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Products That Clean Automatically—So You Don’t Have To

Why clean your home when a robot can do it for you? Check out these automated cleaning solutions!

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iRobot Roomba s9+

Robot vacuum cleaners are great for cleaning until you have to clean out your vacuum. But, iRobot’s newest Roomba has solved this problem with automatic dirt disposal. The base holds an astounding 30 bins of debris, which means most of us likely won’t have to empty it more than once a month.

We’ve rounded up a whole bunch of gifts made especially for the tidiest and cleanest person on your gift list this year. These gifts for neat freaks are all under $100.

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iRobot Braava Jet m6

iRobot’s newest Braava model tackles dirt, grime and sticky messes that are dirtying up your floors. Just fill the tank, snap on a pad and let the machine replace your elbow grease. One Amazon reviewer noted how forward-thinking the technology is, saying “This mop is very advanced, it’s the first real world example of Artificial intelligence improving people’s standard of living in a meaningful way.”

Do you have bamboo floors? Be sure you know these bamboo floor cleaning tips. Don’t miss out on these amazing Roomba deals, either.

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Ecovacs Deebot 661

Want a machine that can vacuum and mop? It’s easy with this robot, which is compatible with both Google and Amazon smart home systems. Just swap between the dustbin and water tank, depending on what type of cleaning you need to do. This machine even has a “max mode” for an extra power boost when you need it.

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BrilliantPad Self-Cleaning Automatic Potty Pad Machine

If your dog is indoor pee-pad trained, check this out! This device cleans and seals both types of dog waste and replaces it with a new pad up to three times a day, depending on the setting you choose. You can also change the pad yourself any time with just the touch of a button. No more clean-up or stinky messes!

To keep your dog busy (so they aren’t making a mess),  give them these great puzzle toys to keep them entertained.

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Litter-Robot 3 Connect

This Wi-Fi enabled, self-cleaning litter box makes kitties and fur parents happy. With an app that allows the box to be monitored, it’s helpful for senior cats and cats that are ill. The carbon filtered waste drawer eliminates odors so well that your guests might not even know you have a cat.

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Bissell Spot Bot

Pet messes (and kid messes) can be very hard to remove from carpets, so let the Bissell Spot Bot get the job done. There are two modes—one for freshly discovered messes and another for deep, set-in stains. The device also comes with a hose and special stain removal tool, should you need to manually clean hard-to-reach areas.

Are your pets always making a mess? Don’t miss these helpful cleaning tips for pet owners.

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Ecovacs Winbot X

The Winbot X is a rechargeable robot that automatically cleans all types of windows. With a suction cup and tether for safety, this product is a game-changer. One Kohls reviewer wrote, “I am a mom of 3 young kids, and our back door window is always covered in handprints. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to set up and the results are awesome.”

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Dolphin Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner

With smart features including Bluetooth and a large top-loading filter, this device helps you enjoy your pool instead of spending time cleaning it. It can be scheduled to automatically clean your pool daily, twice or three times a week with a complete deep cleaning cycle that takes just 2-1/2 hours.

Maintaining your pool doesn’t have to be such a chore. Learn the basics every pool owner should know.

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Grill Bot Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot

Barbecues are fun until you have to clean the grill! Luckily, this robot, that works on both hot and cold grills, can do all the work for you. Just turn it on and close the lid. An alarm sounds when the cycle is complete. The brushes are easily removed and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

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