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12 Best Sprinklers for Kids

The best sprinklers for kids turn any yard into a home-based water park. Our home expert, a mom of five, picked her favorites, from Twister-inspired to a giant cupcake.

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Rainbow Arch Sprinkler Inflatables Ecomm Wayfair.comvia merchant

Rainbow Arch Inflatable Sprinkler for Kids

Sprinklers for kids have come a long way! Running through this rainbow arch inflatable sprinkler is a lot more fun than an old-school oscillating sprinkler.

It’s an adorable weather-resistant piece that needs little more than an air pump, garden hose and a good attitude to make the most of. It’s one of the happiest-looking sprinklers for kids and shouldn’t interfere with your lawn maintenance.

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Splash Pad, 68 Sprinkler For Kids Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Large Round Splash Pad

Younger children will get the biggest kick out of this 68-inch outdoor splash pad. One of Amazon’s best sprinklers for kids, it’s best for younger children. They can play all sorts of DIY backyard games, sit on it if they’re especially young and invite their friends over for a run through its ocean-themed design.

“For my two kids, ages 2 and 7, this has been the perfect outdoor water play area,” writes Christina, a verified Amazon purchaser. “It’s big enough for both of them to get splashed, but not so big that I have to overly worry about the two-year-old.

“Plus, it’s super easy to clean up — nothing like the hassle of an inflatable pool or Slip n’ Slide. If you want something easy and quick for your kids to play in to beat the heat, this splash play mat is perfect!”

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Bigmouth Inflatable 3 Sprinkler Giant Llama Ecomm Samsclub.comvia merchant

Giant Llama Sprinkler for Kids

This inflatable giant llama is one of the best sprinklers for kids and a surefire way to make the most of your yard on hot summer days. Six feet tall, tt’s a towering display of fun with three sprinkler heads.

Little kids, teens and even water-averse adults won’t resist running around it. Plus, it only takes a minute or two to set up. Just inflate, hook up a hose — and voilà! Summer party time.

Here are some handy hints to help you survive summer.

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Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Splash Patrol Sprinkler Toy With Hose Attachment Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Melissa & Doug Splash Patrol Sprinkler

Looking for the best sprinkler for your yard without spending much money? Check out this budget-friendly Melissa & Doug Splash Parol sprinkler.

It’s one of the easiest sprinklers for kids to set up. Just attach a garden hose and watch the sprinkler heads spin around, dazzling little ones with exciting rays of water. It’s ideal for younger children and campsites because it’s small and portable.

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Splash Buddies Outdoor Sprinkler Giraffe Sprayer Ecomm Wayfair.comvia merchant

Outdoor Giraffe Sprayer

The steady stream of cooling misty water this outdoor giraffe sprayer offers is enough to entice even the most finicky kids. At about 72 inches tall, it towers over kiddos and adds exciting zoo-inspired appeal to the yard.

It’s an affordable home water park piece that sets up in minutes. Add this one to your summer home checklist. You’ll have a hard time keeping the neighborhood kids away from this fun yard toy.

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Chuchik Water Sprinkler For Kids Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Chuchik Water Sprinkler for Kids

Boop, bop! Kids have fun trying to knock down this clever punching bag-shaped Chuchik water sprinkler as it sprays them with cool garden hose water.

One of the best ways to tire kids out on long summer days, it sprays from three outlets. You can make a summer play station area with a kids’ climbing wall. For storage, fold it away neatly in the garage until the mercury rises.

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Hearthsong 8 Foot Giant Inflatable Mister Shark Sprinkler For Kids' Outdoor Active Water Play Ecomm Target.comvia merchant

Giant Inflatable Shark Sprinkler

Look out! This giant eight-foot inflatable shark sprinkler is heading your way — even if you live miles from the nearest ocean.

Consider this giant statement sprinkler for kids one of the most exciting Target home décor additions to kid-friendly yards. Quickly and easily inflate this beast with most standard air pumps, then attach it to your regular garden hose for hours of jaw-some play.

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Bigmouth Inflatable Giant Cupcake Yard Sprinkler Ecomm Samsclub.comvia merchant

Inflatable Giant Cupcake Sprinkler

How about this enormous inflatable cupcake sprinkler for the most delicious summer fun yet? It measures six feet tall with a 360-degree spinning sprayer on the top to keep everyone at the barbecue happy and cool.

Not a Sam’s Club member? You can still order this sprinkler for kids online, paying 10 percent more than members.

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Hasbro Twister Splash Game By Wowwee Ecomm Walmart.comvia merchant

Twister Splash Game

This mashup Twister splash game combines everyone’s favorite vintage indoor game with ultra-fun water sprays. It’s great cool down competition for the whole family.

Instead of just running through this sprinkler aimlessly, kids have objectives to achieve to win. Consider doling out ice pops and cool summer treats to all those competing on this large-sized mat made for kids ages six and up. It’s one of the things you should be buying at Walmart this summer.

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Inflatable Pool, Kiddie Pool With Basketball Hoop And Dinosaur Sprinkler Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Kiddie Pool with Dinosaur Sprinkler

This inflatable kiddie pool comes with a built-in basketball hoop and dinosaur sprinkler that makes it the ideal summer backyard entertainment zone. It’s a budget-friendly take on typical above-ground pools for little ones.

At 81 inches, it’s long enough for several young children, or an adult or two with toddlers in tow. With the shallow swimming, basketball and water park-style sprinkling, they’ll never want to get out.

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Joyin Mega Melon Ball Jumbo Sprinkler Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Melon Ball Jumbo Sprinkler

If you’ve run out of tricks to keep your house cool, head outside and turn on this eye-popping mega melon ball jumbo sprinkler that offers a child-friendly height of three feet.

It’s ideal for toddlers, pets and young children just getting their toes wet, so to speak. You don’t need any special devices to make it work. Made of weather-resistant PVC, it should last for several summers.

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Joyin Inflatable Unicorn Yard Sprinkler Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Inflatable Unicorn Sprinkler

This inflatable unicorn is one of the most magical sprinklers we’ve seen. More than five feet tall, it offers run-through-it water play that never gets old. Just inflate it and connect the water spout to all regular-sized garden hoses. It’s that easy.

“Best sprinkler I’ve ever bought!” writes Ashley, a verified Amazon purchaser. “This is an absolute favorite for my daughter and all the kids in the neighborhood! This thing is HUGE! This bad boy sprays its little horn off!”

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