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Save Space With These 10 Stackable Storage Bins

Cut down on the clutter and save space with these 10 superb stackable storage bins.

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Stackable Storage Bins With Window

Even if you are faithfully using the KonMari folding method, you may need extra space for clothing, towels or bedding. If that’s the case, look no further than this set of bins featuring zippers to keep everything perfectly stacked. A transparent front window allows you to see instantly what’s inside and gives quick access even when the bins are zipped together. And there are even convenient carry-handles for easy transportation.

These bags are great for all-year-round storage, and especially make seasonal clothing organization a cinch. Take a look at our other tips for seasonal clothing storage.

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Stackable Pastel Storage Bins

With a multitude of possible uses, and featuring four pleasant pastel shades, this set of stacking storage bins will look equally at home in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or laundry room. The mesh design allows you to see what’s inside easily, and the bins can be stacked to save space. The clever off-set design means you can reach the lower bins even when stacked. Perfect for storing toiletries, toys, cans, vegetables or household linens.

Does your laundry room need a complete makeover? Then check out these six quick and simple projects that will transform it into a modern and efficient workspace.

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Large-Clip Stackable Storage Bins with Lids

When space is at a premium, you need to use every nook and cranny. This set of eight stackable storage bins is ideal for storing bed linens, towels or clothing, and if you don’t want to stack them, they slide easily underneath the bed to keep them hidden yet accessible. The clear boxes let you see what’s inside instantly and the clips hold the lid firmly in place.

You’d be amazed how many hidden storage spaces you can find around the home. Take a look at these 10 hidden storage spots you might want to consider.

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Fabric Stackable Storage Bins

Stackable storage doesn’t have to mean plastic. These fabric storage bins can be used singly or stacked. They make a great addition to closets, bedrooms or even a dorm room. They feature a carry-handle for easy transportation, zippers to protect the contents from dust and moisture, and a convenient zipped transparent window for quick access.

These bags are superb for storing blankets.

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Hi-Rise Stackable Storage Bins

The hi-rise design of this handy stackable storage bin makes storing larger or taller items a cinch. Made from clear plastic so you can always see what’s inside, this bin also boasts a colorful lid fitted with four sturdy click latches to keep it securely closed. And, the “store-extra-stuff” lid gives you some bonus storage space, too!

Stacking storage bins are ideal for all kinds of items, including garage and workshop supplies. So why not build this great storage tower to organize your bins perfectly?

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Six Stackable Storage Bins with Hinged Lids

If you need quick and easy access to your stackable storage bins, hinged lids are the answer. These bins with stainless steel hinges are perfect for storing dry goods, such as pet food, de-icing salt, bird food, items for recycling and more. You have full access to the containers when they’re stacked and the lid can be latched open when in use. They also nest easily for storage and transportation.

Bulk-buying is often very cost-effective – check out our top tips for storing stuff you buy in bulk.

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Tidy Toy Organizers

Tired of treading on tiny toys in the kids’ bedroom? Then try this stackable storage system to keep all those little bits and pieces sorted and accessible. In contemporary colors of ivory, sea green and mint, these stackable bins are perfect for the tot or the teen, and the handles make moving the unit very easy. And assembly is easy too – a hex key is even provided.

Ans if you want to carry on and organize all their toys, here are 12 awesome storage ideas to inspire you.

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Stackable Storage Containers With 30 Compartments

If you’re a craftaholic, gearhead, or DIY enthusiast, you’ll love these stackable storage bins. Specifically designed to sort and house all those little bits and pieces like thread bobbins, small engine parts or variously-sized screws. The bins have transparent sides and lid for instant recognition of your contents. Each tier has 10 compartments and the adjustable inserts allow you to create sections of varying sizes. And best of all, the storage trays clip together for transporting with a top handle when you’re on the go.

Team this stackable storage with this clever hack for a craft station and you’ll be good to go crafting any time.

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18-Pair Shoe Rack

You can never have too many shoes, but storing them accessibly can be a nightmare. So, this 18-compartment modular shoe organizer is a lifesaver for the shoe-worshipper. The individual cubbies can be used separately or fitted together to make a single unit, while the translucent doors keep shoes hidden while allowing you to know what’s inside. And with matching scrollwork design on the doors and frame, this unit will fit neatly into your closet or work as a stand-alone shoe store.

And if you want a handy entryway shoe store, take a look at these shoe storage hacks that really work.

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Office Storage Box

Staying organized is critical in the home office, and this handy stackable storage box will help you do just that. The perfect size to hold a block of copy paper, this transparent box has a snap-fit lid and handles for easy carrying. It will sit comfortably on your desk or shelf and the sturdy flat lid make it easily stackable.

Space is often precious in a home office, so make the most of what you have with these 15 clever home office organization hacks.

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