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7 Best Stink Bug Repellent Options to Get Rid of the Pests and Keep Them Away

What's that unpleasant smell? It may be an infestation of stink bugs. We found the best stink bug repellent options to send these putrid pests packing.

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Best Organic Stink Bug Repellentvia merchant

Best Organic Stink Bug Repellent

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly, organic stink bug repellent, Dyna-Gro’s Pure Neem Oil is a natural and biodegradable product extracted and cold-pressed from the seeds of the Neem tree. Besides being an excellent leaf polish, it has long been used by farmers and horticulturists to organically control stink bugs.

When mixed with water and applied to leaves, Dyna-Gro’s Neem oil works its way into the “tissues” of the plant to deter stink bugs from eating and mating. This natural insect repellent works on other garden pests, too.

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Best Ultrasonic Device To Repel Stink Bugsvia merchant

Best Stink Bug Repellent Ultrasonic Device

For a no-fuss and humane solution to your stink bug problem, out-smart ’em with the Neatmaster Ultrasonic Pest Repeller. Using three operational modes—bionic, electromagnetic and ultrasound technology—the Neatmaster quietly drives away stink bugs and other pests.

Bonus: There’s no toxic chemicals, traps or sprays to worry about. Just plug it into a standard wall outlet and set the level of infestation: green for low, blue for medium and red for high. This ultrasonic repeller works on areas up to 1,200 square feet.

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Best Stink Bug Repellent For Outdoor Activitiesvia merchant

Best Stink Bug Repellent for Outdoor Activities

If you’re looking for the best stink bug repellent to use on tents, umbrellas and clothing, pick up Sawyer Insect Repellent. It protects you from ticks, mosquitoes and spiders, too. It’s safe to spray on most fabrics and creates a barrier against stink bugs and other irritating pests.

Permethrin, a compound derived from chrysanthemums flowers, helps it to bond to fabrics without stains or damage. When the repellent dries, it’s completely odorless (unlike the stink bugs themselves). It lasts up to 42 days or six washings, whichever comes first.

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Best Stink Bug Catchervia merchant

Best Stink Bug Catcher

The BugZooka bug catcher vacuum provides a squish-free way to rid yourself of these odorous pests, while still keeping your distance. The battery-powered, long-handled wand sucks the bugs into a removable tube. Then, once at a safe distance outdoors, press the button to release the stinkers. It makes a great gift for someone who hates bugs.

There are thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon, including one happy customer, Calli, who calls the BugZooka her “secret weapon.” She says: “Not only are stink bugs the nastiest, creepiest creatures ever, they supposedly give off a horrid smell if you smush them. What to do? Happily, the BugZooka doesn’t smush them or activate their stink.”

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stink bug insect on window in homeBorealina/Getty Images

Best Home Remedy To Repel Stink Bugs

Certain essential oils smell good to us, but not so much to stink bugs. Infusing water with clove oil, lemongrass oil and spearmint oil (or a combination of the three, called a ternary oil blend) has been shown to repel stink bugs.

To formulate the best stink bug repellent that’s safe around kids and pets, gather the following ingredients and supplies:

Place a funnel into the opening of an empty spray bottle and pour in hot water until the bottle is three-quarters full. Add ten drops of each of the three oils, screw on the trigger-squeeze top and shake well to blend. Spray the solution wherever you suspect stink bugs may be hiding or entering your home. The buggers usually enter around windows, doors, cracks and unsealed voids.

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brown marmorated stink bug insect animalclaudiodivizia/Getty Images

Best DIY Stink Bug Trap

A team of researchers at Virginia Tech found a simple do-it-yourself solution to indoor stink bug problems. Craft your own stink bug trap using stuff you have around the house. You’ll need a roasting pan, water, dish soap and a desk lamp.

  • Fill a pan halfway with water
  • Add dish soap and mix thoroughly
  • Place a desk lamp over the pan and turn it on
  • Wait about 12 hours: You should find your pan filled with floating (and dead) stink bugs

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Best Indoor Outdoor Stink Bug Killervia merchant

Best Indoor/Outdoor Stink Bug Killer

Harris Stink Bug Killer offers a ready-to-use, odorless formula that precisely targets stink bugs and silently eliminates them upon drying. Registered by the Environmental Protection Agency for both indoor and outdoor use, it contains deltamethrin, a long-acting insecticide that maintains its effectiveness for weeks after application.

Equipped with an extended trigger sprayer, it facilitates easy treatment of bug-prone areas like attics, basements, under furniture, ventilation grilles and more. Additionally, it effectively tackles kudzu bugs, the bothersome relatives of stink bugs.

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