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10 Innovative Ways to Save Space in Your Refrigerator

Quickly running out of space in your fridge? Try these helpful refrigerator hacks!

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A cold soda or beer is most refreshing when served from a glass bottle, but those bottles take up a lot of space and are aggravatingly tippy. So look up and stick these innovative strips to the ceiling of your fridge, where the temperature is coldest. Made with heavy-duty adhesive, you won’t have to worry about your bottles falling — an extra-strong neodymium magnet holds on to the top of the cap!

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Whiskware Stackable Tritan Plastic Snack Pack

Why put a small amount of food in a large storage container? That would take up way too much space. These handy jars hold the last bits of leftovers, keeping them fresh. Even the tiniest container is useful for foods like pesto sauce and minuscule slivers of butter. The tops of the jars screw together and stack vertically for maximum efficiency. Looking for more food storage containers? Here are some of our favorites.

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Courtesy of Arrow Home Products

Arrow Home Products Ultra Slimline Beverage Dispenser

Having fresh lemonade or iced idea in the fridge can be a treat until you need to store or remove that heavy pitcher from the top shelf. Having a dispenser with a built-in tap makes it a breeze to serve yourself. This product is designed to take up space vertically, leaving plenty of room on the shelf. A built-in handle makes it easy to move a filled bottle in and out of the fridge. The large opening on top is useful for adding ice cubes. More of a wine person? Check out these wine racks.

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Storage Theory Food Pouch Slider

Parents take note! Do your kids live off those pouches of baby food and snacks, such as apple sauce? Can’t figure out how to keep them from falling over in the fridge? This brilliant invention organizes and dispenses all brands of food pouches. It is an ultimate refrigerator hack. Here are 10 foods you’re storing all wrong!

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iDesign Divided Freezer Bins

If you have limited freezer space but like to keep a lot of frozen foods on hand, a divided freezer bin can be incredibly useful. Organize it all, from microwaveable meals to boxes of frozen veggies and more. Made from Resipreme plastic, these dividers help keep everything in line, allowing you to see labels and take inventory of everything in your freezer. Say goodbye to cold hands and sorting through frozen boxes. Trying to use less plastic? Here are some plastic-free food storage products.

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iDesign Soda Can Organizer With Shelf

Cans of soda or beer can take up lots of shelf space, but they don’t have to. This innovative organizer allows you to make use of every last inch, holding up to nine cans and making them easy to grab and go. The little shelf on top is perfect for stacking other foods, bottles of condiments or even the remaining cans in a 12 pack.

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HAIM Living Ziploc Bag Organizer

Are the shelves of your fridge littered with plastic bags holding leftovers, fruits and veggies? Get them off the shelf with this organizer. A meal prep game-changer, it holds up to eleven bags with a maximum weight of 22 lbs. Easy to install, just hook the rail to a shelf, then pull and hang. Here are more great meal prep products.

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InterDesign Fridge Binz Water Bottle Holder

Sometimes it can feel as if it’s impossible to store anything on those short refrigerator shelves. Equally frustrating is trying to find space for bottles of water. This container kills two birds with one stone because it is specifically designed for short shelves, so you can store beverages neatly, away from other foods. Fridge smelling a bit stinky? Here’s the best way to clean it.

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Sliding Yogurt Refrigerator Organizer

Love yogurt? It can be hard to find space for your daily snack in a full fridge without this neat little organizer. Mount it under a shelf or on a side of the fridge where there’s a little unused space. If you need to move it, the shelf or fridge wall won’t be damaged because it stays on with an adhesive strip that’s easy to remove. Don’t throw out those yogurt containers. Upcycle them instead!

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iDesign Kitchen, Pantry, Refrigerator, Freezer Storage Container with Hinged Lid

Individual packaged foods and snacks, especially in nontraditional packages, tend to become messy in the fridge, especially if you have kids. This can be a major challenge when you’re trying to keep everything organized. A great way to tackle this issue is to store everything in a separate container inside the fridge. This one had a hinged lid that lets you take what you need without removing the whole box. Having trouble organizing your fridge? These tips are game-changers.

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