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10 Struggles of Being Named Alexa, Thanks to Amazon

It's a confusing world out there for humans with the name Alexa.

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You Immediately Go Into Denial

I now understand how people named Siri, an even more unique name than mine, must have felt when Apple rolled out its voice-controlled personal assistant. The first time I heard my name was being used as a smart speaker back in 2014, via the Amazon Echo, I assumed it would flop. It was just a copy cat of Siri that wouldn’t be taken seriously, right?

I was so wrong. The Echo took off, and Alexa proved a promising way to control your music with your voice and little else. I stayed in denial for quite some time before realizing that the demise of my unique name had come to fruition and there was nothing I could do about it but prepare for more attention.

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You’re Convinced the Universe is Giving You Payback for Wishing Your Name was Common

As a child of the ’90s, collecting memorabilia with my name on it was the norm. But, scouring gift shops on vacation for a key chain with my name on it was hardly ever successful. Finding a necklace, a mug, magnet or Coke bottle was also impossible, so I just gave up looking. Now I’m convinced the universe is paying me back for wishing my name had been more common.

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People Finally Start Pronouncing Your Name Correctly

Alexa is NOT a hard name to say. Nonetheless, people have been getting it wrong my whole life. I get called Alex, Alexis, Alexia, Alexandra and even Erica. This might be the only upside to sharing a name with a wildly successful voice assistant.

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People Speak to You in a Robot Voice

I enjoy finding a good song for people to listen to, sharing my favorite recipes, and filling people in on current events. What I don’t like is being asked by someone with a smirk on their face, and using a monotone voice to say, “Alexa, what’s the temperature today?” The worst part is, my inability to smile back makes ME look like the dummy, but I’m really just unamused!

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You Hear “Have You Heard of Amazon Alexa?” Far Too Often

It’s been around for years now, yet people STILL ask me all the time if I know there’s a new Siri on the block that shares my name. And, if they’re not asking me if I know of it, they’re asking me how I feel about it.

The first few times I was asked, it was no biggie. “Valid question!” I’d say. But by the one-thousandth time someone asked me about it, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. It seriously gets to the point now where when someone asks me, I actually judge them for asking me such an unoriginal question.

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You’ve Resorted to Bad Jokes

Trying to play along with people poking fun at me is no longer an option. I’ve now decided that every time someone asks me, “Alexa, what’s the weather” in a robotic voice, I answer with “Low battery. Shutting down.”

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People Start Referring to You as “Human Alexa”

Not that long ago, I would have never imagined I would need an adjective before my name to differentiate me from the A.I. Alexa. But, life has changed dramatically, and now when friends are asking Alexa a question, others have to chime in and inquire, “Are you asking Human Alexa or Amazon Alexa?” Unfortunately, I myself have to ask the question, too!

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You Find Yourself Changing Other People’s “Wake Words”

Once I found out Amazon had other wake words to use with their devices, including the simple “Echo,” “Amazon” or “Computer” names, I was all happy to let others know how they could stop using my name as their virtual assistant in their home. You can change the wake word in the Settings section of the Alexa app, but you can also simply say, “Hey Alexa, change the wake word,” which is exactly what I do when I walk into people’s home’s and spot an Amazon device. Can you blame me?

I love asking “Echo” to turn on and off the lights in my home, so I never have to bother going around to each individual light switch. The Philips Hue Starter Kit is compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Unless you want creepy laughter, an answer that lasts for eternity or some serious sass, you should steer clear of asking Alexa these questions.

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Everyone Asks You If You Own Alexa Devices

The truth is, I used to be really anti Alexa. But, as someone who loves tech, it’s kind of impossible to not get onboard. Sure, I don’t have to use Alexa as a wake word, but I still have to download the Alexa app on my phone to take advantage of controlling my smart lights and more.

My favorite device right now is the Amazon Echo Show.

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You Find Yourself Referencing Amazon so People Get Your Name Right

I can’t even believe it’s come to this, but when I’m asked to repeat my name during a business call, by the barista at my coffee shop or when first meeting someone in person, I often say, “Alexa, like Amazon Alexa.” I’m so ashamed.

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