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Eye-Catching Raised Flower Bed Ideas

Raised flower beds are a great option, no matter what your outdoor space looks like. Raised bed gardening is not only an easy way to add color to your landscaping, but it can be a fun way to try out new plants. Here are 10 eye-catching raised flower bed ideas to consider.

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Don’t Be Square

Raised bed gardening boxes don’t have to be square. When it comes to raised flower bed ideas, try working with the space you have. These round, tiered flower beds allows you to work with whatever space you have and give you the opportunity to try a layered look.

Learn how to build your own beautiful raised garden beds.

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Incorporate a Bench

Consider incorporating a bench for seating. This flower bed is tucked in a corner, along a wall with a bench that invites onlookers to take a seat and enjoy the greenery.

Try these 12 inspiring garden flower bed designs.

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Sunburst Flower Bed

Looking for a unique, eye-catching shape for your flower bed without the work of building one? This raised garden bed kit offers endless design options, just add on or reconfigure your garden bed at any time. It’s made from recycled plastic and natural fibers, so there are no toxic chemicals. “This planter surpassed my expectations in terms of quality and ease of assembly. About an hour of assembly time and it’s ready for planting! I love it,” said one buyer of these raised flower bed kits.

Prevent weeds in your flower beds with these expert tips.

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Use Rock

This rough-cut, stone flower bed works perfectly with any landscape. Try building this type of flower bed next to a patio to create a sophisticated-looking garden that can be enjoyed while relaxing in your outdoor space.

Build a self-watering planter to help your plants reach their potential.

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Keep it Narrow

This urban rooftop flower bed runs along a railing and is narrow, leaving plenty of space for entertaining. A narrow flower bed still allows you plenty of space to grow flowers without taking up too much space—a win-win when it comes to raised flower garden ideas!

Add some color to your patio or deck with a DIY flower tower.

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Use Shrubs

Shrubs can be used in raised flower beds, as they give it more texture and can be used as shelter for small birds, lizards and other animals that feast on some insects that may damage your plants. Plant a low-growing shrub in your raised flower bed and plant your flowers around it.

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Mix it Up

There’s no rule that says you can’t grow vegetables with your flowers. These raised flower beds feature both flowers and early spring vegetables.

Want to help bees and other pollinators? Try these flowers.

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Be Thoughtful About Sunlight

If you’re getting ready to build raised flower beds, be conscious about where you place them. Some flowers will need full sun while others prefer shade. These boxes are out in the open, which will help sun-loving plants thrive.

These nine colorful flowers grow well in shade.

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Make the Most of a Small Space

If you’re limited on space, a raised flower bed can be used to your advantage. These raised beds are on an urban patio, and incorporate both flowers and vegetables. A raised flower bed can be as large or as small as you want, allowing you to make the most of your space.

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Brick and Mortar

This style of raised flower bed is made from brick or stone pavers secured with mortar. Simple and very attractive.

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