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States With the Best Housing Markets

A tight supply has heated up the prices in the 2018 housing market. Take a look at some of the states enjoying the best housing market today.

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Just how crazy is the market in Nevada? Well, there’s a house won’t believe actually exists that’s on the market for nearly $2 million. Reno saw a rise of more than 15 percent rise in home prices in the fourth quarter of 2017 compared to the previous year, according to the National Association of Realtors. Las Vegas wasn’t far back with a 13 percent rise. Vegas is expected to see another 6.9 percent increase in home prices, according to, which rated the Las Vegas market as tops in its National Housing Forecast.

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The Big D has a lot of big houses on the market, like the most expensive one on the market, which is at a price you’ll never guess. Texas is home to several hot spots, including the Dallas-Fort Worth area, which is predicted to see an increase of 5.6 percent in home prices in 2018, according to Zillow included both Dallas and Austin in its top 10 hottest markets.

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The market in Florida is as hot as the summers there and who wouldn’t want an ocean view. About the only thing better is the view from one of the most gorgeous castles in remote locations. But back on state-side, predicts a 7 percent rise in home prices in the Lakeland-Winter Haven area of Florida for 2018, as well as the Palm Bay, Melbourne and Titusville area. Orlando is predicted to increase 6.9 percent.

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Zillow ranked San Jose as its hottest market for 2018 with a predicted home value increase of 8.9 percent. Zillow also takes into consideration household income and job openings to determine its hottest markets. San Jose has a median household income of $110,040 and 70,376 jobs available based on Glassdoor estimates. San Francisco also cracked Zillow’s top 10 list, coming in at No. 4 with home values anticipated to increase by nearly 4 percent.

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Provo-Orerm ranks No. 2 on Forbes’ list of where to invest in housing in 2018 with a three-year price growth of 31 percent and a one-year home price growth of 10 percent. The average home price there now is $266,169. ranked Salt Lake City No. 6 in its Top 100 Largest U.S. Metros ranked by projected sales and price growths for 2018.

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North Carolina

You might not know if now is a good time to buy but here’s what you need know about the market. North Carolina ranks high on a lot of lists with Raleigh-Durham in particular. According to Forbes, homes are undervalued there by 3 percent. Forbes predicts an 8-percent increase in one-year home price growth and a 26-percent increase in three-year price growth. Zillow put Raleigh at No. 2 on its list of hottest markets and predicts rising prices there as well.

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Colorado is known for its getaways spots and picturesque cabins that will take your breath away. Get a glimpse of some of the prettiest cabins outside of Denver, which is a booming market. sees Denver as a continued hot spot, with an anticipated increase of 6.5 percent in home prices for 2018. Zillow named Denver as its seventh-hottest market for 2018.

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Nashville’s still one of the hottest places to be in the country as predicts a 7.7 percent increase in home prices for 2018. Nashville’s was named the hottest housing market in 2017 by Freddie Mac Realtors in 2017 and was named the third-fastest growing economy that year as well. The population has soared with the city reaching its highest total ever recently. Since 2010 about 38,000 more people have found the city, based on a 2016 estimate. With housing markets as competitive as they are, see what goes into the price of a home.

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As the home to The Masters golf tournament you can expect some golf fans crazy enough to install some incredible backyard putting greens you’ve got to see. Augusta is also home to one of the best housing markets in the country. included Georgia in its list of 10 states to have a strong housing market in 2018. Georgia saw home values rise 10 percent from 2016 to 2017. Forbes estimates homes in the Augusta area of Georgia remain undervalued by 15 percent when compared to the past ratio of price and local income.

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Ever seen a fishing reel house? You can in Oklahoma along with one of the hottest housing markets around. also listed Oklahoma as a state to see a strong housing market. Home prices average just $99,000 there. Though predicts price growth of just 1.02 percent, it anticipates sales growth of 7.54 percent in Tulsa.

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OHIO is a great acronym to remember when trying to downsize but the state’s housing market is nothing but robust. Columbus, Ohio made Forbes’ list for places to invest in 2018 because homes are undervalued by 13 percent. Forbes reported a 21 percent three-year growth forecast and a one-year home price growth of 8 percent.

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Forbes sees that homes in Des Moines are undervalued by 10 percent based on historic data and that makes it an attractive market. The average price of a home there is $197,675 and Forbes believes it will see a one-year home price growth of 6 percent. In a hot market like that you’ll want your house sparkling if you’re selling Check out the best ways to add curb appeal all for less than $50.

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Minneapolis got a nod from Forbes as a place to invest in housing because it’s predict to see continued population growth and job growth. Home prices are anticipated to rise 8 percent, according to Forbes and see a three-year price growth of 21 percent. Just make sure to get a home inspection because you never know what a home is hiding. See some of the scariest home inspection discoveries ever found.

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The Pacific Northwest has long been a haven for transplants but you should move for the right reason. See the best reasons why it’s time to move. Washington state with Spokane and Seattle ranked Nos. 11 and 12 on’s list of places with the best housing forecast in 2018. Seattle is expected to see a 6.21 percent rise in price growth and a 2.34 increase in sales growth. Spokane isn’t far off with a 3.5 percent uptick in sales growth and a 4.97 percent increase in price growth.

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If you’re ready to move, you’d better know the 20 things you need to do immediately when you move into a new home. Michigan could be a destination for your move based on the market there. Parts of Michigan will see one of the best housing markets in 2018, according to The Grand Rapids-Wyoming area is predicted to have 2.96 percent increase in sales growth and a 4.25 percent rise in price growth. Grand Rapids ranked No. 1 in 2017 for job growth in the country. Forbes listed the Grand Rapids area as No. 11 for places to invest in housing for 2018.

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If you’ve got your dream house in mind but need to get out of your old house quick, make sure you do these 20 things to make your house sell faster. Now, if your dream house is in Massachusetts, you’ll find a hot market. Massachusetts came in high on the list of the best housing markets because of several areas. The Worcester and Warwick areas both cracked the top 30 of’s list. Both project to have similar sales growth and price growth numbers of 3.72 and 3.97 for Warwick and 3.77 and 3.68 for Worcester. Forbes also included the Boston metro area on its list at No. 13.