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7 Amazing Products That Will Simplify Your Life

These incredible products are guaranteed to make a DIYer's life much easier. See if one (or all!) of them is right for you.

Our editors and experts handpick every product we feature. We may earn a commission from your purchases.

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stuff we love xtorch off the grid flashlightFamily Handyman

Off-the-Grid Flashlight

This is one tough flashlight, and it does a lot more than shine light where you point it. This flashlight was designed for those with unreliable access to electricity, for adventurers and for use in emergency situations. It can be powered by a battery that charges via USB or the sun, through an integrated solar panel along the back of the handle. It has three lighting options: a flashlight/spotlight, a lantern light and a night-light. Depending on the lighting option, it has a run-time of up to 48 hours. The built-in USB port will also charge your devices. Plus, check out this brilliant flashlight hack.

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stuff we love waterlox original sealer and finishFamily Handyman

Tough, Water-Resistant Finish

Waterlox Original Sealer & Finish has been around since 1910. It’s a jack-of-all-trades: durable, water resistant and easy to apply. It truly shines in situations where the finished surface may be prone to water damage. You can leave a wet glass on the surface without worrying that it will leave the dreaded white ring. The tung oil penetrates the wood and then hardens, making the surface water resistant.

It’s a perfect finish for butcher-block countertops and tables but can be used on anything from furniture to flooring. The only drawbacks: It’s pretty stinky, and isn’t cheap.

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stuff we love wonder scrub wipesFamily Handyman

Dual-Duty Wipes

A hand and surface cleaner in one, Wonder Scrub cleaning towels are handy to keep in the garage, the car or the broom closet. The 9 x 12-in. towels have a rough side that’s great for cutting grime on surfaces and a smooth side that’s perfect for wiping off your hands. They have a pleasant citrus scent and won’t dry out your skin.

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stuff we love double hart nail setFamily Handyman

Double Nail Set

The problem with nail sets is the number of sizes you need to carry around to be fully prepared. The Hart Duo Nail Set combines two common size nail sets in one tool, and you can easily switch between the two and lock them into place. This lets you keep working instead of digging around in your toolbox for a different size.

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stuff we love forney easy weld 140 mpFamily Handyman

Bang-For-Your-Buck Welder For Beginners

The Easy Weld 140 MP from Forney Industries is an all-in-one, entry-level welder for those who want to get started in welding but don’t want to buy a machine they’ll quickly outgrow. Right out of the box, the Easy Weld will have you learning how to weld steel up to 1/4 in. thick. I was able to easily set up the machine using its quick-start guide, and within a few minutes, I was welding my first bead. It can hook up to shielding gas for real MIG welding, and you can buy a TIG torch when you’re ready to advance your skills.  Some other welders cost about the same but have limited amperage, which then limits the thickness of the material you can weld. Others only do flux-core welding. The Easy Weld 140 MP is a great starter machine that can take you to the next level.  — Mike Berner, Associate Editor

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Battery-Powered Blower

Can a battery-powered snow blower really do the job? This powerful little blower from Ryobi can stand up to all but the worst of what Mother Nature dishes out. It offers good performance without gas, start-up problems, maintenance or carbon emissions. It comes with two 5-amp batteries and a battery charger. Check out these 13 snow blowing tips that make snow removal quick and easy.

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Lighted Garbage Disposal

The Moen EXL100C garbage disposal does everything it’s supposed to do and does it well. Its 1-hp motor grinds up food like the best of them. The Universal Xpress Mount system fits most existing garbage disposal mounts and makes installation a breeze. What sets it apart is its motion-sensing light, which allows you to see what’s underneath the sink. When you open the cabinet door, the garbage disposal lights up the space, letting you find the can of bug spray that would otherwise be hidden in the dark.

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