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Our Favorite Seed-Starting Products to Get Your Garden Going

You don't have to wait until the ground thaws and the chance of frost passes to start this year's garden. Here are 10 of our favorite indoor seed starting products to help you get a head start on spring planting.

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Seedling Heat Mat

Keep your seedlings at the right temperature with this heat mat, which is designed to increase the temperature of the rooting area 10 to 20 degrees F above the ambient air temperature. One buyer said he moved the sprouting plants to small containers and should have a field of peppers already grown and ready for the ground in the spring, thanks to the mat’s heat. Save those toilet paper tubes to help you grow seedlings!

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Indoor Watering Can

A perfect size for indoor use, this watering can allows you to water your delicate seedlings with precision. It holds one pint of water so it won’t be too heavy. Check out these great gardening tips to get a jump on growing season.

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LED Grow Light

Give your plants some much-needed light with this LED growing light. The light is ideal for all kinds of indoor plants at all stages, including seedlings. It’s lightweight and easy to hang with brackets. “I purchased this light set with the mindset of starting seedlings and getting a head start on the 2019 growing season,” said one buyer. “I have started five different types of hot peppers with these lights and the ones which have germinated are doing very well.” Learn the best way to start seeds indoors.

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Portable Greenhouse

This portable greenhouse creates the perfect conditions for starting seedlings. It can also help extend your plant growing season in the fall. Easy to move and assemble, it’s 27 inches long, 18 inches wide and 62 inches tall, a great size for indoors or out. Here’s how to build a mini greenhouse with an old window!

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Self-Watering Seed Starting Kit

This self-watering kit has 72 self-watering cells that give seedlings continuous soil hydration which will improve germination and reduce the need for watering. The self-watering mat waters seedlings for up to 10 days. Follow these 10 tips for growing plants from seed.

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Peat Soil Pellets

Seedlings will get good root development with these peat soil pellets. Easy-to-use, the pellets have a special fertilizer with a low ammonium content to stimulate growth. Just plant a few seeds in each pellet and add water. Ready to grow tomatoes? Here are our five favorite ways to grow tomatoes inside your home or out

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Seed Starter Kit for Kids

Get your kids involved in gardening this spring with this seed starter kit for kids. They’ll grow up to five vegetables from seed, including cherry tomatoes, onions, carrots, broccoli and zucchini. The kit includes peat pots, nutrient rich soil pellets and seeds. Some buyers noted this kit is also great for gardeners short on indoor space to start seeds. Check out these 11 awesome greenhouse ideas for spring.

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Peat Pots with Markers

Great for getting several different seeds started indoors, these peat pots with plant markers allow you to keep track of all your different vegetables and flowers. These biodegradable indoor seedling pots measure 3-inches in diameter by 3-inches in height and the set includes 30 plant markers and a growing guide. Improve your garden’s soil with kitchen waste. Here’s how.

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Light Stand

Adjustable and sturdy, this fluorescent grow light stand raises and lowers easily, making it a great for use in any area of your home for starting seedlings. “Just set this unit up last week and it is perfect for starting seeds. I already have lettuce coming up,” said one Amazon buyer. “The height of the light fixture is easily adjustable for taller plants, too. I plan to use it year-round for seed starting for both spring/summer and then for fall vegetable crops, too.” Enjoy the peak of spring gardening by doing these things during the month of May.

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Fast Starter Plant Food

These fast-acting, organic granular fertilizer pellets will improve root growth of seeds and new plantings. The pellets come in an easy pour bag and can be applied during the plant’s initial planting. Here are 24 genius gardening hacks you’ll be glad you know.

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