an oversized end hook that makes it easy to latch and hold onto surfaces. There is also a “Nite Eye” version of the Shockforce tape that has all the same features as the regular model plus a high-visibility, no glare blade with green marking for easier readings in all light conditions.

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